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Zerodha Streak Review – Features, Charges & Strategy

Zerodha Streak is a highest rated Algo Trading Platform in India. It is a perfect choice for people who want to automate their trades while trading in the stock market. In this Zerodha Streak Review you will know about zerodha streak charges, strategy, Login, price and features.

The only problem that is faced with algorithm trading is that one needs to be well familiar with coding and programming to use it better. The problem, however, is solved by Zerodha. Zerodha Streak allows algorithmic trading activities like back-testing to be performed without having prior coding knowledge.

Zerodha Streak

What is Streak?

Streak is the only CRM built entirely inside of Gmail. Streak turns your Gmail inbox into a powerful CRM where you can manage your entire business. Manage any workflow inside of Gmail including sales, customer support, hiring, dealflow, projects, and much more. Streak makes collaboration easy by automatically sharing emails, notes, and call logs so one team member can pick up where another left off. In addition to core CRM features, all plans include a powerful set of email tools including email tracking, email templates, mail merge, and email sharing.

Zerodha Streak Features

Following are some of the salient features of Zerodha Streak which make it the best algo-trading platform in the industry:

  • It offers an interactive interface to its users. The user-friendly interface allows traders to enter the world of coding their strategies without actually knowing how to code.
  • The platform shares a variety of technical pointers. These technical pointers can be used to apply a strategy on the platform.
  • It comes with next-gen tools for back-testing. These tools can be used to check various strategies based on historical information.
  • It has large quantities of historical data that can be used to analyze the power of back-testing by the traders.
  • The operating process is easy that uses stages like create, back-test, and deploy is trailed by any fresh strategy. This makes it easier for the trader to work on this platform.
  • Various conditions can be used by traders to enter and exit different strategies.
  • Traders can upload various scrips at a time in the scrip baskets and continue conducting analysis on all the scrips at the same time.
  • You can allot 20 different scrips to a single scrip basket on which concurrent back-testing and analysis can be performed.
  • Traders can enable dynamic triggers and notifications without devoting an entire day in front of the stock terminal.
  • The platform is available to Zerodha for a trifling cost which, in turn, increases the profitability of the traders.

Streak Review & How To Use in 2022 | Full Tutorial


  • “It is a free software and great to communicate with my customers. I love that I don’t have to login to anywhere besides gmail to access.”
  • “Streak gives us the ability to manage deals from Gmail and I love it.”
  • “Streak is an elegant solution that your entire team will really want to use. The ability to archive emails and find This makes Streak a truly efficient tool.”
  • “Most impressive program we have ever used. Wish we would have changed a long time ago.”


  • “At times, the sync does not work and the add-on need to be linked to the Gmail account again which could be frustrating at times.”
  • “Still having a free trial and have not seen anything that may be undesirable about it. With time may be in a position to see weaknesses.”
  • “The rate at which domain gets spammed via this tool is very high as compared to other tools, it has been a pain for my org particularly.”
  • “In biz dev every minute spent on fixing the CRM is less time to meet targets so I have to say it’s the worst CRM I’ve ever had the displeasure to use.”

zerodha streak mobile application review. - YouTube

Conclusion – Zerodha Streak Review

Owing to the increased inclination towards technology, a lot of traders want to enter algorithm trading, but the main obstacle for many of them is prior knowledge of programming and coding. Zerodha Streak removes the issue with the introduction of Zerodha Streak. The platform eliminates the need for coding and programming knowledge language.

With Zerodha Streak no programming language knowledge is required to perform algorithm trading. The user-interface of the platform is extremely friendly, making it an easy-to-use platform even for the beginner traders. The platform also offers effective deployment of the strategies without coding knowledge.

The traders can increase profitability by using this platform. The back-testing, as well as deployment in the live market, can be easily performed by the use of Zerodha Streak.

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