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About Referrizer

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Referrizer is a marketing automation solution designed to help businesses acquire new customers and manage recurring purchases, communication, referral, reputation and more. The platform enables organizations to run email marketing and drip campaigns using customizable templates, categorize customers by status, recent purchases or activity and send custom messages to improve engagement. Referrizer includes leads and customer management functionality, which allows marketers to send/receive email and text messages, log calls, and sort data by channel and date via the centralized dashboard. Features include data importing, landing pages, SMS autoresponder, SMS campaigns, call tracking, website widget, and more. Additionally, marketing professionals can request feedback and reviews from registered customers to enhance their online reputation.
Referrizer supports integration with various third-party applications such as Google, Zapier, QuickBooks, CallRail, WordPress, MindBody, Mariana Tek, Wix Fitness, Club Os and more. It offers a free version and monthly/annual subscriptions. Support is extended through phone, email, FAQs and other online measures Empower your local business, get more clients, maximize referrals and improve your customer retention with Referrizer. Partner up with local business owners and discover tons of premium apps and pre-built integrations to boost results even more.

What is Referrizer?

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The World’s Most Advanced Marketing Automation Platform to Empower Your Local Business. Get more clients, maximize referrals, and improve your customer retention with our FREE TRIAL account. Partner up with local business owners and discover tons of premium apps and pre-built integrations to boost results even more.

Referrizer is a Marketing Automation Platform for local businesses that helps to generate customer referrals, boost customer loyalty and enhance online reputation all through a single platform. It helps to enter new markets and enhance customer relationships.

Referrizer empowers the existing marketing efforts with Lead Capture pages, tracking numbers, and website integrations. Its customer retention tools provide instant results and increases repeat purchases and also experience the ultimate communication platform combining text, calls, email and foot traffic.

Referrizer includes features like automating communications via email marketing, generate leads by converting website traffic, manage existing leads and customers via omnichannel communication, get a limitless number of referrals from other nearby businesses, turn the existing customers into the sales force and many more.


  • “Primarily excited for it to help us gain awareness with more google and social media reviews as well as sms messaging and generating new leads.”
  • “It’s an amazing piece of software that allows you to really customize how you communicate with your clients and prospects.”
  • “In about a month I have had 21 past customers or leads purchase summer camps and I have 32 more pending that I have connected with already. The Loyalty program is great for my current customers.”
  • “I like that this is direct referral marketing that encourages people to share with their social media friends.”

Referrizer Pricing, Reviews, & Features in 2022


  • “The level of control we have over our client email and text lists is frustrating.”
  • “I found problem that client call from tracking number and it doesn’t get to my phone number Directly or show in miss call. So , I can’t talk with them but I got email that they call.”
  • “Inability to use the platform as an email platform to send out individual emails.”
  • “Still learning all features , so once I study more I’ll know what is easy or hard.”

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