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Mailrelay Overview

Mailrelay | Software Reviews & Alternatives

Mailrelay is an advanced email marketing platform that allows to create, send and manage newsletters providing complete subscriber behavior statistics. It helps in advanced visitors tracking, higher delivery rate and high-performance SMTP.

Mailrelay gets access to complete subscriber behavior statistics, as well as system information such as the subscriber location, browser, mail client, operational system and more. By enabling companies to better understand their customers, Mailrelay helps increase CTR and conversion rates.

Mailrelay features include proprietary technology to track subscriber views and clicks in newsletters, access to information such as the user location, browser, mail client, operational system and more, professional, fully customizable point-and-click newsletter templates, dedicated SMTP server allowing to send directly from mail client without losing statistics, and more.

About Mailrelay

Biggest freemium bulk email sending platform Everything you need to send bulk mailings for free! You can send up to 75,000 emails per month for free, and manage up to 15,000 contacts. Create newsletters, send mailings, manage and analyze your list …
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What is Mailrelay?

Mailrelay is an email marketing platform enabling marketers to create, send and manage their newsletters.

With more than 93% of our clients very happy with our support team, it’s very clear that our focus on customer support is one of Mailrelay’s many strenghts, being another our possibilities to addapt to customers needs.

This is highly appreciated by big companies that need special features to be implemented in the system, so it can be adapted to their needs, something that Mailrelay’s tech team is very happy to do.

So customer support and the ability to adapt to client needs are Mailrelay’s main strengths.


  • “We are happy with MailRelay support. Also we are interested on improved features of front-end to get more easy to create templates like mail chimp system.”
  • “Thank you admin of for your kind help to our business. We recommend to all bloggers to us and avoid to others who charge $9-$10 for 500 Subscribers.”
  • “It was great experience with Mailrelay. With this great service, I am capable of delivering my messages easily and in no time.”
  • “The biggest advantage of mail relay is to be able to send many more emails with the free account than any other bulk email manager, it also allows you to do some basic automation.”


  • “UX and user interface are poorly designed and difficult to use.”
  • “Hard to use for single opt in customers. Seems Mailrelay wants users to use their Newsletter program instead plain email.”
  • “The pricing is a bit high for a small, or one-person business, and that is kind of a buzz kill, but if you send out a lot of emails the ROI is totally justifiable.”
  • “The search has to be done manually, wasting a considerable amount of time. The RSS template does not work that well, I’m not a programmer in HTML so I have no idea how to make the images be invoked.”

Mailrelay | Software Reviews & Alternatives


A/B Testing Advanced Filter for subscribers Statistics for campaigns sent using the SMTP server
RSS campaigns Google Analytics High-performance SMTP server
Advanced Statistics Automatic control of bounces Automatic management of Opt-outs
Certified solution API for developers Autoresponders
Schedule your campaigns Subscription forms Simple HTML editor

Sign up Process

Name, email, phone is mandatory for signup process


Free Trial – It allows you to create free account and provide control for email campaigns

  • Send 15,000 to 75,000 emails to 3000 – 15,000 subscribers absolutely Free
  • Standard Price –
  • Send 50,000 emails to 10,000 subscribers at $31
  • Send 100,000 emails to 20,000 subscribers at $53
  • Send 250,000 emails to 50,000 subscribers at $84
  • Send 500,000 emails to 100,000 subscribers at $147
  • Send 1,000,000 emails to 200,000 subscribers at $232
  • Send 2,000,000 emails to 400,000 subscribers at $401
  • Send 5,000,000 emails to 1,000,000 subscribers at $669
  • Send 10,000,000 emails to 2,000,000 subscribers at $1312
  • For more emails and subscribers contact sales team

Mailrelay - Accurate Reviews



  • The software is very affordable on any budget, and can be worked into any system.
  • Mailrelay’s free trial is so high, that it’s likely that you won’t paid for the service until you really grow up – and even then, its pricing is really cheap.
  • You cannot repeat sending for part of the list of the subscriber, that did not open or if you add new subscribers and then you have to repeat for the entire list
  • Filtering spam messages can be an issue at times.

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