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What is Envoke?

Envoke Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

CASL compliant email marketing software. Made in Canada, all data stored in Canada. Meets and often exceeds the stringent compliance and security requirements of larger Canadian businesses, and public sector organizations such as Government, Universities, Crown Corporations, Utilities etc.

In addition to core broadcast email functions our software includes functionality for Canadian organizations looking for compliance, data security and privacy.

Canadian compliance is automated, all data is maintained on servers in Canada, support is provided from within Canada and billing is in Canadian dollars.

Our mandatory messages setting allows you to differentiate between optional subscriptions and content your contacts are required to receive and cannot unsubscribe from.

Who Uses Envoke?

Envoke Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2022

Higher education, associations, regulatory bodies, healthcare providers, financial institutions, government agencies, municipalities & organizations where the focus is on effective communications.

About Envoke

Create, send and measure bulk emails sent to your contacts. In addition to core email marketing and communication features our software includes automated CASL compliance, advanced data security, highly customizable subscription management and the option to send mandatory emails.

Envoke Description

Envoke is a Canadian email software that allows you to keep your data in Canada. Envoke’s email software is compliant with CASL. It includes tools to collect consent, track and document it, manage expiry dates automatically, and treat non-Canadian contacts differently. Envoke allows you to create unlimited sub-accounts and users. This allows you to send personal, compliant emails to the correct person at the right moment. Envoke’s layouts automatically respond to all devices, from desktop to mobile.


  • “Fairly easy to learn < 1 day. Excellent start-up support.”
  • “This was a really good solution for us. I’ve had many faculty members comment about the professional appearance of our email communication.”
  • “Nice clean design templates and the Envoke team is always ready to dig in and help us with design tweaks.”
  • “Also has fantastic statistics on sent emails which help to analyze how well communications are or are not working for you. Really amazing software and I’d highly recommend it.”


  • “The only downside I have is that as the site grew some services became buried.”
  • “Sometimes I struggle with the way the site is laid out and the naming convention of the functions don’t necessarily align with standard naming conventions.”
  • “We use Envoke to manage our contacts database and email campaigns. So far, there is no element that I find myself disliking about the product in relation to how we use it.”
  • “I find that there is a lag when creating custom HTML emails – have not tested this out since the new update.”



Envoke Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2022

Starting Price: $49.00/month
Pricing Details:
Contact based (send unlimited emails, pay for number of contacts) or pay-as-you-go (store unlimited contacts, pay for emails sent).
Free Trial: Free Trial available.

Envoke Product Features

 A/B Testing
 CAN SPAM Compliance
 Customer Surveys
 Drip Campaigns
 Dynamic Content
 Event Triggered Email
 Image Library
 Landing Pages/Web Forms
 Mailing List Management
 Mobile Optimized Emails
 Subscriber Management
 Template Management
 WYSIWYG Email Editor


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