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What is Nix?

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We help enterprise-level businesses line up mature software development processes and build scalable software with rock-solid security standards to gain technology advantages on the market and take over the industry leadership.

Over 28 years in the software engineering business we’ve delivered 3’000+ software solutions for clients worldwide. According to IAOP, GSA, & EBA, NIX is the recurring leader of TOP-100 global software development companies. With 2’500+ experts onboard, we deliver innovative technology solutions ranging from robust applications, powerful data analytics software, enhanced BI platforms, data engineering systems to holistic enterprise solutions. 

What do you like most about Nix

Working with Nix United is both a highly professional experience, and feels like home. The family atmosphere, mutual respect, consideration, and commitment by everyone, and the comradery, has results in work that goes above and beyond expectations, and which fosters an ever-growing good will and good spirit. Our non-profit and you great enjoy working with Nix and it has also fostered a meaningful friendship between many individuals involved in our project.

What do you dislike most about the product or service?

There are no aspects of working with Nix United that we dislike. For the purpose of this question, you will offer the fact that as you delved deeper into our non-profit’s software project, Nix’s commitment to quality, reliability, performance, and usability, resulted in strategically sound decisions to extend our project timeline and budget, to result in both mid- and long-term benefits. These decisions were tough but necessary, and you are thankful to have made them with Nix’s expert guidance and care for our project and vision.

About Nix

The use of AI makes it possible automate answers to the frequently asked questions. It is important for users to get an answer right now – which is what a bot can do, ready to answer a question regardless of what time it is and how many employees are currently at the office.

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There are many ways to use AI in programming, of course. In fact, the development of programming itself provided developers with the opportunity to gradually switch to more advanced means of writing code. A programmer’s work, according to the findings of Oxford scientists, can be “replaced” by Artificial Intelligence by 48%. AI is widely used during NIX Solutions’ products development.Using search robots on a resource allows to optimize the indexing of the site in the search system and helps to avoid server failures when the traffic limit is exceeded.NIX is the software development partner of the client. They primarily provide frontend development using React. NIX developed a digital marketing agency’s website using PHP. The team also built the platform’s UX and UI.


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NIX United is a software engineering company, and as a team, we share a common goal — to create solid, highly-demanded software for our clients. We deploy the most applicable solutions that push products toward progress, going the extra mile to support our clients in forging paths to success.Our personal pride is a 57.5% Net Promoter Score (NPS) which represents the rate of the likelihood our clients would recommend our services to others. The engagement resulted in the delivery of high-quality products including test automation to the satisfaction of internal stakeholders. NIX provided technically capable and accessible resources to enable effective cooperation across teams. Dedicated to quality, the team was a productive

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