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Lead411 Overview

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Lead411 is a Sales Intelligence platform designed for Sales teams, Marketing Managers, Business Builders and Recruiters. Lead411 has over 2 decades of experience providing the highest level of quality in terms of accurate company data, employee data and growth intent for thousands of customers.

Lead411’s solution is feature-rich to include flexibility for nearly every sale, marketing, research and data enrichment scenario, including bulk list building, CRM enrichment and integration, growth intent, and built-in sales enablement email/SMS campaigns.

Lead411 provides an updated UI with a LinkedIn/web chrome extension so finding data is straightforward and extremely efficient.

What is Lead411?

Lead411 is the leading B2B data platform offering highly accurate (96%) frequently verified data including company data, and email/direct dial data at the contact level. We back our data with intelligent trigger data including recent funding events, recent hires, promotions, awarded companies, new locations and more. Our customers are able to get a wholistic view of the companies they would like to do business with, and they have all the tools to reach out with a response worthy message.
Lead411 Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2


  • “Lead411 came as a savior to me with their tool. They have a chrome extension called by the same name and the quality of leads that you get using this tool is truly pure gold.”
  • “I like that, For the most part, I can find titles, emails, and phone numbers. Also, the daily newsletters are very helpful.”
  • “I love the high quality of the leads. Just started using the product and already excited for the product.”
  • “Lead411 is the best way to target your next customer. I have never seen a site that makes it so easy to find exactly what you are looking for.”


  • “This tool works for only some countries which was a problem for me and it was way too complicated for me even with the guides and tutorials.”
  • “I could not find much to dislike. I found more of an oddity On a generated list, every once in a while you come across contacts that appear to be non existent.”
  • “But the longer I used it, the more cons I found. For example, there are some downsides to their search algorithm which makes it tough to find the right companies.”
  • “I am always adding new contacts to my database. I was limited to 200 downloads per month at $99 per month.”

Lead411 Benefits


The main benefits of Lead411 are its lists, its expert teams, and its digital analytics. Here are the details:

Thanks to its in-house search technology, the lists that Lead411 users get for the marketing campaigns are much more useful and refined. Since the data provided is reliable and accurate, marketers do not waste their resources on confirming the authenticity of the data.

Lead411’s technology isn’t its only edge, as it has expert teams that perform the evaluation and analysis required to make sure that the lists Lead411 users receive are refined and impactful. Once the lists are sent to the business’s database, they no longer need to allocate time towards finding their target.

Lead411 also handles the digital analytics for the business, once the ads have been sent towards their intended audience. These analyses are helpful for marketers, especially when it comes to measuring ROI and making sure that their efforts in marketing are aligned with the tastes of their intended audience. Sales teams can also be kept up-to-date on the most current marketing trends through news alerts generated by Lead411.

Pricing Plans

Lead411 pricing is available in the following plans:

FREE TRIAL                     Yes
BASIC                                $75/month
PRO                                  $125/month
TEAM                               $349/month
ENTERPRISE                Contact vendor
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Lead411 features

Main features of Lead411 are:

  • CRM reports
  • Data exports
  • Sales triggers
  • Third party tool integration
  • Email Notifications
  • List exports

Lead411 Reviews & Ratings 2022 Alternatives

If you don’t think Lead411 is the best option for your business, you should look into the alternatives—there are plenty of them. We’ve found the most top-rated ones on the market—check them out:

  1. Nimble

  2. SalesLoft

  3. LeadIQ

  4. Clearbit

  5. UpLead

  6. InsideView

  7. Datanyze

Don’t forget to check if these solutions come with free trials—they are incredibly useful. Trials will allow you to get some experience with the platform you choose with no strings attached.

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