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About ContactPigeon

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ContactPigeon is an all-in-one eCommerce marketing automation platform that helps enterprises engage, nurture and convert their website visitors to customers, via an omnichannel approach. The platform offers proven eCommerce automation, contact management, list segmentation, easy drag and drop email campaign generator and all the necessary tools an enterprise needs to massively scale up across multiple channels – emails, web, SMS & push notifications. ContactPigeon has more than 250 enterprise customers in the US and Europe. TNW, Fortune,, and smallbizdaily have featured ContactPigeon in the past. Resolve your customers’ issues instantly with pre-determined conversations that will kick off the conversation. Promote your brand with efficient, AI-generated predictions based on previous visitor behavior. Trigger custom-made messages to nurture or to follow up with your visitors.

What is ContactPigeon?

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ContactPigeon is an award-winning omnichannel marketing automation platform that gives a solution to every retailer’s problem: How to send the right message, at the right time, with the right content to each visitor. It enables one-person-shops and enterprise retailers alike to benefit from the use of a Big Data platform, in order to easily create data-driven Automations and Personalized Campaigns that react to customer/visitor behaviors and catalog changes in seconds. That’s why ContactPigeon helps customers by addressing three major goals towards growing their sales: • Enriched customer insights: Collecting customer behavior data and building an enriched unified view of customers • Improved customer engagements: Trigger automated and predictive messages at the right moment within a customer’s journey for optimizing sales conversion and retention. • Multi-channel reach: Allow businesses to design engaging campaigns across a wide range of messaging channels (e.g. email, SMS, Viber, mobile, push notifications, website, Facebook, Google, postcards) within one platform.

ContactPigeon Benefits

ContactPigeon Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

ContactPigeon brings all your customers data into a single, central platform and enables you to generate reports and analytics from historical and real-time information so you can make decisions and take decisive actions that propel your e-commerce business forward.

The software tracks all activities in your websites, helping you identify trends, patterns, prevailing customer behavior with every single click, purchase, or view. Each activity is monitored and documented into a unique customer profile. ContactPigeon identifies the devices your visitors used to come to your website, the products they are looking at, the duration of their visit, etc.

The software’s smart analytic engine builds up your visitor’s profile nonstop as new information is entered into the system. It then provides you with insights that you can use to create personalized targeting and marketing strategies and implement them with total efficiency.

With ContactPigeon, segmenting your customers is a breeze, thanks to its highly intelligent rules engine that helps maintain the accuracy of your segmentation based on your configurations, rules, and real-time visitor behavior data.

You identify customers who are likely to make repeat purchases with ContactPigeon’s predictive model. See who your next-best customers are and engage them with tailored messages, promos, and offers that they can relate to. In danger of losing customers, the predictive models can also help you determine who those customers are and re-engage them before you lose them completely.

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Bearing in mind businesses have special business-related requirements, it is practical that they avoid getting a one-size-fits-all, ”best” business program. Needless to say, it would be hard to try to stumble on such an app even among popular software solutions. The better thing to undertake would be to note down the several major factors which necessitate inspection such as essential features, price terms, skill competence of the employees, company size, etc. The second step is, you should conduct the product research comprehensively. Have a look at some of these ContactPigeon reviews and scrutinize each of the software products in your list in detail. Such comprehensive product investigation can make sure you weed out unfit software solutions and buy the system that has all the tools your company requires.


ContactPigeon Features

  • Automation
  • Segmentation
  • Campaigns
  • On-site Retargeting
  • Live Web Analytics
  • Analytics & Dashboard


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