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What is SendX?

SendX Review | Email Marketing Software for Creators - Pricing & Features

SendX is an Intuitive, Affordable & Feature-rich Email Marketing Software for marketers & business owners. SendX prides itself on enabling marketers with one of the simplest UIs in the industry. SendX provides unlimited email sends with every plan, powerful automation capabilities, 24×7 live support, best of breed email deliverability. 3000+ companies worldwide trust SendX for their Email Marketing.

Key Features & Benefits:

Send Unlimited Email Campaigns

Build Your Email List with forms and pop-ups

Powerful Automation Tools

Design with Drag & Drop Email Editor (no coding required)

Best Of Breed Email Deliverability (get emails delivered in the primary inbox

Free Migration Service (we will migrate your email marketing account from any ESP for free)

Trusted by 3000+ companies worldwide

14 days Free Trial (no credit card required, instant setup)

What do you like best about SendX?

I like how I can get in contact with support using their Live Chat and how eager they are to help; my tags and lists migrated okay; like that I am able to add a new email to my drip easilyReview collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about SendX?

I wish they had more templates for drips even though I sometimes use a blank template; my sequences were not transferred/migrated from ConvertKit so I had to re-create them; bit of a learning curve when it comes to tags, double opt in and automation creation and syncing with third party resources (ie. Zapier, Clickfunnels, Deadline Funnel)Review collected by and hosted on

What problems is SendX solving and how is that benefiting you?

I promote my own products and I am an affiliate. I have been shut down by email autoresponders that say I have violated affiliate policies when I know that I haven’t. I have a bigger list now thanks to working with a CPA network and this is an affiliate friendly resource for me to use.

SendX - The Best Email Marketing Software to Boost Conversions

SendX Review – Main Features 

Ease of Use 

Since SendX prides itself on providing exceptionally simplified email marketing, I was pretty curious about its overall usability. We’ve seen quite a number of marketing software coming with similar claims only to disappoint when it comes to the real thing.

Well, it turns out that’s not the case with SendX. This solution seems to be pretty serious about user-friendliness, and it’s not willing to compromise that for anything.

As a matter of fact, SendX attempts to make everything simple right from the start. You’ll notice that onboarding begins as soon as you sign up for the 14-day trial. Then throughout the period, SendX will keep sending you pointers on how to properly capitalize on the platform’s tools.

You could also take advantage of is demo offer and have SendX’s support team walking you through the entire platform, as well as its email marketing tools. In my honest opinion, however, I guess you wouldn’t need that since SendX’s system is pleasantly simple and intuitive.

Yes, that’s right, SendX has a pretty smooth user interface. It’s designed to be extremely easy to use while providing a consistently rich user experience. In fact, there’s no learning curve here, even for beginner marketers. So, expect to understand all the basics right off the bat.

The main dashboard, for instance, is not only neat and clutter-free but will also help you get started on creating mailings lists and the corresponding email marketing campaigns.

Then during the campaign, the dashboard will display real-time performance metrics. Consequently, you should be able to conveniently track the overall progress of your marketing efforts from the home screen every time you log in.

It doesn’t end there though. SendX goes beyond the dashboard and applies a similarly simple design approach to its marketing tools. As a result, it doesn’t take much to design emails, call-to-action pop-ups, landing pages, or signup forms. SendX combines pre-built templates with a straight-forward editor for smooth and quick customization.

So, all in all, we can confirm that SendX is quite handy when you need to quickly set up an automated campaign for your sales leads (lead generation).

Contact Management 

When it comes to contact management, SendX happens to provide tools for building your mailing list, importing contacts, as well as organizing the resultant contact information.

If you ever need to expand your contact base, for example, you can take advantage of SendX’s sign-up forms, landing pages, and popups. The platform offers a wide variety of professionally designed templates for sliders, scroll boxes, welcome mats, hello bars, etc. So, it’s only a matter of choosing the most appropriate ones and then tweaking their features.

For the best possible results, however, you should consider capitalizing on SendX’s targeting capabilities. You can use them to display personalized popups based on clicks, page scrolls, surfing time, exit intent, etc. That’s how you get to attract multiple signups on a regular basis.

In addition to that, it’s possible to import contacts from external sources. SendX allows you to create a bulk contact list by simply uploading the information through a CSV file.

The process is as simple as navigating to the “Contacts” area and then clicking “New List”. From the subsequent list of options, you should then choose “Import Contacts” and voila!

SendX basically lets you choose the CSV file from your PC directories and then it proceeds to upload it.

However, when the process is complete, you still have to do the mapping to systematically organize the contact information lifted from the CSV files. That, in short, means specifying the type of details on each column, in order to set up well-structured contact profiles.

And speaking of which, the contact profiles on SendX can accommodate a wide range of details. You can view your subscribers’ names, email addresses, company names, etc.

Plus, you can also go ahead and access advanced details like their lead sources and the corresponding long term values. I found this to be particularly helpful in identifying the highest converting traffic sources and high-ROI customers,

Other than that, you could customize the default contact profiles by introducing your own custom fields. SendX provides dynamic editing capabilities for users that might want to set up extra information fields and tags.

Ok, now that we’ve mentioned them, how exactly do you use tags on SendX?

Well, tags are essentially used to define contacts based on common events, interests, or actions. Consequently, you end up creating multiple lists that you could conveniently leverage for personalized campaigns and automation.

Another grouping approach you could use on the platform is segmentation. This simply entails segregating contacts and placing them in groups based on specific attribute rules. You could, for example, combine multiple related tags to form one segment of contacts, which you can then target with automated campaigns.

Building Marketing Campaigns 

The best thing about creating marketing campaigns with SendX is taking advantage of its unlimited email sends. There are basically zero restrictions on the number of campaigns you can launch. You’re free to send as many emails as you want.

Then to make the deal sweeter, SendX further offers over 50 free email templates. 50 might not be much, but it’s still an impressive number of options for an email marketing service that has only been around for barely four years.

What’s more, each of the pre-built email templates comes with an elegant design and a unique use case. Plus, they’ve been designed to be persistently responsive. Or in other words, they can automatically adapt to various devices by adjusting their display ratios.

Now, once you’ve selected an appropriate template, SendX allows you to customize it further through a drag-and-drop editor.

And just as the name suggests, the editing interface customizes email designs by dragging and dropping various elements. That means you don’t need to know a thing about HTML coding. Every component is configured through a graphical interface.

Another notable thing about the editor is its WYSIWYG approach. This translates to “What You See Is What You Get”, which fundamentally means every single adjustment you make is visually reflected in real-time on the display window.

The entire design is shown as it would appear on desktop and mobile screens to give you a good picture of the final product.

So far so good. But, make no mistake. Emails are not the only thing you can design with SendX. It turns out the email marketing platform also comes with the landing page and form-building capabilities. In essence, you get to design your own forms and landing pages from its built-in form and landing page builder.

Now, of course, that would not be complete without a set of pre-built templates. So, you can expect to see the builder accompanied by a decent array of landing page and form templates. The goal here is to save you the trouble of creating everything from scratch.

That said, SendX seeks to help you set up holistic automated campaigns that integrate forms, popups, and landing pages with email marketing. You might, for example, want to follow up on your targeted popups with drip sequences for the best possible engagement rates.

But what are drip sequences?

In essence, running a  drip campaign entails engaging your audiences with multiple emails that follow a specific predefined sequence. Hence, it’s quite admirable that SendX gives you the privilege of setting up drip sequences that encompass multiple personalized emails.

You can, for instance, send a new signup a welcome email as soon as they respond to your forms. Such as email could then be subsequently follow up with a second email encouraging them to share the news with friends, and later a third one that possibly highlights products they might be interested in.

Come to think of it, such drip sequences would be perfect for upselling plus recovering cart abandoners.

And for the best possible results, SendX further offers A/B split testing tools. They are considered effective when you need real insights into the types of emails that your audiences respond to.

Marketing Automation 

Marketing automation on SendX is principally managed through its built-in automation builder. And yes, that’s right- this is where you get to create plus configure your campaign automation sequences.

That said, the builder itself comes with a drag-and-drop interface, which I found to be pleasantly smooth and straightforward. The automation rules, on the other hand, are displayed as graphical charts for systematic editing and tracking.

So, how does this whole automation rule builder work?

Basically, SendX gives you the power to specify your campaign automation sequences using rules. By setting up “if this, then that” rules, you get to create automated drip campaigns that target your segmented contacts according to parameters such as user activity, purchase patterns, etc.

If you’re trying to upsell various items, for example, you could have SendX targeting contacts based on their purchase patterns. Hence, you could consider a  typical automation rule like “If  contact X clicks on product A, then suggest a supplementary product B via email” 

The overall logic is that simple. And to help you organize the underlying rules, SendX breaks them down into triggers and actions.

The trigger is the “If” part of the automation rule, while the action is the corresponding “Then” part. So, in the end, building an automation campaign is all about specifying various triggers plus their subsequent actions, based on your segmentation parameters.

Thankfully, however, you don’t have to set up the whole thing from scratch. SendX provides more than 30 different prebuilt automation triggers and actions that have been optimized for various use cases.

Therefore, instead of building all the rules from the base, you could simply select a relevant automation template, and then customize it until it aligns with your campaign objectives.

All in all, SendX is effective at setting up and running standard automated campaigns that are based on parameters such as email client, domain name, time zone, user behaviour, etc. You can expect a fairly smooth user experience because the editing process here is quite straightforward.

However, there’s just one caveat. Since the automation builder is optimized for simplicity, you won’t be able to use it for advanced automated campaigns. Or in other words, you can’t use it to create dynamically complex automation rules.

Service Provider Integrations 

All things considered, the most important link when it comes to email marketing integrations is the link between the solution and your website. It goes without saying that the two have to be completely integrated (automated tools) if you intend to effectively target your site visitors using automated campaigns.

Fortunately for SendX users, the email marketing platform has been developed to integrate with all websites. And that’s not all. As a matter of fact, the process of embedding is fairly simple, even for users who’ve never coded before.

The trick is to copy a piece of code from SendX and subsequently paste it onto your website. If you ever want to give it a try, you’ll find the code on SendX’s Site Setup tab. You’ll then proceed by copying the code and placing it on every single web page, right before the </body> tag.

Now, to supplement that, SendX goes ahead and offers a set of native apps that embed with most of the dominant platforms on the web.

If you’re a WordPress user, for instance, you’ll find a SendX WordPress plugin that integrates effortlessly with your site.

Otherwise, there are numerous additional prominent platforms with ready-made SendX integrations. Shopify and WooCommerce, for instance, can be seamlessly linked with the platform through their native SendX apps.

Then to help you align your email marketing strategies with your sales processes, you could possibly embed SendX with sales funnel builders or checkout platforms. Samcart happens to be one of the most popular ones, in addition to PayPal and Stripe.

Other than that, it’s possible to integrate SendX with email service providers for dynamic campaigns. Some of the supported platforms include Gmail, PostMark, SendGrid, plus Amazon SES.

And you know what? Although SendX has managed to build quite a decent number of integrations already, it’s barely getting started. Its developers continue to release additional options every couple of months.

Well, if they maintain that trend over the long haul, the future seems to be very bright for this email marketing solution.

In the meantime, if you go through all these integration options and fail to find your preferred app, don’t give up easily. It turns out there might be a way out through the Zapier integration. It essentially provides a gateway that connects SendX with hundreds of other popular third-party applications.

SendX Review – Customer Support Team

SendX Review | Email Marketing Software for Creators - Pricing & Features

Going by the high level of competition in the email marketing space, it’s becoming increasingly important for SaaS solutions to streamline their customer support. Only a few services that have optimized their support continue to perform favourably against the rest.

Well, you can bet SendX isn’t willing to be outshined by its competitors in this sector. Its customer support system is well-optimized to offer you all the help you need at the right time.

More specifically, you have the option of getting in touch with its support staff and support team via email, live chat, or phone. And the best thing is, you can reach out to them at any time since they are accessible 24/7 for any paid customer.

The SendX knowledge base, however, is a different story. While SendX has taken the time to compile an array of articles and tutorials, they are not as comprehensive as you’d hope.

I noticed that it lacks some vital documentation here and there. But then again, I guess the company needs more time to completely seal all the loopholes in its knowledge base.

The other advantage of SendX is that they have been quite responsive (so far) to customer feedback and suggestions for improvements. This is the advantage of a younger marketing tool with more to prove!

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