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What is BEE Pro?

BEE Pro Reviews & Ratings 2022

Every day someone has an email or landing page to send. It could be an internal HR team communicating new policies, a marketing team building emails for multi-content campaigns, a school district sharing emails with the Parent/Student community. BEE Pro is a cloud-based drag-and-drop editing solution that helps businesses quickly build templates for newsletters, announcements, transactional emails, landing pages, one-page websites, and more.

About BEE Pro

BEE is a leading provider of content design software for email, landing pages and popups. The company has 2 distinct products within its portfolio: BEE Pro & BEE Plugin (see Slashdot for details)

BEE Pro: no-code, drag & drop design suite for responsive emails & landing pages. BEE Pro helps marketers and designers alike create emails and pages really fast. Plus, it provides the design freedom, branding controls, and collaboration tools to get things done right. With BEE Pro emails & pages can be designed from scratch or with ready to use email templates from its template catalog. Bonus: Emails can be pushed to email sending platforms and landing pages published with the click of a button.

BEE Pro Description

BEE is a leading provider of content design software for email, landing pages and popups. The company has 2 distinct products within its portfolio: BEE Plugin & BEE Pro (see SourceForge for details)

BEE Plugin: Is an embeddable email, landing page & popup builder best known for its easy integration into SaaS applications in the CRM and Marketing Automation space. BEE Plugin content builder uniquely combines design flexibility with a smooth user experience, and ability to customize the deployment in under 30 days.

BEE Pro Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2022

BEE Pro Reviews & Product Detail

BEE Pro email generator app is an application that helps you to create unlimited emails, and you don’t need to verify your account manually because the app will do it automatically for you.Based on our BEE Pro review, this free online email editor tool is one of the best email generator apps available on the Google Play Store, with over 1 million active users worldwide who use this app daily for their various.

Features of BEE Pro

The ‘BEE ecosystem’ as mentioned in their website consists of BEE free, BEE pro, and BEE plugin, which is an embeddable email & landing page editor for SaaS. Here are some of the most interesting features of the platform:

Impressive Templates

BEE Free enables you to access a collection of their free templates without any sort of sign-up. You can pick a template, customize it and save it all with the free version.

Although this is impressive in itself, getting BEE pro allows you to unlock all the templates. These templates look professional and are well made. Whatever your email may be about, it gives you tons of beautiful email template designs to pick from.

All available templates are fully customizable and you can modify every single element in the template. Colors, text, images, videos, fonts everything can be changed to your heart’s content.

BEE Free Email Templates
BEE Free Email Templates

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No Coding Required

You don’t require any coding skills to create templates. Simply pick one or make your own and the platform takes care of the backend HTML. The intuitive drag-and-drop builder lets you seamlessly create different templates for all your needs.

Various elements such as videos, photos, headings, and text can be selected with ease. This allows businesses to have the freedom to create the perfect template for their needs.

Digital marketing is all about getting those first impressions. People click what they find attractive and impressive. BEE free is the perfect tool to help you create those handmade templates.

BEE Free drag-and-drop editor
BEE Free drag-and-drop editor

Multiple Export Options

The true potential of the platform can be utilized via BEE Pro, the paid experience. While BEE free only allows you access to selected templates and download your files as a zip, the pro version does so much more.

BEE Pro lets you save and reuse your template, direct export to your preferred mailing service, copy the HTML and download templates as a PDF. The ability to export your template directly to your preferred mailing service with a click is as convenient as it can get.


If you’re working on a big marketing campaign with your employees, BEE lets you collaborate with them. Marketing almost always includes a team. Business owners, marketing experts, and designers can work together on template ideas and share their opinions.

BEE Pro lets you configure user access and permissions as well. Projects are a great way to keep things organized. All templates related to a single campaign or product can be neatly organized as their own project. So the next time you plan on reusing a template, you’ll know exactly where to look.

Pricing of BEE Free

BEE Free, as the name suggests, is a free version of the BEE platform. BEE Pro is made up of 3 tiers, Freelancer at $15/month, Team at $30 a month and Agency at $120/month.

Apart from the free version, the features slightly differ across the tiers with Agency having all the features of the platform. The prices are fair and depending upon how you use it, completely worth it.

All plans have a 15 day free trial, which is plenty of time to explore the platform. The payment can be made monthly or annually which grants a 17% off on the individual rates. A detailed list of features across each tier is given below:

BEE pricing plans
BEE Pricing plans


Do you really need a platform to create email templates? In short, the answer is yes. Email marketing is still one of the quickest ways to reach out to customers. Having the right tools can help you advertise, expand and acquire customers faster.

BEE Free is a powerful service with deep integrations with platforms you already use. These integrations are the links that bind the marketing tools you use together. It’s safe to say that BEE Free is a must-have tool for anyone who’s involved in email marketing.

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