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What is Fieldtrip?

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Ever wish you could run reports on the fields you have in salesforce? Take a Field Trip! This utility lets you analyze the fields of any object, including what percentage of the records (or a subset of your records) have that field populated. Led by boundless curiosity, Fieldtrip is a cause-driven agency that amplifies the impact nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations make. We dig in deep and develop meaningful solutions to support both you, and those you support. Fieldtrip provided digital marketing services for a nonprofit organization. They helped create and execute campaigns in order to promote the WFPL News, expand the team, and increase awareness and support.



  • Surrounded by great people that want to help you be successful and learn. There is a true love of curiosity and continuous learning that is appreciated.
  • Fun, creative environment with an amazing fearless leader, Jane. It’s a family culture and we celebrate wins as a team
  • I love the positive attitude with the feeling that we can conquer anything we set out to do, both as a team and individually. Anyone here can raise the bar, set new standards, suggest new procedures and processes – anything that will improve our agency and ourselves. Our recent rebranding to Fieldtrip has energized us even more.
  • Downtown Location. The overwhelming majority of employees are GREAT young talented individuals who work well as a team and aren’t interested in all of the typical agency politics. They just want the opportunity to do great work.


  • Processes tend to change frequently but nothing too hard to handle.
  • Overworked at times and underpaid. Young management staff and opportunity for growth is a slow process.
  • There are few. Growing pains is the most obvious. Doubling our team has required us to formalize some structure within the agency and departments to ensure that we are all moving forward at the same fast clip. With the growth, we’re busting at the seams and need a larger facility.
  • The problems start at the top. The owner lacks a clear vision for the agency. She is afraid to let go and empower all of her employees and spends more time protecting the original few,regardless of their mistakes, than guiding the agency towards the future. Because the agency has existed for as long as it has with no processes in place it has caused complete chaos with no one person really ever understanding the whole picture with any particular client. Because stradegy has cultivated a friendship culture at the top it means that there is no such thing as a career path here. None of the original employees Will ever be promoted over the others so everyone behind them has no room to move up at all.

What do you like best about Field Trip?

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  • Finding fields that our organization has that are no longer being used was an excellent use of Field Trip. We were able to take all the fields by the object and see if the field has data in it. Since our Salesforce organization started in 2011 we had some metadata clean up to do. Field trip allowed us an ease for this project and projects moving forward.
  • Particularly appreciated the ability to analyze fields of any obj. especially the percentage of records as that is the information I need to access and calculate most frequently.


         What do you dislike about Field Trip?

  • I would like the product even better if there were a bit more options. It does get the job done, but I feel like it could be taken further in a helpful sense.
  • Nothing to dislike per say, I just had to carefully understand and become used to this programming.Review collected by and hosted on

fieldtrip/ft_multiplotTFR.m at master · fieldtrip/fieldtrip · GitHub

About  Fieldtrip

We are explorers, seekers, and activists. We are misfits, artists, and poets. Mad scientists, plant lovers, and mixologists. We are rock climbers, DIYers, and dreamers. Weekend warriors, foodies, and night owls. We are life-long learners. We’re the ones that challenge expectations. We are the people that believe in order to do it right, you gotta dig in. We ask “what if” in everything we do. United by curiosity, dedicated to our craft. We are Fieldtrip.

We seek to make a positive impact on both our clients and our world. By working with partners who share our values, we have the opportunity to improve both their organization and the lives of others. Your business is on a journey. Together, we define the path to growth—by finding clarity, reducing noise, and connecting the dots.


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