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Net-results  Overview

Net-Results Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Net-Results is a marketing automation tool with powerful segmentation capabilities. Segments can be used to drive analytics, workflows, campaigns, and more. It helps to improve ROI and acquire customer.

Net-Results is Intuitive Software with Powerful Tools to Create, Connect, and Engage.

Net-Results provides all the features required and expected like creating personalized messages that drive more engagement and opportunities, personalize content for leads, customers, & high value prospects, automatic marketing workflow, sales alert and enablement and much more.

What is Net-Results?

Experience the Net-Results Marketing Automation Platform — all the features you need, with the support you want, at a price you’ll love. Execute on your digital marketing strategy with the features and technical flexibility you need to make your marketing campaigns really work.

About Net-Results

Net-Results is a cloud-based marketing automation solution for small, midsize and large businesses. Primary features include lead management, lead scoring, marketing list management, email builder, social media management, insights and analytics. Other features include sales alerts, sales workflow automation, web form builder, landing page builder and dashboards. The lead management module allows users to automate marketing workflow and tasks. Big data segmentation backs up automated list management, sales alerts, lead scoring, simple drip campaigns and lead nurturing workflows. It allows users to schedule social media posts, track and score prospective leads based on their social media activities. It provides integration with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics, WordPress, Magento, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, ConnectWise and others. Net-Results is offered in a subscription pricing option. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Mobile apps for iOS is also offered. Support is provided via email and over the phone.
Net-Results Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2022


  • “One of my favourites is the ability to create segments to analyse data better. Example: how many people on an email list clicked a certain web-link, and so on.”
  • “We’ve been working with Net-Results for a year and half now. Their product is terrific and an excellent value for smaller companies like ours.”
  • “We have replaced all forms on our website with Net-Results forms and this has been very successful.”
  • “They are responsive, knowledgeable, accessible, friendly and willing to bend over backwards to ensure their customers’ success.”


  • “Lists cannot be deleted, so that can become unwieldy. Strange things happened with lists at times regarding contacts being auto assigned to another list owner.”
  • “I no longer have to code and test custom HTML.”
  • “Most were my confusion on how the software worked and what it couldn’t do. And learning the difference between a Drip and Nurutre campaign, and how to properly exclude people from campaigns.”
  • “Our marketing organization would be dead in the water without Net-results.”

Benefits of Net-Results

  • Net-Results’ unique segment-driven approach to lead management and marketing automation makes it easier to work on a day to day basis.
  • Net-Results helps companies increase revenue growth and improve sales efficiency with powerful lead management solutions for marketing and sales.
  • Get clean, attractive dashboards and increase clarity and visibility across the organization with easy to digest, scheduled reports.
  • Automate marketing workflows and trigger automated tasks based on simple events or sophisticated segments.
  • Quickly build and publish intelligent web forms with progressive profiling to capture leads efficiently using the drag & drop web form builder.

Net-Results Marketing Automation Software: The missing link between  marketing & sales teams. | Net-Results

Products and services

The Net-Results platform is built for B2B marketers that want to automate their marketing, generate quality leads and report on their ROI.

Key features:

Segmentation on all data points At the core of the Net-Results platform is its segmentation engine. Segments power campaigns, lead scoring, triggers, everything. You can segment on all your data points.

Advanced Lead Scoring Not just a single scoring sheet, through Net-Results segments you can score on basically anything you’d like. In addition, you can create as many scoring “overlays” as you like, scoring different personas in different ways.

Campaigns Automate your communications with the same segment-based flexibility that applies everywhere in Net-Results.

Email Builder True drag & drop in a way you’ll never have to involve IT. Prefer HTML? No problem, either.

Landing Page Builder Most LP builders are clunky and prone to errors. We just licensed award-winning page builder Divi and included it in our software.

Form Builder Progressive profiling, prefill, styling options, it’s all there. Control exactly what happens after a form is submitted with form actions, such as redirect, update lead scoring, alert sales, etc.

CRM integration Whether you’re on Salesforce, Dynamics 365 or Sugar – you can synchronize with Net-Results out of the box.

Integration ecosystem As your central customer data hub, Net-Results integrates with lots of other marketing tools, such as Wistia, Vimeo or Oktopost.

API Whatever integration isn’t covered natively, we can help you set up through our flexible API.

Reporting Sort and report on your data on a granular level with segment-based reporting. Report on emails, conversions or funnels are all part of Net-Results reporting.

What do you like best about Net-Results?

Net-results is a great tool to supplement your marketing and sales efforts. With seamless integration with salesforce, you can now get awesome insights about your leads directly in your salesforce widget (email and web activity). We primarily use for email marketing and monitoring site activity but also frequently use the reporting and segment tools which give so much valuable information. Support staff is also fantastic!Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about Net-Results?

The email builder could be a bit better — sometimes a little buggy and wonky with formatting. Other than that, I have no other negative feedback as any problems I have are always addressed quickly by staff.Review collected by and hosted on

What problems is Net-Results solving and how is that benefiting you?

Net-results gives me a way to view real-time web and email activity for contacts or leads we are currently pursuing, something we did not have access to before. We also have an easy way to manage our full database of contacts that allows me to stay out of Salesforce as much as possible.

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