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What is Email List Verify?

Email List Verify Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

An effective email marketing campaign depends on email lists deliverability. When your email lists contain non-valid emails, the hard bounces from your campaign will destroy your sender reputation and trigger spam and fraud blocks.

About Email List Verify

ELIMINATE YOUR HARD-BOUNCES. IT’S THAT SIMPLE. An effective email marketing campaign depends on email lists deliverability. When your email lists contain non-valid emails, the hard bounces from your campaign will destroy your sender reputation and trigger spam and fraud blocks. Email list verified protects you from penalties by offering the most comprehensive email verification solution on the market, making sure that your email lists are bounce free, valid and delivering high ROI.
Email List Verify Review 2022: Can It Really Verify Bulk Email List?


  • “I am extremely happy with its results which I can see in my email campaigns. I am getting good responses.”
  • “While getting your list cleaned, accuracy is the most important aspect. EmailListVerify does a fabulous job in detecting and accurately marking all types of emails as per their current status.”
  • “With the email duplicate remover, I can catch duplicate emails, which helps towards maintaining the data integrity of our database.”
  • “Email List Verify is incredibly simple to use and seems to be reliable in our experience- plus, at a 1,000 free, you can always test with smaller signups before committing to a paid account.”


  • “When uploading a csv file, the results are hit or miss. (In my case, a complete miss.).”
  • “If the uploaded file is garbage, unreadable, or in some way not what is expected, there should be some warning that the file could not be parsed correctly and for the user to try again.”
  • “Seems to be not 100% accurate when identifying bad emails. Have had at least 2-3 known cases when a valid email was flagged.”
  • “The site has trouble processing lists sometimes, such as errors of not being able to detect the file type.”

Highlight of Key Features 

Email List Verify offers some really amazing and useful features and services in its class, which are powerful and efficient enough to make it one of the best tools of its type available in the market today.

Email Validator

What’s good about the tool is that unlike other similar platforms in the market, it offers useful features to customers, all of which are necessary and play a key role in its functioning. Hence I CAN EASILY SAY that all of its features justify its price.


Removes all records which contain duplicate email addresses.


Cleans all records matching our intelligent spam-trap indicators.

  • Bulk Email Verification

Email List Verify comes with a powerful bulk email verification tools that actually look like this:

Bulk Email Verification


Scans against high-risk keywords and high-risk TLDs within an email address.


Investigates whether a mail-transfer-agent is has a valid MX record or not.


Removes all email addresses containing invalid/inactive/parked domains.


Eliminates all email addresses matching our complainer’s database.


Any email address containing invalid syntax is instantly removed from your mailing list.


We send undetectable verification emails to those on the list, which we weren’t able to accurately validate.

Benefits & Advantages of Using Email List Verify

Here is a quick list of the significant advantages of Email List Verify, which in my view are the reason why the tool is one of the best in its class today.

  • Intuitive and easy to use: All we need is comfort. The tool provided for you here is really intuitive and easy to use.
  • Powerful and fast: It knows that all you need is power and impressive speed. It is also available with this feature.
  • Effective activity management: Activity management here is beneficial in fulfilling your needs.
  • Robust email monitoring: The email monitoring provided by this is very powerful.
  • Effective email marketing: Email marketing matters a lot, which, along with other features, is also very useful in this tool.
  • Whitelisting/Blacklisting: Blacklisting is a mechanism for basic access control that permits everyone access, which excludes the members of the blacklist, and the whitelisting mechanism allows only the members of the white list to access.
  • Bounce tracking: It is a term used for the analysis of web traffic.
  • Added API support: An API contains a set of protocols, routines, and tools for developing software applications, and here there is also the availability of added API support.
  • Prompt 24/7 online support: 24/7swift and smooth online support is also provided.

Yes! Now you have got a reliable as well as an affordable email verification tool in the market as Email List Verify. Just get rid of spam traps, hard bounces, disposable, or simply catch emails right without breaking your budget.

The best part is that it has nearly 5+ billion emails checked for its customers, and it also offers 99% deliverability.

How Email List Verify Generally Verify The Emails?

  • Domain & SMTP validation:

The Best part is that here this platform checks the ISPs and removes all emails with invalid, inactive, parked domains and even the spam and the invalid accounts.

  •  Spam trap checker

The best part is that the spam traps identify spammers, and you don’t have to do any hard work. They just clean these traps to improve your reputation score.

  • Disposable Emails Checker:

Now simply get rid of trash email addresses that live short that you don’t want to waste your time on. The best part is that identify temporary emails, so your future emails, and that will definitely help you to reach the target.

  • Catch-all domains checker

This tool just spots domains that return valid for all emails. Skipping them will improve your open rates. With this tool, you can just catch all your domains checker.

  • Syntax errors validator

Here this tool also has the syntax error validator.  And here, it removes emails with invalid syntax easily and effortlessly.  Also, notify your website users in real-time simply by implementing API.

  • Hard bounce checker

The best part is that the Email List Verify team always looks and sends undetectable verifications to emails that can’t be accurately validated and detect all undelivered messages easily and effortlessly.

  • MTA validator

Do you think there is something like an email server responsible for accepting the email messages? Yes! They have advanced checks to simply validate all the MX Records. So this one is a reliable platform to get started with.

  • Email duplicates remover

The best of all, now, simply detect and remove all duplicate emails. Now you don’t have to spend credits on duplicate emails right when you send your next campaign. Just use the email duplicate and remove all the duplicate emails without putting extra efforts.

How Email List Verify Can Help You? Exclusive Features

As of now, you might have some detailed insights into this platform, and after using it, I have a pretty idea of what it is capable of. So let’s check how Email List Verify can help you.

  • Improve The Deliverability Of Your Next Campaign:

According to the billions of emails they generally check and review, 23% of the emails on your list may be invalid, and it’s based on real data. Do not allow the delivery capacity of your emails and your reputation rate to be limited.

Email Checker- The Email checker

Remove them, I meant to remove the deliverability of your next campaign and simply increase the open rate and click rate of your email marketing campaigns easily and effortlessly.

  • The Email Verification API

Just verify the email list and find the incorrect I mean invalid emails before they reach the database and ruin your campaigns.

Email Verification API EmailListVerify

With the help of this tool, simply check your emails before they enter your database. Implement the ELV API offered by this platform in real-time right on your website registration process.

Email List Verify Free Tools:

Email List Verify gives various free email tools for decreasing the bounce rate and sending the mail right away.

It has got various tools to try with the basic plan:

  • Email Health Checker: This tool checks the invalid emails and avoids your mail to be sent on an email blacklist. Thus, it monitors the DNS health of your email sending domain to ensure high email deliverability.
  • Blacklist Checker: An email blacklist is a list of IP addresses and/or domain names that are known to send spam emails. Such lists are compiled by independent blacklist operators, organizations, and internet service providers (ISPs) to help them combat spam. Email List Verify uses this blacklist checker to check your email sending IP or domain against more than 100 real-time email blacklist servers.
  • Email Extractor: This tool lets you extract email addresses from any text or text file in a second.
  • MX lookup: You can even check the mail exchanger records for any of the email sending domain.

The Integration List of Email List Verify With Other Platforms

The best part about this platform is that they offer seamless email service integration. Now verify your email list directly in the tool that you generally use for sending newsletters, emails, and notifications or even the marketing campaigns.

Integration List- email list verify

They generally support all the personal email services like the MailChimp, SendGrid, and many more as well.

  • MailChimp
  • Mailerlite
  • Sendgrid
  • Campaign Monitor
  • ActiceCampaign
  • Constant Contact

 Pricing Of Email List Verify

The best thing about Email List Verify is that they don’t have any complex set of plans to confuse you with which one to choose. It is a pocket-friendly tool that starts only $4.00 for 1000 verifications, which is a one-time payment only.

Pay as you go

  • 1,000 verifications: $4.00
  • 5,000 verifications: $15.00
  • 10,000 verifications: $24.00
  • 15,000 verifications: $39.00
  • 50,000 verifications: $89.00
  • 100,000 verifications: $169.00
  • 300,000 verifications: $349.00
  • 500,000 verifications: $449.00
  • 1M verifications: $599.00
  • 5M verifications: $1190.00
  • 5M verifications: $1990.00
  • 10M verifications: $3290.00

Monthly subscription

  • 5,000 verifications: $139 per month
  • 15,000 verifications: $289 per month
  • 35,000 verifications: $389 per month
  • 50,000 verifications: $589 per month
  • 75,000 verifications: $689 per month
  • 100,000 verifications: $989 per month

Once you visit the prices section on their official website, they will give you a slider-style breakdown of the verification-price list. You can drag the slider and pick the right plan for you. Other than this, the developers also offer a limited free trial version for you to try out their services.

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