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About MassMailer

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MassMailer (Salesforce CRM users only) is the best solution to eliminate Salesforce CRM email limitations for sending mass emails. You can also verify emails for validity and white-label your domain to increase campaign performance. – Simple wizard to send bulk email to leads, contacts, or users – Mass email to campaign members without the per batch limit – Track email clicks, opens, bounces, invalids – Verify Emails to reduce the bounce rate – Send File Attachments – Whitelabel emails

What is MassMailer?

MassMailer is the best solution to eliminate Salesforce email limitations for sending Mass Emails via mass Email Wizard or Campaigns. You can also Send Mass Stay-in-Touch emails to request updated contact information from the contacts without any Salesforce email limitations. The simplest, easiest, and fastest way to send mass emails from within Salesforce Track email statistics – click through, opens, bounces, invalids, etc. Keep track of which email templates perform better and optimize your emailing. Choose to send Email Now or Schedule for Later.

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  • “The approach to how analytics are logged can also be configured/enhanced if you have a strong in-house team member or Salesforce consultant partner to help.”
  • “I’ve really enjoyed the product as well as working with the MM team.”
  • “We are able to reach out to our patients with ease and we are realizing how important this connection is.”
  • “MassMailer is the BEST e-mail solution for Salesforce.”


  • “Limited email formatting as well as lack of “cc” feature that would allow extra visibility of cc’d contacts for the main recipient.”
  • “Series of steps to setup campaigns correctly – Multiple step process to prep campaigns. Current lack of Lightning integration – Spoke to company and this should occur by Q218.”
  • “It seems difficult to use at first. We have some problems with sending things out sometimes.”
  • “It was hard to set up at first and took a while to figure out the nuances of the software.”
What do you like best about MassMailer?

The integration with Salesforce is the main benefit of this software. It was great to send directly to email addresses in our list as opposed to importing them into another tool.

What do you dislike about MassMailer?

This tool was difficult to use a “non-creative” person. The user interface was similar to many other programs I’ve seen, but it can be challenging to build templates from scratch.

What problems is MassMailer solving and how is that benefiting you?

We were able to reduce the time spent on exporting and importing contact lists to other platforms.

Mass Email Solution for Salesforce CRM - MassMailer

MassMailer Key Features

  • Easy database import
  • Multiple attachments
  • Pause/stop emails in order to make edits before emails are delivered
  • Personalize each email
  • Allows users to utilize their own domain
  • Assists users in ensuring emails are not marked as Spam
  • Allows users to customize email look and feel
  • Email scheduler
  • Facilitates recurring emails

How to auto purge bot email events caused by the spam filter software -  YouTube

MassMailer Description

Salesforce allows you to send emails to campaign members, contacts, and leads. Salesforce’s email wizard makes it easy to create, schedule, and send professional-looking emails. Salesforce’s email limitations are gone. You can send emails beyond the daily or batch limits. You can track email results at any time and make smart decisions about future campaigns. Track opens, clicks-throughs and bounces. Send one-off emails immediately to your leads and contacts, or schedule your emails for later. You can find out when an email was opened or clicked to determine when you should take the next step. Before you send, verify that your contacts are valid. Your bounce rate can be reduced by up to 98%, and you can protect your deliverability. You can send marketing and sales PDFs, documents, or videos to your audience instantly without additional date and fuss. For time-sensitive materials, you can add an expiry time and date.

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