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What is Personyze?

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Personyze is a comprehensive personalization toolkit that provides everything you need to create engaging experiences on your website and across channels, using a powerful combination of behavioral targeting, AI-based recommendations, and personalized email broadcasting. Personyze works on any website regardless of platform and can integrate with any CRM, any third-party email solution, and any analytics solution, and comes with Google Analytics integration and internal analytics out-of-the-box. The first component of Personyze is the dynamic targeting tool, which allows you to define your visitor segmentation and use the magic of Personyze to show them any content you can imagine, ranging from simple visual edits on the site to targeted emails, popups, or banners, targeted using any behavior or user variable that is technologically available, including behaviors on the site, referral source, landing page, integrated CRM data, known interests, and more. The second component is the dynamic AI-generated product/content recommendations, which are displayed anywhere on your site or in your emails, using completely customizable display widgets. With an algorithm for any situation, you can combine individual and crowd data to present recommendations like Most Popular from User Interests, View It Again, Buy It Again, Your Abandoned Cart (email or on site), Replenish Your Stock, Latest Content by Your Favorite Authors, and more. Combine this with the ability to send targeted email drips with content/product recommendations, detailed internal analytics, reporting, and KPI tracking, A/B Testing, and you have a complete solution for personalization.

What do you like best about Personyze?

Personyze is very responsive, and they turn projects around very quickly. They have great customer service. They are the most cost-friendly personalization software we have ever come across.

What do you dislike about Personyze?

Nothing. We have been very happy with all of our services and touch points with Personyze.

What problems is Personyze solving and how is that benefiting you?

Personalized product recommendations based on historically purchase behaviors

About Personyze

Personyze is a website personalization solution that helps businesses streamline marketing operations. It utilizes machine learning algorithms to create personalized content, website messages and emails based on multiple criteria such as customer behavior, referral, social profile and more. Personyze allows businesses to use workflow automation to trigger email drip campaigns based on last visits, cart abandonment, weather conditions or form submissions. It comes with a recommendation engine, which provides end-users with personalized product recommendations based on individual interests, transaction history and demographics. Additionally, users can conduct A/B testing for the entire website utilizing WYSIWYG editor, email broadcasting, forms, pop-ups and banners, among other tools. Personyze includes an application programming interface (API), which allows businesses to integrate the platform with several third-party solutions. Pricing is available on monthly subscriptions and support is extended via live chat, phone and email.
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  • “I really love the system and the team at Personyze. I found it initially two years ago when my web designer recommended it.”
  • “Great Platform to help businesses offer a customer-centric approach.”
  • “The support from the Personyze team is superb – nothing is too much trouble and the willingness to help is simply awesome.”
  • “One of the best addtions that I purchased for my online store – worth every penny, full of features and most importantly great prompt support from [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN.”


  • “The settings can be a bit confusing but it is early in the learning curve.”
  • “Features needing to get added to templates adhoc (ex no close button on a popup), campaigns “accidentally going live” when still in draft mode.”

Breakdown of core features

Personyze 2022 Overview: Pricing, Ratings & Details | TechnologyAdvice

Targeting engine

The solution allows businesses to segment visitors based on any known variables. It has many targeting rules by default and offers infinite possibilities when used with CRM/third-party data.

Recommendation engine

Using a combination of crowd data plus individual interaction data, Personyze uses an algorithmic engine to show product or content recommendations with any display design, anywhere on the site, in emails, or apps.

Content editing

The platform can edit any aspect of a website, including text to design. It can also remove entire page elements and change links. Users can insert known variables about the visitor such as name or company name into the site content.

Content adding

Personyze enables organizations to add new content to the website, such as targeted popups, banners or forms, recommendation widgets, countdowns, or any HTML/CSS/JS content.

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  • Low-end

Personyze product overview

Personyze is a comprehensive personalization platform that allows businesses to create highly-tailored experiences across the digital funnel. It creates a global profile for each visitor from over 70 variables tracked by default, such as behavior on the site, location, weather, and referral, as well as any external data from CRM or other third-party databases. The platform uses a targeting and recommendation engine with numerous content tools to create any personalized experience across websites, emails, and apps using all the available information about each visitor. Personyze uses machine learning and behavioral targeting to deliver dynamic cross-channel experiences that engage and convert. Personyze has turnkey integrations with many popular platforms (listed below) but also has methods of integrating with virtually any data source via API, feed synchronization, SFTP, or others.

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