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What is Dashly?

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Dashly is a business live chat platform. It engages your website visitors into a conversation with you so that your agents can provide excellent consultations and support. Put it on another level with call scheduling and video calls. With proactive messaging, a bot, and pop-up windows you can generate more leads and qualify them. The leads are collected in eCRM and segmented – that’s how you start email marketing. Manage both manual and triggered communication – these are available with live chat messages, pop-up windows and emails.


– Capture leads using pop-up made in easy-to-use Pop-up Builder;

– Store and manage them in eCRM; – Track your visitors’ actions;

– Integrate with your favorite services; – Have all visitors’ messages in one admin panel;

– Respond your visitors in Live chat for perfect support; – Increase conversions with triggered emails;

– And analyze your performance building funnels.

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About Dashly

Dashly platform helps SaaS companies improve communications with their customers. Convert website traffic through every step of the funnel and reactivate inactive users with live chat, bots, and targeted messages.
An unlimited number of seats for every plan.

What is Dashly and how does it work?

Dashly is a customer communication platform that helps small and midsized Saas and eCommerce businesses to automate their workflow and deliver better customer support. The platform helps to convert visitors into buyers using its various sales tools, such as triggered pop-ups, emails and live chat. Dashly allows users to engage their website visitors and encourage them to buy the product. Brands can start Zoom call meetings with their customers with its live chat function. Dashly also features an advanced Leadbot that is responsible for automating lead, making sure every visitor is routed to the right agent. All the bots available at the software are system generated and they do not need any coding skills to get activated. The software reminds the shopper about the abandoned carts, onboard them quickly and drives companies’ product adoption with the targeted emails. Dashly can also be connected with the companies’ CRM, Analytics and other tools to sync their data.

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Dashly Description

The Dashly platform allows SaaS companies to improve communication with customers. Convert website traffic at every stage of the funnel. Reactivate inactive users using live chat, bots and targeted messages.
Unlimited number of seats available for each plan.

What do you like best about Dashly?

We’ve been looking for ways to improve our online business by generating more leads and automating our sales funnel – and thankfully we found Dashly! It’s a great marketing tool that brings all the conversations from different channels together and stores that user data and chat history in one place – live chat, emails, messengers and social media interactions – all there! It comes with a pop-ups builder, triggered campaigns, lead database and more which allows you to reach out to your users easily. Would highly recommend!

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