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What is lemlist?

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lemlist is an outreach platform that helps you start conversations that get replies from your prospects. Sales teams of all sizes, startups, lead gen agencies, and ambitious entrepreneurs use lemlist to grow a profitable business and build win-win relationships with their customers.

There are three unique features that lemlist provides you with. Number one is the ability to create tailor-made and unique sequences thanks to personalized images, custom landing pages, and video prospecting. That way, you’re adding a much-needed personal touch without sacrificing the ability to send emails at scale. Number two is the auto email warm-up tool called lemwarm. By leveraging lemwarm, you’ll maximize your email deliverability and keep your emails out of spam forever. Finally, you’ll be able to send multichannel sequences, combined with highly-personalized features. Better connect with your prospects with cold email, cold call, and social selling.


  • “I love all of the features that allow you to customize pictures and videos for the customers. Epic idea and great execution.”
  • “I’ve been very impressed with Lemlist and the team behind it. It’s an excellent tool that just keeps getting better and better.”
  • “The statistics for lemwarm and many others make it very easy to keep your inbox happy and healthy.”
  • “Lemlist is getting better with each new update. It’s a powerful tool that makes it easy to stay in front of your prospects.”


  • “The only thing about this software which was not to rate five stars was the design (UI). Used light-grey and white elements were sometimes hard to find.”
  • “The fee for their basic version is now $49/person, not $29. Poor customer service – However, I’ve had several experiences with the customer service that were not ideal.”
  • “Poor customer service, UI clunky and unintuitive.”
  • “Poor UI – A lot of the features are clunky and have to be figured out on your own.”

Lemlist Review – Main Features


  • Lemwarm: Increase the reach of your email marketing through personalized emails generated automatically. Lemwarm allows you to interact with other Lemlist users through customized emails and automatically replies to them for you.
  • Personalized Content: Create a stronger bond with your audience with the help of customized content. Lemlist allows you to personalize pictures, videos, and even landing pages to make your audience feel special.
  • Automated Follow-up: Automatically reply to clients without losing any human touch. The follow-up messages can be personalized as to what is written in them to the delay between each text displayed to the client.
  • Liquid Syntax: Segment your targeted audience into different groups and send customized content accordingly. This feature will help you in creating a better connection with your audience.
  • CRM Integration: Optimize your CRM software and improve existing relationships. Lemlist allows you to easily integrate with the leading CRM software such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and Axonaut.
  • Web extension: Want to integrate Lemlist into your LinkedIn account? No problem! You can install Lemlist’s Google Chrome Extension and let Lemlist handle the rest for you.


Lemlist Review – Integrations

Full Lemlist Review: Is Lemlist Worth the Hype? - Lyne

Lemlist smoothly integrates with these business tools:


  • CRM’S: Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Axonaut.
  • B2B Lead Generation Tools: Drop Contract, Uplead, LeadFuze, Bouncer, DeBounce, and Leadcamp.
  • Growth Tools: Phantombuster, Albacross, Aircall, Droyd, Pabbly Connect, and Salesmsg.
  • Business Communication Tool: Slack.
  • Automation Tool: Zapier.


You can connect Lemlist with Slack, Google Drive, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, ClickFunnels, Asana, Trello, and many more apps via Zapier.


There are two supported triggers and twelve supported actions listed on Zapier. These supported triggers and actions revolve around activity tracking; therefore, keeping you up to date with the latest activity revolving around your targeted audience.


Lemlist Zapier Integration


Lemlist Review and Integrations




  • New Activity: This trigger will inform you about any recent activity that has occurred. It can either be a notification that an email has been sent or that someone has viewed your LinkedIn recently.
  • Unsubscribed Recipient: Informs you about any recipient who unsubscribes from your email subscription list. This information can help you understand how effective your email marketing is in retaining existing clients.




  • Mark a lead from all campaigns as interested: This action will allow you to mark the target audience for all the selected campaigns. It will enable you to send emails and interact with the desired audience, resulting in a more effective sales campaign.
  • Mark a lead from one campaign as interested: Results are the same as the one stated before; the only difference is that this action allows you to select a target audience for one selected campaign.
  • Add a lead to a campaign: This action enables you to add a target audience to any campaign.
  • Pause lead from all campaigns: This feature allows you to pause interactions with the target audience in all campaigns.
  • Resume a lead from all campaigns: Results in undoing the action stated previously.
  • Remove a lead from a campaign: This feature allows you to remove any target audience from a campaign. This action gives you the chance to fix any error made while previously selecting a target audience.
  • Remove a lead from unsubscribe: Helps in bringing back a lead that was previously placed in the unsubscribed list.
  • Stop emailing a lead in a campaign: This gives you the right to stop sending emails to any given target audience in a campaign.
  • Add recipient to unsubscribe list: This action helps you place unresponsive recipients to the unsubscribed list.
  • Update lead from a campaign: It will allow you to make additions to any campaign’s previously selected target audience.
  • Search lead: This action gives you the liberty of searching up any target audience of a campaign.
  • Find or create a lead: Helps in identifying the target audience of any given campaign.


Lemlist Review – Pricing


Lemlist offers monthly and yearly installments. If you are confused about whether you should invest in Lemlist or not, you can always try out their 14-day free trial.


Lemlist Pricing


If you decide to invest in Lemlist, here are the following options you can choose from:


Email Warm-up


  • Monthly payment: $29/ per month
  • Annual payment: $25/ per month
  • Features: Automated customized cold emails to all Lemlist users. The customization ensures that the email is relevant to the receiver and decreases the email’s chances of ending up in spam.


Email Outreach


  • Monthly payment: $59/ per user per month
  • Annual payment: $50/ per user per month
  • Features: This allows you to run large-scale personalized cold email campaigns and offers all features mentioned in the “Email Warm-up.”


Sales Engagement


  • Monthly payment: $99/ per user per month
  • Annual payment: $83/ per user per month
  • Features: Helps you to run successful sales campaigns through cold emails, cold calls, and an integrated LinkedIn workflow. It also offers all features mentioned in “Email Outreach.”


The price of the services offered by Lemlist shows how they are willing to cater to any business, from small-scale businesses to large corporations. If you are a small-scale business looking to increase your customer base, the “Email Warm-up” option is the best option for you.


However, if you are running a large corporation, you should look into the “Sales Engagement” option, as that will help you in optimizing your next sales campaign.

Positive Lemlist Review

“Lemlist is a super powerful SAAS application which can skyrocket our overall cold emailing and outreach.”

“Fantastic outreach tool with the power of personalized images”

“Perfect tool to make a personalized drip campaign that is sent from your email address”


Negative Lemlist Review

“Decent product, horrible customer service”

“Poor customer service, UI clunky and unintuitive”

“The fee for their basic version is now $49/person, not $29. Poor customer service – However, I’ve had several experiences with customer service that was not ideal.”

In Summary


Is Lemlist worth the hype? The answer to this question depends on you.


Most of the praise surrounding Lemlist revolves around how the software allows its users to send customized cold emails in bulk with the help of automation. The software also allows its users to create effective email marketing and sales campaigns in no time.


However, the downside of the software is its customer service. It seems to be the common theme in all of the negative reviews given to Lemlist.


If good customer service is something that you prioritize on, then maybe Lemlist is not the best fit for you. But, if you are ready to look past this minor flaw, Lemlist seems to be one of the best cold email outreach software available in the market today.

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