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What is PoliteMail?

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Gain Outlook email intelligence, not overload. To measure and improve internal Outlook email broadcasts to employees, corporate communicators send PoliteMail. PoliteMail Software adds email analytics, responsive HTML design, and list management tools to the enterprise email program you already know how to use, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. PoliteMail makes it easy to create impressive, highly readable corporate communications, with advanced analytics to enable you to discover the email employees actually read, with key metrics to help you improve results over time.

About PoliteMail

PoliteMail is a cloud-based and on-premise internal communication solution, which assists midsize to large organizations with email management and distribution. Key features include responsive designs, custom branding, feedback collection, receiver list management and analytics. The application comes with a builder tool, which enables managers to create, customize and save email templates as per company guidelines. It enables users to generate mailing lists with a segmented group of employees and send targeted emails. Sales and marketing teams can use the solution to track open and click-through rates of emails and measure employee engagement in the process. PoliteMail integrates with third-party applications such as Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and Office 365. Support is provided via phone, email, chat and documentation and pricing is available on request.

What do you like best about PoliteMail?

It is convenient to have all templates saved in one place and also be able to assign them to campaigns and analyze them when necessary. I haven’t used other similar platforms so can’t compare but I think PoliteMail is very useful when you are trained well on how to use it.

What do you dislike about PoliteMail?

I have not had the proper training with PoliteMail so I had to figure out most of the things on my own. There are a lot of functions – which is not a downside, you just need to learn them and make good use! I also need to constantly make sure I’m connected to the PoliteMail server – I wish it would be enough to connect once when you open Outlook.

What problems is PoliteMail solving and how is that benefiting you?

I’m using PoliteMail to create email templates for mass emails sent company-wide every week. Not only it saves time to create emails but I also assign and analyze the engagement of these emails. Very convenient!

PoliteMail for Internal Outlook Email Design and Measurement | PoliteMail  for Outlook Internal Communications Email Broadcast and Measurement Tools |  Send Smarter Email. PoliteMail for Email Intelligence, Not Overload.


  • “We also really like that we get analytics now, so we can assess the engagement levels of our audience. The PM team also responds promptly whenever we need support, which is great.”
  • “As a communicator, PoliteMail is a valuable tool in my toolbox. Data is just as important in our field as any other.”
  • “Beyond that, and more importantly, it provides rich data that highlights how well your communication performed. As communicators or marketers, we spend a great deal of time on our messaging.”
  • “My experience using the platform has not been good. However, whenever I’ve had a question or a dilemma, I’ve been able to troubleshoot with the help of a very kind and knowledgeable IT staff.”


  • “I’ll reach out to the PM team regarding those issues.”
  • “I can’t see the GIFs, also on Pre-flight. As I am in Europe, Pacific time can be challenging when I have a problem or question.”
  • “After I would send, emails consistently get lost and other glitches constantly occur, such as politemail crashing my Outlook.”
  • “One of the missing features is being able to export all the campaign result in an editable format into pdf.”

PoliteMail Overview

PoliteMail is a sales engagement platform that provides email measurement and analytics inside outlook. It helps to scale best practices and improve internal communication.

PoliteMail provides the ability to send authentic, personalized emails to individuals, groups, and distribution lists without leaving Outlook. It helps communications teams increase employee email engagement by adding email analytics, responsive design, and list management tools into Outlook.

Some of its features include accurately reach all employees or groups, easily create ad-hoc, targeted lists on the fly, save & share dynamic lists, and measure results by employee segment.

PoliteMail Pricing, Reviews and Features (October 2022) -

PoliteMail Responsive Design

As More Employees and More Executives Read Email on Mobile Devices, Why Shouldn’t Your Communications be Responsive?
Create and edit HTML pages right in the email editor you already know how to use, Microsoft Outlook!
No Dreamweaver or other HTML coding required.
PoliteMail templates enable your email broadcasts to read well on mobile devices.

Use PoliteMail’s Outlook Integrated Tools to Build Your Perfect Responsive Email and Reach More Employees.
To create a responsive HTML page in Outlook, use the PoliteMail Template Builder tool.
Already have Outlook compatible HTML code? Import it.
Combine the page elements which best fit your design, layout and content objectives.
Select from a variety of standard options, and if you can’t create the page design you need, engage our professional services team to code up a custom HTML page or components to meet your specifications.
Use your corporate brand guidelines to define the fonts and colors to be used for any template page you create with the PoliteMail template builder tool.

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