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About Klenty

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Klenty is an intent-based sales engagement platform that helps sales teams personalise their outreach based on intent, automate repetitive tasks and build an intelligent, repeatable sales strategy. Reach out across multiple channels. Prioritise ready-to-engage prospects. Dynamically move other prospects into personalised cadences and build intent. Accelerate workflows with powerful integrations. Make your sales team unstoppable with the right balance between personalisation and automation.

What is Klenty?

What if you could make emails so human and personalized, your prospects LOVE seeing you in their inbox? What if you could focus only on your hottest, most engaged prospects, and put the rest on autopilot? What if you could wave goodbye to updating your CRM, and make every hour more productive? 3 sales dreams. One answer- Klenty. Think of Klenty as your Sales Execution Engine- suddenly, your followups become systematic. Your task-list only contains high-value actions which open conversations. Your emails guarantee opens and clicks, and more calls connect than ever before. Your inboxes are full of replies, and your AEs are flooded with demos and meetings booked. Your updated CRM data reflects the success of your sales team, quarter after quarter.

Klenty Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2


  • “Very impressive sales automation tool – with a few bugs.”
  • “Easy and Effective Tool for Outbound Marketing.”
  • “My experience with Klenty so far has been wonderful.”
  • “I love that we can schedule bulk mails in klenty and love the everyday report that the system generates of the number of views, clicks, open rates, etc.”


  • “Once in a while, the UI becomes stuck and doesn’t respond – it’s the only thing I have noticed.”
  • “They use pink in their logo which bothers me as I’m more of a red type person.”
  • “And while I have been using Klenty for over a year, I suspect the day will come when Pipedrive adds these features to their capabilities, rendering my need for Klenty useless.”
  • “The UI is complex, the features are difficult to understand.”

Klenty Pricing, Reviews, & Features in 2022

What do you like best about Klenty?

Klenty is like trolling for fish. You go by thousands of prospects and when the hungry ones bite your chances of catching them are greater. Klenty’s automated tools get’s your name and brand in front of potential customers with complete customization options of all cadences and playbooks.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about Klenty?

Klenty is complicated and requires significant training for proper usage, I’ve spent a couple of hours training and I’m certain I still don’t utilize all of its designed features. I recommend ongoing time with Klenty Customer Success team especially after using it a while.Review collected by and hosted on

What problems is Klenty solving and how is that benefiting you?

Klenty is allowing me at an early stage of this occupation to reach out to a high number of potential clients in a short time. Most sales relationships don’t make contact with clients until the 5th-12th contact and Klenty allows this to occur naturally through a sales cadence of your customization.

What You Should Know about Klenty

Klenty allows you to send personalized emails and automate repetitive tasks, such as follow-ups. In the world of sales, nobody’s got the time to send emails one by one—there are plenty of duties you need to tackle that are far more important.

Wasting time translates to wasting money. With Klenty, your company is going to grow quickly and effectively. Automating tedious tasks is one of the first steps you should take if you want to be more productive in the areas of your business that matter most.

Some of the most crucial characteristics of Klenty’s that you should learn more about are the following ones:

  • Features

  • API

  • Analytics

  • Klenty Academy

  • Pricing plans

  • Affiliate program

In this article, you will get to find out everything there is to know about how Klenty works and whether the solution is worth your time and money. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most.

Klenty at First Glance

When you load the page, Klenty has a simple and clean user interface. There’s nothing that draws your attention away from the point. The platform makes it obvious from the very beginning that it’s intended for sales teams, so there are no confusing elements that interfere with your initial experience.

The sales automation software has a neat-looking page that gets straight to the point right off the bat.

Once you get your first impression of Klenty, it’s time to dig deeper and analyze its features.

Let’s take a quick look at Klenty’s overview before we get to that:

Klenty Overview



Number of emails


Year founded


Number of employees


Capterra reviews

4,8/5 stars

g2 reviews

4,5/5 stars

Facebook followers


Twitter followers


Klenty App | Klenty Integration - Pipedrive Marketplace

Klenty Features—Is the Hype Justified?

Klenty comes with multiple features that seem like they would be the perfect solution for any sales team. There are five of them in total:

  1. Prospect management

  2. Email campaigns

  3. CRM integrations

  4. Click to call

  5. Gmail plugin

Prospect Management

Prospect management is the first feature you’ll come across when you sign up for the Klenty platform. This one is going to help you track each prospect so that you’re organized better and know which journey stage they’re at.

Source: Klenty

This feature lets you see the following options:


What it’s for


Including dashboards in this feature is useful because it allows you to view the status of each prospect.

Collision detection

Collision detection was included to eliminate the potential scenario of multiple reps getting in touch with the same prospect simultaneously.

Duplicate detection

Duplicate detection is going to do exactly what it says—detect any duplicate prospects within the system.

Prospect management will also allow for filter customization. You can add an unlimited number of custom tags and fields for all of your prospects.

Importing and exporting prospects is also supposed to be super easy, which we will discuss in further detail once we get to integrations.

Email Campaigns

One of the most important parts of sales is email campaigns. If you’ve done mass outreach campaigns before, you will know how big of a pain it can be, especially if you’d dealt with it back when automation tools weren’t a thing.

Sending emails is one of the most time-consuming processes if you don’t have a software solution that automates them. If you don’t introduce this system to your business, you’ll waste both your time and your money.

Klenty offers an email automation feature that’s going to make your job ten times easier. You can customize this feature to your liking.

You can also use the reply detection option that stops your campaign once you receive your prospect’s feedback. There’s no point in spamming them with generic promo emails once they reply—here’s where your sales team should take over.

Klenty is going to allow you to track the following:

  • Bounces

  • Out-of-office replies

  • Auto-replies

Source: Klenty

CRM Integrations

Integrations are an essential part of any software solution. Being aware of that, Klenty integrated its software with the following CRM platforms:

  1. Salesforce

  2. Pipedrive

  3. Freshsales

  4. HubSpot

  5. Zoho

All of the listed customer relationship management platforms will let you:

  1. Import contacts to Klenty

  2. Export people from Klenty as leads

  3. Sync emails

  4. Use triggers to set up tasks

These integrations are important because they keep all of your information up-to-date, and don’t require you to do anything. The whole process is handled by the platforms, which is going to save you lots of time and nerves.

Click to Call

Any time you feel like you need to call your prospects, you can complete the task within Klenty. This option is beyond convenient and helps you eliminate multiple-platform usage. 

Source: Klenty

You can also purchase phone numbers directly from Klenty and assign them to users. Localizing your calls is going to make you look more professional, which is why the platform lets you pick phone numbers from plenty of regions and countries. Once you start dialing, you may want to record your calls and store them. This software will allow you to perform both of these actions with ease. They only add to Klenty’s convenience.

Gmail Plugin

If using Gmail is what you prefer, Klenty will support your decision. Through its Gmail plugin, you will be able to schedule emails, activate reminders and smart follow-ups, customize emails and signatures, and so much more.

You can import your templates and signatures from Klenty, which sparks your creativity and ensures that you don’t write the same emails over and over again.

Source: Klenty

As soon as you send out any email, Klenty is going to let you track it. This is an excellent option, which lets you see how well your campaign is performing. Once you gather the data, you can analyze the results and tweak your campaigns for optimal performance.

All of these features are beyond useful. Having everything you need in one place will make your life easier and improve the overall effectiveness of your campaigns.

Klenty API

You can use Klenty API to integrate the platform with other, third-party apps. By utilizing this opportunity, you will be able to streamline your workflow more effectively.

Klenty Analytics

If you want your email marketing campaign to succeed, you need to pay attention to data-driven analytics. People have to use third-party systems to get to the analytics, but Klenty eliminates this time-consuming activity.

The platform will let you view data-driven analytics through filters, dashboards, and stop/pause options. This is going to be beyond useful for your business, as it helps you assess the overall performance of your campaigns.

Another excellent thing about Klenty is that it allows for A/B testing, which helps you figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Klenty Academy

Klenty Academy acts as a knowledge base for new users, as well as those who are looking to advance their skills. This is going to help you get started like no other tutorial.


The best part of Klenty Academy is that it’s free of charge. If you want to utilize these learning materials, all you need to do is to register and log in to your account.

Pricing Plans

Depending on what you need, you can choose from three different pricing plans that Klenty offers:


Pricing plan



  • $30/month for monthly billing

  • $25/month for annual billing


  • $60/month for monthly billing

  • £50/month for annual billing


  • $100/month for monthly billing

  • $80/month for annual billing


The Tall pricing plan comes with the following features:

  1. Slack integration

  2. Zapier integration

  3. Calendly integration

  4. CRM integrations

  5. API access

  6. Gmail plugin

  7. Reply detection

  8. Prospect import

  9. Email cadences

  10. Mail merge


The Grande pricing plan offers everything found in the Tall pricing plan, plus:

  1. Click to Call

  2. CRM plugin

  3. Advanced CRM integration


The Venti pricing plan comes with all the features in the Grande pricing plan with an addition of the following:

  1. Custom reports

  2. Website tracking

  3. Two more email accounts for each user

Considering all of the advantages you get with Klenty, all three of the listed pricing plans are reasonable. You may not need the features found in Grande and Venti.

The only way for you to find out is by asking the rest of your team. Ask them which features they would like to have and which ones they couldn’t do without. This is going to help your decision-making process like no other method.

In case you would like to get some hands-on experience with the platform, you can opt for its 14-day free trial. If nothing else helps you determine which plan to opt for, this will. You will get to figure out whether all of the features work smoothly or not. In other words, you’ll know if it’s worth your money.

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