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What is Listrak?

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Listrak delivers results for more than 1,000 retailers by providing best-in-class email, SMS, behavioral marketing, cross-channel orchestration, predictive analytics, and customer insight solutions that drive customer engagement, revenue, and loyalty. With Listrak, marketers can deliver seamless, personalized cross-channel interactions — all from one integrated platform. Send messages at precisely the right time across the right combination of channels and devices to maximize your customer engagement, revenue, and lifetime value.

About Listrak

Listrak is a digital marketing automation platform that drives engagements, increases conversions, maximizes revenue and provides higher lifetime values to businesses. Its artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and machine learning help businesses in engaging customers towards their preferred channels. Listrak gathers data and extracts insights, which help businesses create a meaningful interaction with customers. Its customer insight collects data and presents it on a dashboard for easy visualizations while the unified 360-degree profile assists in behavior tracking and creating cross-device linking. Additional features of the unified platform are anonymous user tracking, customer response, behavior tracking and subscriber acquisition. Additionally, Listrak offers features such as predictive send-time optimization, product recommendation, actionable segmentation, artificial intelligence-driven campaigns, and analysis of customer lifecycle. Further, it manages cross-channel campaigns through email, mobile, social media, display, web and short message service (SMS) methods. Listrak provides an application programming interface that enables developers to integrate email, data import and mobile messaging functionalities into the software.


  • “The thing I like the most about Listrak is the ease in using the software. I love the flexibility it provides, and I am a fan of the heat maps.”
  • “By Listrak platform we can extract some of the terrific customer’s behavior and their data to know about our customers’ needs and their future and past thinking’s about our company.”
  • “Best marketing and email service provider platform.”
  • “It gives us a dedicated account manager which helps us to manage all the mails perfectly and we can work on it easily.”


  • “Dive in head first, and watch your business grow. Seriously, no puffery here.”
  • “Not a lot of value is included with the Listrak license–they try to charge you a separate license and implementation fee for many basic features. Poor after purchase support and guidance.”
  • “I really can’t think of anything negative to say about Listrak at all.”
  • “When we are working on Listrak’s then we have a failure to change the designs between desktop area and mobile.”

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Listrak features

Main features of Listrak are:

  • Content Personalization
  • Retail Solutions and Campaigns
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Cross-Channel Orchestration

Listrak Benefits

BenefitsThe main benefits of Listrak are its various communication channels, comprehensive features, intuitive user interface, and flexibility. Here are the details:

Listrak allows users to reach their target audiences using different avenues of communication. Most applications of the same kind only allow for email marketing but Listrak begs to differ. It offers a more comprehensive service allowing users to automate their marketing campaigns through a coordinated approach using different channels. Users enjoy this as the platform allows them to use an integrated approach incorporating social channels as well as mobile channels to their traditional email marketing campaign. This enables them to have a better range and scope at targeting customers.

Listrak’s user interface is very intuitive. It is designed to help users plan, set, and launch marketing campaigns and materials with ease. It allows for different configurations affording users more flexibility. They, can, therefore, personalize marketing messages and media more to create better user experiences.

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What is Listrak and how does it work?

Listrak is the industry’s leading cross-channel marketing platform that delivers results for 1,000+ retailers by providing best-in-class SMS, behavioural marketing, email, cross-channel orchestration, customer insight solutions, and predictive analytics. All of these drive customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue. Further, with Listrak, businesses can deliver seamless, cross-channel, personalised interactions and teams can send messages at the right time precisely. To maximise lifetime value, customer engagement, and revenue, Listrak sends messages to the right combination of channels and devices. From cross-channel orchestration, predictive personalisation, customer insights, and foundational marketing, to segmentation & personalisation, and behavioural triggers, Listrak is an all-rounder. Listrak’s client success teams are praised for being outstanding and responsive. They are a company’s trusted partner, natural extension, and active collaborator of in-house teams, assisting the latter in executing growth initiatives and exceeding objectives. It delivers an exponential increase in results over previous efforts, providing about 21% gains in eCommerce revenue.

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