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About GlassHive

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GlassHive addresses the sales and marketing needs of businesses in the IT Industry (MSPs, MSSPs, VARs, Vendors, and more) with intuitive tools, pre-built content, insightful data, and automation. It was created to be a platform that unites sales, marketing, and operations with complete visibility and efficiency. Companies from all industries can leverage part or all of GlassHive – its intuitive scalability makes it a fantastic tool to grow with. It makes growing a business simple and fun.
GlassHive is an innovative sales and marketing app for IT service providers. Users have access to easy-to-use CRM marketing automation, sales and marketing management, and sales enablement tools. GlassHive was developed by team members who have worked alongside managed service providers (MSPs) of every size to help clear bottlenecks pertaining to visibility, accountability, and manual data management. Let GlassHive help you simplify marketing and sales processes through platform unity today.

What isGlassHive?

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GlassHive helps tech companies of all sizes including MSPs, MSSPs, VARs, vendors and more manage marketing and sales processes. It includes CRM, email marketing, sales management, tasks, integrations, marketing plans, collateral builder, marketing, sales reports, journeys, contacts, landing page builder and SMS.


  • “They are very responsive and are dedicated to working with you to answer any questions you may have.”
  • “Good start, good folks, good product. Looking forward to the pro version and a couple of months.”
  • “The support when I do have a chance to connect with folks on the team is helpful I like [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] and I like [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] I think they are both assets to clients.”
  • “Excellent – it is the heart of our email marketing system and is worth it’s weight in gold.”


  • “The view of templates is difficult to work with because the name of the template is not fully visable, and would prefer a detailed list view.”
  • “There is no power dialing feature as of yet but “Calling” is a feature that is slated to be release at some point according to the Honey website.”
  • “So far, there hasn’t been anything that we’ve disliked.”
  • “Since it is browser-based, it is possible to accidentally hit the back button and lose recent edits.”

What do you like best about GlassHive?

Glasshive provides us with Sales and Marketing automation. They also provide us with content to leverage with prospective and existing clients. The tool gives us an easy way to track where all of our leads come from as well as where they are in the sales pipeline and their journey to becoming a client. The glasshive team continues to improve the product every week and month!Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about GlassHive?

Glasshive needs to make improvements on delivering supporting documentation when they release new features. Each time a new feature has been released it is hard to find supporting documents to learn how to leverage it. Another area of improvement I have been begging for is autotmated list dialing. Currently, we use our phone systems click-to-dial feature but it gets tedious after a while to manually dial 50+ phone numbers. Would be great to work a list quickly and save time between dials.Review collected by and hosted on

Recommendations to others considering GlassHive:

GlassHive - projectcubicle

Glasshive is an easy-to-use CRM for MSPs of any size. We all need a CRM to track our activities and this is a good start!Review collected by and hosted on

What problems is GlassHive solving and how is that benefiting you?

It gives us visibility in our sales and marketing process and allows us to schedule all our marketing efforts months in advance. It simplifies tracking our sales activities and gives us insight as to how we are doing week-to-week and month-to-month. It holds our team accountable and sends us daily reminders of the tasks we need to complete.

What is GlassHive and how does it work?

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GlassHive was developed with the care and attention of a team who has worked alongside MSPs of every size to help them achieve their sales and marketing dreams. And along the way, they kept seeing the same struggles. Visibility, accountability, manual data management no matter the company, they had to put in the work to clear the same bottlenecks.

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