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Markey product overview

What is Markey? is a digital marketing automation tool that simplifies online marketing efforts for small and medium businesses. The software automates all digital marketing operations with features such as engagement tracking, campaign management, performance metrics, ROI tracking, social marketing, and more. It generates ads using AI, promotes the ad on all digital platforms, and fetches leads all in one place. also auto optimizes the ad campaigns to generate the best returns on marketing investment. is a unique digital marketing automation service built for non-marketers. Designed for small and medium businesses, is a smart and affordable omni-channel performance marketing solution that requires no marketing expertise from the user. It auto-generates ad copies using AI, manages campaigns across Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, Display and Video ads, generates leads and enables lead tracking, retargeting and nurturing, all in one place.

Best For

Small & Medium Business owners, non-profits, startup entrepreneurs, brand managers and media agencies looking to scale up. Markey supports all industries, B2B or B2C, digital nomads or ninjas.

Key benefits of using Markey

1. Omnichannel Marketing Dashboard
2. Generate Ad copies for all Digital Platforms
3. Auto Generate Ad Copies (Search, Display, Social, Mobile, Video Ads)
4. Auto-optimize your campaigns on all platforms to increase visibility, clicks, and conversions and lower lead acquisition cost.
5. Get access to quick support.

Markey Pricing offers a 30-day free trial license. Users can upgrade to Seed Plan ($15 /month), Starter Plan ($60 /month), Growth Plan ($150 /month), or Enterprise Plan ($300 /month) after the free trial. Users can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. Users also have an option to purchase professional services for Marketing consultancy, advisory, performance marketing, and creative, or agency work.

Starting price:

$15.00 per month

Free trial:


Free version:

Not Available

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