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About Voyage

Welcome to Voyage Control

Designed for businesses in the retail industry, Voyage is a cloud-based SMS marketing solution that helps streamline customer communication processes related to campaign creation, segmentation, and conversions. It lets staff members build drip campaigns based on multiple factors such as target audience, triggered events, and customer attributes. With Voyage, team members can access the built-in dashboard to view insights on active subscribers, customer purchases, revenue generated, and follow-up campaigns. Marketers can access A/B testing reports, create personalized click-to-buy links, and schedule campaigns based on specific time zones. Additionally, it enables administrators to configure role-based user permissions, monitor click-through rates (CTR), and export subscriber reports in CSV format. Voyage provides an application programming interface (API), which facilitates integration with several third-party applications, including, Klaviyo, Snapchat, Instagram, Justuno, Google Analytics, TikTok, Shopify, BigCommerce, Zendesk, and Recharge. Pricing is available on request, and support is extended via email, phone, chat, documentation, and other measures.


  • “Voyage has given us a huge opportunity to leverage SMS marketing as a key channel in our mix, driving great ROAS and CTRs.”
  • “I love the ease of Voyage mobile – the first day I was playing around in the dashboard I already understood how to set up my campaigns.”
  • “This platform has been highly effective at getting high conversion for our eComm products and engaging with our best customers.”
  • “Voyage has a good turnover for a SMS marketing that we are launching and it can send many SMS at time easily.”


  • “D stay far away from it. And their team is incompetent at answering why their technology constantly breaks.”
  • “Worst mar tech platform I’ve used in the Shopify ecosystem.”

What is Voyage?

Voyage offers the most intelligent SMS marketing platform for eCommerce brands to build SMS subscriber lists and drive revenue. We pride ourselves on delivering the most comprehensive, advanced and user-friendly SMS marketing tool for eCommerce marketers in the world.
Build or grow your new or existing SMS list with our fully custom designed modals and unlimited keyword campaigns. Observe a sharp increase in engagement and conversions. Communicate with your customers with personalized messages sent at the right time. Build out a post-subscriber flow to engage and guide subscribers to purchase. Get real-time feedback on campaign performance including attributed revenue and ROAS. Optimize your campaigns and automations through streamlined A/B testing. The most efficient and highest converting marketing messaging. Set up unlimited keyword campaigns, each with their own unique sign up message flows. Common uses include keywords for product launches, each physical store, special keywords for events, keywords on product packaging, or keywords for offline advertisements such as Podcasts, Radio, and Billboards. Each keyword will be available as a segment for detailed targeting.
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What do you like best about Voyager?

The ease of navigation and user interfaces. There are multiple ways to access the features depending on which way you feel most comfortable navigating the screens, voyager is simple and effective in both booking appointments and updating client treatment pages. The different diary displays allow for a wide range of uses depending on what task you’re doing, be that organising the day most effectively or tracking the next appointments. I find the whole system very intuitive and easy to use. I like how you don’t have to be 100% computer literate to be able to use the software but those who are a little more tech savvy can access things faster. It caters for all types of user in my opinion.

What do you dislike about Voyager?

Recently we have been having issues with data replication and being able to connect to the main server, it is my understanding that this is a nationwide issue which is being solved. Unfortunately this can cause some issues when working across multiple sites as not all client notes are accessible from the other sites.

Voyage Description

Our fully customized modals and unlimited keyword campaign options will help you grow or build your existing SMS list. You will notice a sharp rise in engagement and conversions. You can communicate with your customers by sending personalized messages at the right time. To engage and guide subscribers to buy, create a post-subscriber flow. Real-time feedback about campaign performance, including ROAS and attributed revenue. Automated A/B testing helps you optimize your campaigns and automations. The most effective and highest-converting marketing messaging. You can create unlimited keyword campaigns with unique sign up messages flows. Keywords for product launches, each physical shop, special keywords for events and keywords on product packaging are all common uses. Each keyword can be segmented for more targeted targeting.

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