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Captavi Overview

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Captavi is an all-in-one digital marketing automation platform that helps organizations manage all inbound and outbound marketing efforts while building lasting relationships, developing repeat business, and fostering referral contacts. It acquires and retains customers with integrated digital marketing and seamless CRM.

Captavi enables users to automate their digital marketing campaigns including email, landing pages, blog posts, web content, press releases, and events. It helps convert leads and referrals with ongoing personalized and value-based communication delivery across various channels and devices including web, mobile, email, trade show kiosks, and tablets. It increases web traffic with content marketing by enabling individuals to share content with their community of coworkers, groups, and friends.

The primary features of Captavi include increasing web traffic with content marketing, responding quickly to sales apps with real-time email analytics, segment and build lists by persona, and communicating in multi-channels with consistent branding. Its integrated online marketing platform combines a CMS (web content management system), CRM (customer relationship management), an email marketing system, and online event registration.

What is Captavi Platform?

SaaS, All-in-one digital marketing automation platform. At Captavi, we believe that tactical marketers work lives can be made easier and deliver more results if armed with technology that offers everything they need, and nothing they really don’t. Captavi delivers the best bang for the buck, by offering a fresh and clean marketing platform that removes the grunt work and repetitive tasks.

Best For

Marketing and sales departments of mid-market to large companies. Some industries: food manufacturers, banking/financial services, kids camps, churches, schools, real estate.

What do you like best about Captavi Platform?

Captavi is an intuitive and user-friendly system. I am able to manage the entirety of our complex website through the Captavi dashboard, and am completely confident in my ability to make adjustments and add elements to the website.

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About Captavi Platform

Captavi Platform is an all-in-one marketing automation solution. It is suitable for marketing and sales teams in mid-sized to large enterprises. Captavi Platform includes automated lead captures, auto-response features, branding tools, customizable templates, built-in traffic optimizers, and social media management to help teams streamline marketing and sales initiatives. This solution can integrate with Google Analytics, Disqus, Chargify, and Salesforce Sales Cloud. Captavi Platform includes a drag and drop interface and content blocks that can be used to manage multi-channel campaigns. Additionally, the solution’s email analytics allow teams to track contacts that open, click, forward, and respond to email campaigns. CAN-SPAM-compliant unsubscribe time stamping is also available. The platform also includes personal profiles and target lists for lead nurturing and follow up from sales teams. Pricing for Captavi Platform is on a monthly subscription basis. Support is available via online tickets and phone.

Captavi Platform Description

Captavi is fun and easy to use. It helps marketers and their clients build web traffic, increase response rates and generate more qualified leads. Captavi believes that the platform doesn’t require extensive implementation like other similar software. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly create projects using all the features such as Activity & News Feeds, Event Calendars, Internal Blogs, Group Collaboration Tools, etc.

Captavi Platform Key Feature

  • Mobile content management
  • CRM
  • Email marketing templates ready-to-use
  • Event registration
  • Digital asset management
  • Post directly to Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook
  • Built-in traffic optimizers to increase organic search engine rankings
  • CMS multi-site management
  • Web traffic analytics

Captavi Platform | All-in-One Digital Marketing Software | Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, SEO, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, CRM


  • “One of the best experiences on the market today, easy to deploy , understand and most of all.”
  • “The staff and team are very professional and aim to please and get things done correctly the first time and are great about sharing ideas of what they feel will be the best way to tackle the project.”
  • “They are constantly improving platforms in response to customers needs and really strive to create a seamless and easy workflow for all projects.”
  • “Lead generation and marketing automation are the two strong areas of Captavi platform and it does these with the best results.”


  • “The only complaint is that there are so many functions all over the place that it can be a little overwhelming and hard to find things sometimes.”
  • “I do not have an IT background so sometimes the technical aspects are a bit confusing for me.”
  • “More modules and tracking points should be introduced to get a 360 degree view of the marketing plan. Some missing features are of critical value.”

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