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About ExxpertApps

ExxpertApps is an all-in-one Next Generation Business Application in the cloud. It improves your business performance in the areas of development, sales, marketing, procurement, training, project management, and invoicing. With a single integrated application, you can manage, contacts, companies, customers, providers, projects, opportunities, internal resources, email campaigns, landing pages, surveys, online sales / procurement / payments, invoices, enterprise communications, etc.
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What is ExxpertApps?

ExxpertApps is an all-in-one Next Generation Business Application in the cloud.

It is much more than traditional CRM systems because it is fully integrated with features for mass mailing and campaign management, project management, procurement and invoicing.

ExxpertApps manages business information but in addition also knowledge on how business processes are accomplished. This knowledge can be stored, improved and reused across the company.

With ExxpertApps customer can communicate internally and externally through mass mailing with transactional landing pages that allow mass communications in both ways. It is also used for communicating with providers and managing offers and contracts.

Customers can also collaborate internally and externally using all the project management features, which improve the team performance by centralizing the information and coordinating all tasks among the team.

ExxpertApps also allows to transact with customers and providers through the eBusiness features for buying, selling, auctioning and receiving online payments.

ExxpertApps works in any language and with three parallel currencies for invoicing. Most of the screens of this business application are responsive and automatically adapt to the screen size of the user

ExxpertApps is used by large corporations as a departmental system and by small & mid-size firms as their core system.

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xxpertApps Pricing

The yearly usage license of ExxpertApps depends on the number of users. It is mostly licensed on an enterprise license agreement allowing all company users (at small enterprises) or all departmental users (at large institutions) to access the system. The list price for ExxpertApps Basic for North, Central and South America is 50 USD per user and per month. The list price for the Extended version is 60 USD per user. Prices for Europe and 50 Euro and 60 Euro respectively. Perpetual license agreements can also be negotiated.

ExxpertApps Description

You can manage contacts, companies and projects. Your team will be more productive by centralizing information and files, but with limited access rights per user. You can also use specialized applications to perform certain tasks (such as mass mailings) and by easily coordinating with external and internal people. Your company will be able maintain its knowledge and experience by storing key business processes in templates. This knowledge can then be reused in a way that is constantly improved and updated. Our system can store all your business data, adapting to your data model (number type, name of fields, etc.) without programming. You can also customize the application with forms you can create.

Benefits and Insights

Key differentiators & advantages of ExxpertApps

  • Augmented Collaboration
  • Boosted Business Performance
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Multi-functional Platform
  • Solid Architecture

Key Features

  • Account Management
  • Case Management
  • Contact Management
  • Document Management
  • Email Campaign Management
  • Extensive Reports & Dashboards
  • Forms,
  • Knowledge Management
  • Legal Clause Management for GDPR
  • Meeting Management
  • Messages & Chats
  • Multi-Currency Invoicing
  • Multi-language
  • Online Payments
  • Online Procurement
  • Online Sales & Auctions
  • Online Surveys & Registrations
  • Opportunity Management with Swarm Intelligence
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Responsive Mobile Screens
  • Task Management
  • Transactional Landing Pages

ExxpertApps Benefits

Multi-functional Platform

Unlike similar SaaS applications, ExxpertApps is a fully integrated enterprise platform that covers a wide variety of business areas from account and opportunity management to project management and team collaboration. This gives your company a versatile platform that meets your different business needs.

Solid Architecture

ExxpertApps has unique features such as multiple interface languages, multi-currency support, and a mobile-responsive design. With its multi-language capabilities, you can scale globally and make it easily usable for your employees who speak a broad array of languages. Transactions can also become seamless, as you can accommodate clients who use currencies other than your standard. And because of its adaptability, there is no need to download a native app. You only have to access it from your mobile browser to be productive on the go.

ExxpertApps| Integrated Next Generation Business Application

Enhanced Productivity

ExxpertApps can raise the productivity levels of your sales, marketing, project management, event management, and invoicing teams. That is because the platform lets you process enterprise information faster and it facilitates the swift sharing of data between departments. These capabilities allow your employees to make the most of their time and to collaborate for the prompt completions of projects.

Boosted Business Performance

ExxpertApps benefits the outputs of your business. It does this by providing knowledge management to your sales groups that allow them to cope with the challenges of the role. The solution offers better email marketing performance too, as it gives insights into the success of your campaigns. Thus, you can adjust your strategies to achieve the results you desire.

Augmented Collaboration

Because it has functions that make it more than a traditional CRM software, ExxpertApps can help internal teams manage their tasks and work together towards common goals. The same tools your employees work with can be utilized for external collaboration too. These include transactional landing pages, which you can use for interacting with different targets. This facilitates the bi-directional flow of information and the ease of business transactions so you can accommodate more projects.

ExxpertApps Position In Our Categories

Bearing in mind businesses have special business-related wants, it is only logical that they steer clear of paying for an all-encompassing, ideal software product. Needless to say, it would be difficult to find such a software solution even among recognizable software solutions. The practical step to undertake is to take note of the various important aspects that entail research such as key features, budget, skill capability of staff, organizational size, etc. Next, you must follow through the research thoroughly. Read these ExxpertApps evaluations and look over the other software programs in your shortlist more closely. Such all-encompassing research ensures you take out ill-fitting software products and choose the system which delivers all the tools your business requires.

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