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What is Imagine?

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We’re a brand strategy and destination marketing agency, serving tourism, economic development, and attractions. We have offices in Virginia and Florida, and we help destinations in the eastern half of the United States. So, now that you know whether or not you’re in the right place, let’s relax things a bit.

We’re not fans of jargon, confusing acronyms, or lookalike tourism marketing. Instead, we love to build unique, authentic brands for places that people love – in ways that our clients love. We’re also pretty good at it; but instead of trying to convince you here, check out our case studies or our big, brainy blog.

We’re an agency that loves making and building great brands for the places people love. Many years ago, we found our passion in marketing destinations, attractions, cities, and towns. And fortunately, we’re pretty good at it.

We’re a small, scrappy agency that loves getting our hands dirty and learning about our clients. Each marketing strategy we develop is truly unique to each engagement – built to the specific needs of the client from expertise that can only come from decades of marketing experience.At Imagine, you get no confusing jargon, no long-term contracts, and no wasted time in getting lasting results.The Marketing Agency for Tourism and Economic Development
Imagine is a top-rated digital marketing agency for destinations, economic development, and B2B in Richmond, Manassas, and Norfolk, Virginia.

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 Why choose Imagine?

  • Our approach to branding and marketing is and has always been to understand your challenges first, then develop a customized solution based on our broad skill set.
  • A lot of other agencies will take the one or two things they know (social media, video production, whatever) and try to solve the challenge with just those tools.
  • We don’t roll like that since challenges are often more complex than what one tool can solve.
  • Below is our approach, which always starts with research. Your area is unique and for us to walk in with assumptions is not only rude, but it could also set us up for failure.
  • With the right research, we can strategize, execute and refine the right mix of marketing tools to get you the results you’re looking for.

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 About Imagine

 We’re a tourism marketing agency whose passion is in helping communities grow through authentic, powerful promotion. By having a deep focus on destination marketing, we know more and can do more than a generalist agency. We’re a small, scrappy branding and marketing agency that loves building and growing great destination brands. Call it “tourism marketing”, “destination marketing”, “black magic”, whatever… we love helping communities prosper.It takes both expertise and daring to break through the noise. Our culture of disruption and creativity is based on making those bold moves that create lasting results. We know the risks to take – and the ones to avoid.You deserve to be treated as more than an account and, by keeping our roster small, every client feels like our only client. We also keep in close contact with you on how things are going, often meeting weekly.

From frequent check-ins to online collaboration, our structure allows us to be as aggressive as you need us to be, keeping us on schedule and firmly placed as your favorite marketing agency.

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