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What is SpotOn?

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SpotOn powers small and midsize businesses with the digital tools they need to run and grow, supported by personal service and delivered at a fair price. A leader in fully-integrated restaurant management systems and small business technology, SpotOn offers end-to-end solutions which include marketing, website development, reservations, online ordering, digital loyalty, review management, and both retail and restaurant point-of-sale (POS) solutions for businesses of all sizes.

About SpotOn

Transform your bar operations with lightning-fast, easy-to-use POS and handheld solutions designed to speed up service and boost sales. We offer contactless, QR ordering and payment options, marketing & review management, loyalty programs, and so much more.
SpotOn Restaurant is a cloud-based point-of-sale solution that enables businesses to streamline processes related to food ordering, tableside payments, customer retention and more. The online ordering functionality enables businesses to create custom menus, accept online requests and redirect the order to the kitchen on a centralized platform.
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  • “The system is very high tech and has many features that allows good restaurant management and has many features that helps with reporting.”
  • “The reporting back end of this software is amazing. We have a lot of items and modifiers so having the Spot on team be willing to work with us to nail every thing down was important.”
  • “I can’t say enough good about this company and software. A true breathe of fresh air.”
  • “Not only a great POS for restaurants but SpotOn has the most competitive merchant processing rates in the business. Support infrastructure is the best i’ve ever seen.”


  • “So its more of an inconvenience, in order for my phone to ping for a an override I must logged on, so it becomes a slight issue.”
  • “We also have a much higher level of security with this system as we had several fraud chargebacks with our old system.”
  • “This definitely needs fixed. There is a back up Internet that can be used but won’t turn on unless there is no connection at all.”
  • “Always say they will call right back and i have to call 3 or 4 times on same issue before someone solves the problem.”


SpotOn POS’s pricing starts at $25 per month, but there is a bit of a catch. If you want to take advantage of its lowest pricing structure, you’ll need to sign up for its payment processing as well. If you don’t use SpotOn’s payment processing, you’ll have to pay $195 per month for the rights to the software – this is an extremely sharp price hike. So how much does SpotOn POS cost?

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Key Features

A POS system is nothing without its features. So, what does SpotOn POS allow its clients to do? Let’s take a look at some key elements in more detail below!

  • Backhouse menu builder that helps you build custom menus with detailed inputs
  • Table layout generator that allows you to manage your restaurant and its customer flow better — also includes table reservations
  • Online ordering tools and separate menus that provide you with the ability to set up custom catering options
  • Full-scale reporting data that helps you keep a better eye on your business and anticipate changes in trends
  • Easy ordering system that allows for quick-changing modifiers and convenient customizations
  • Employee clock-in system that allows you to integrate staffing and staff hours
  • Build a customer database to help you offer custom benefits to repeat customers
  • Touch screen interface for easy controls

Spot On Restaurant POS Menu

  • Tableside ordering and tablet that can help you send orders directly to the kitchen from the floor
  • An enormous list of integrations that can help you better manage staff, accounting, and a range of other components of your business
  • Extensive customer support around the clock
  • Integrated payment processing that allows for cash and almost all major credit cards — as well as mobile pay and gift cards
  • Inventory tracking that assists in avoiding running out of essential ingredients
  • Automatic updates — you’ll continuously have access to the best and latest SpotOn software

Data Reporting

If you want to run a successful business in the modern world, it’s critical to have a firm understanding of your restaurant’s data. Fortunately, most modern POS systems provide you with extensive data reporting options.

Spoton Restaurant POS Reporting Example

At SpotOn POS, you’ll gain access to data and insights that you won’t find in outdated systems. You’ll be able to monitor sales, inventory, employee productivity, time-based trends, and more. You can even set up alerts that can notify you of specific issues.

Another reporting feature I really like at SpotOn is its reporting app. You can access reporting data directly from a mobile reporting application, no matter where you are!

Deployment Type

SpotOn POS bills itself as a web-based POS provider – this is not common for many of the new POS services, which are cloud-based or locally installed. The advantage of a web-based system is that you’re able to access your POS from any browser and access your reporting data remotely. You’ll also benefit from being able to protect your data from a hardware malfunction.

Web-based services allow POS companies to update software easily, which is excellent, while SpotOn continues to release new software updates. By utilizing a tablet, you can still enjoy the same benefits of using a mobile POS system. Even though SpotOn is a web-based POS, it can be used on touchscreen devices, just like any other POS system. Still, I think this is an upside associated with SpotOn POS and sets them apart.

Industries Served

SpotOn POS is designed to work with a broad range of different hospitality-based businesses. You can also use this POS system for retail, but we have been focusing primarily on restaurant-based companies for this review. Its restaurant-specific feature list is geared towards full-service restaurants, quick-service restaurants, bars & nightclubs, pizza, and café owners.

SpotOn doesn’t boast as many of the high-end features that you might find in other industry leaders in terms of business size. While it can handle large businesses, I recommend this POS platform for small to medium-sized companies. But don’t worry if you’re planning on growing – there are plenty of tools in this system that can help you scale!

Ease of Use

SpotOn POS is definitely easy to use. If you’ve never used a modern POS system before, you’ll notice some great improvements the second you open this software. It’s easy to navigate, take orders, and customize on the go.

Spot On POS Terminal

While the user interface isn’t as seamless as some of my favorite POS providers, there’s still a lot to like about SpotOn POS. If you want a platform that is easy to learn (and teach to staff), I definitely won’t rule this option out.

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