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About WebEngage

WebEngage Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

WebEngage is a customer data platform and marketing automation suite that makes user engagement and retention simplified and highly effective for consumer tech enterprises and SMBs. The platform helps brands drive more revenue from their existing customers and anonymous users through highly contextual, hyper-personalized engagement campaigns across 10 communication channels. Product and marketing practitioners, across the world, design intuitive user lifecycle journeys on the WebEngage dashboard to convert existing users through data-backed, timely omnichannel engagement campaigns. The platform offers in-depth product and marketing analytics for brands to track growth metrics and campaign performance effectively. WebEngage powers the user engagement for thousands of brands worldwide, working across several industries like eCommerce, edtech, fintech, foodtech, media & publications, gaming, BFSI, healthcare, and online retail.

What is WebEngage?

WebEngage is a multi-channel user engagement platform which automates communication across users’ life-cycle. It allows businesses to connect with users through the following channels – Web Messages (notification, survey and feedback), In-App Messages, Push Notifications, Emails and Text Messages. WebEngage builds enriched user profiles for every single user (registered, as well as anonymous) using a client’s website and/or mobile app. Moreover, one can ‘segment’ the users based on their behavior, and engage with them via multiple channels. In a nutshell, WebEngage automates user engagement and helps businesses retain and grow their user base. In laymen terms, it allows them to acquire and retain customers. Going steady on the mission to humanize all of the world’s websites and mobile apps, we are assisting thousands of customers in 50+ countries. From enterprises like eBay, Lynda, Sendgrid, Snapdeal, MakeMyTrip, Avaya, Souq, etc. to thousands of startups worldwide, we are helping them ‘Engage, Retain and Grow’.

Key Metrics of WebEngage

There are many marketing companies who have been using this software for quite some time now. And based on their feedback, we are bringing you the key features of WebEngage. The following are some of the top features why users love this marketing automation tool.

1.    Personalise your communication to enhance the customer experience

According to a study by Deloitte, 48% of customers are willing to wait longer in order to receive it. Another report states that 39% of marketers increased their conversions with personalised content. This is how important personalisation is. And WebEngage helps you do just that.

With their personalisation feature, you can create hyper-personalised campaigns. This is done with the data derived from a CRM system, recommendation engine, catalogue and more. By using this feature, you will be able to take your cold and impersonal messages to warm and welcoming.

2.    Get actionable insights about your campaigns

Imagine this, you have drafted an email, proofread it and double-checked to see if everything is there. It looks perfect to you and then you hit send. After some time you realise there are hardly any people who are reading or even opening your email. Don’t you think your email marketing efforts should be performing better? If you often come across such situations, WebEngage can help you.

With this software’s analytics feature, you can get actionable insights. You can use this data to create targeted retention marketing strategies. Here, you can analyse channels which are working the best for you, traction, budget and much more.

3.    Segment users based on their persona

No two customers are the same. Every customer has a unique personality which distinct them from others. A buyer’s persona can help you dial into each unique group to an individual level. By understanding your customers at a more personal level, you can maximize your ROI.

With WebEngage’s Segmentation feature, you can create micro-segments based on real-time data. You will get this data based on profile information and behavioural attributes such as gender, name, profession, country, states, and more.

4.    Communicate with customers through the best ways

Customer engagement has become a top priority for marketers around the world. And you can improve this by mobile push notifications, SMS, web overlays, web push notifications, emails and others. This ensures that you can communicate with your customers in every way possible.

These are some features that make this software ‘one of the most preferred marketing automation tools of 2018.’ Now that you are familiar with the features, let’s have a look at how much will you have to invest in this software. Keep reading to find out.

Pricing plans of WebEngage

This marketing automation tool offers four pricing plans: Solo, Band, Choir, and Orchestra. Based on your business size and requirements, you can choose a suitable one. Mentioned below is the price and features included in every plan:

  1.       Solo- $ 199 per month

Suitable for: Businesses who have up to 10k Monthly Active Users

Features included:

  •         Basic Segmentation
  •         Basic Analytics
  •         Email Support
  •         5 Journeys
  •         Engage across all channels
  •         Limited 3rd party integrations
  •         Live View
  •         Detailed user profiles
  1.       Band- $ 899 per month

Suitable for: Organisations who have up to 50k Monthly Active Users

Everything included in the Solo plan, with:

  •         Funnels
  •         Cohorts
  •         Rolling time-window based segments
  •         10 active journeys
  •         Download reports
  1.       Choir- $ 1499 per month

Suitable for: For enterprises have up to 100k Monthly Active Users

Everything included in the Band plan, with:

  •         User analysis by multiple dimensions
  •         Device data
  •         Segment analysis by multiple dimensions
  •         Schedule reports
  •         20 active journeys
  1.       Orchestra- Custom

Suitable for: Businesses who have MORE than 100k Monthly Active Users

Everything included in the Choir plan, with:

  •         Uninstall Analytics
  •         Live view of a segment
  •         100 active journeys
  •         Custom reports

Depending on the number of active users you have, select a suitable plan. Irrespective of the plan you choose, you will be billed annually.

WebEngage Free Trial:

If you want to see if this software is suitable for you, why not use it for free first? Here, you have to select one of the pricing plans of your choice. To start your 14 day free trial, you need to fill up a sign up form. This form will include basic details such as name, work email id, phone number, etc. Once you have filled this, you will be able to start the free trial. If you want to start the free trial now, click here.

Pros and cons

This marketing automation tool is one of the most preferred tools among users. But, like every other tool on the market, this also has a set of pros and cons. Based on the feedback shared by WebEngage users, the following is a list of some of the top advantages and disadvantages of using this software.

  • Good support: According to many users the support team at WebEngage is great. It helps address issues faced by users extremely fast and provides relevant solutions.
  • Easy-to-use: Another pro of using this marketing automation software is that users find it very easy-to-use, thanks to its user-friendly setup. One does not have to be a tech expert to set up journeys, events and more.
  • Effective features: This marketing tool offers on-site notifications which are very effective to engage users. Also, one does not have to worry about segmenting users, uploading creative, setting rules, etc, as this tool makes it all easy.
  • Easy integration: This tool allows users to integrate all their customer touch points under the same roof.
  • Fewer functionalities: This app can offer a lot of different functionalities at the same price. This can be in the form of intuitive surveys, validations on forms and others.
  • Poor Analytics and reporting: According to some users, the analytics and reporting feature of this tool can be a little better.
  • Low on customisation: WebEngage users want some more customisation options available on the marketing software. The custom features can be added to the overview tab.
  • Poor dashboard: Users often find it difficult to use the dashboard.
  • Expensive: Based on the review shared by some users this software is a bit on the expensive side for its price.


Now that you know the features, pricing plans and integrations, let’s look at some of the technical details. Mentioned below are a few pointers that focus on deployment and more.

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