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What is Critical Impact?

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Applying Critical Impact’s innovative email marketing technology, it’s simple for Marketers to deliver dynamic newsletters, targeted marketing messages, surveys, and text messages (SMS) that make a great impact and garner even greater results.

Dynamic lists are defined by rules which determine which subscribers should be included on the list. The list is built “dynamically” by Critical Impact based upon those rules. Any subscriber who meets the criteria of the dynamic list will be included at the time of send. Segment subscribers by custom fields like “city” and dynamically select subscribers who are from a specific location. Send to active subscribers who have opened or clicked on any message in the past 30 days. Our subscriber scoring algorithms will mine your data to quickly identify those subscribers who are most likely to read your next email, consume additional emails, or make another purchase. Put this new information to work by launching additional campaigns in a highly targeted manner and watch your results soar! Easily identify which subscribers are ready for sales interaction. Build excitement for an event with a series of messages.

About Critical Impact

Critical Impact is the easiest all-in-one email marketing platform that includes automated email messaging, A/B testing, and SMS messaging. With more than 1 million direct users accessing our system on a monthly basis, Critical Impact has quickly become the go-to email solution for many marketers and resellers.


  • “The ability to search for subscribers by custom fields is super helpful as well.”
  • “Overall I have had a great experience with Critical Impact and their team.”
  • “The percentage of our emails delivered is excellent. We send a lot of emails to a lot of subscribers — we have more than 10 different newsletters going out every week.”
  • “Loads of reporting options and powerful features easily available. Powerful API lets you do lots of stuff from inside your own application.”


  • “The dynamic list feature is cool, but it requires additional steps that are annoying.”
  • “This seemed strange considering how standard of a report this seemed to me.”
  • “It can sometimes run a bit slow and the logic for running complicated lists can get a bit confusing sometimes.”
  • “When you deal with CI, you are dealing directly with the people who UNDERSTAND their system, who built it and run it and maintain it, not some low-level phone person who has no idea how it even works.”

Critical Impact – Email Marketing

What do you like best about Critical Impact?

The Program was straightforward, and the user-friendly interface made it an easy flow and was just what our company needed for starting email marketing—all in one market and communicating application. Critical Impact Great for keeping up with marketing and lines of communication with simplicity.

What do you dislike about Critical Impact?

I would like to have more templates, but being new, maybe it was better off, so if anything, just more options. Not sure about the exact price in comparison to others I have tried.

Recommendations to others considering Critical Impact:

With a smaller company with a loyal following, this worked well and had all the features one could want to keep updating as well as introducing new offerings.

What problems is Critical Impact solving and how is that benefiting you?

With a new marketing email campaign and so many options and pricing, as well as having to learn a new program, it was straightforward. It made it simple to import the existing email list and walked me through the process not complicated at all. The Benefits of these campaigns with critical impact have constantly been being able to share new products and offerings with our loyal customers and saved a lot of time.

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What is Criticalimpact and how does it work?

Critical Impact Software is an all-in-one email marketing platform that helps businesses with email and social media marketing. The platform enables businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of high-volume email marketing campaigns to engage, retain, and inform their customers. They also enable member-based groups, educational institutions, and enterprises to connect with their members, students, and consumers in ways that traditional e-marketing cannot. Critical Impact aims to make the task of email marketing more efficient and productive for marketers. Today, we keep our commitment by offering feature-rich digital marketing software that strikes the perfect blend of usability, sophistication, and price. Marketers can easily distribute dynamic newsletters, targeted marketing messages, surveys, and SMS messages that have a big impact and produce even bigger results using Critical Impact’s revolutionary email marketing platform. Critical Impact’s purpose is to create and provide the most innovative and financially viable email marketing solution available, enabling our customers to increase revenue and construct long-term e-marketing programmes. We’re searching for educated, ambitious people who are willing to go above and beyond to assist us reach that goal.

Critical Impact Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Critical Impact Description

Rules determine which subscribers should be added to dynamic lists. Critical Impact creates the list “dynamically” based on these rules. At the time of sending, any subscriber who meets the criteria for the dynamic list will automatically be added. Segment subscribers using custom fields such as “city” to dynamically select subscribers from a particular location. Send to active subscribers who have read or clicked on any message within the last 30 days. Our subscriber scoring algorithms will quickly analyze your data to identify the subscribers most likely to open or click on your next email, make additional purchases, or read your next email. You can use this information to launch additional campaigns in a highly targeted way and watch your results soar. You can easily identify which subscribers are available for sales interaction. A series of messages can build excitement for an event.

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