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What is Sumo?

Sumo Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Sumo takes the guesswork out of growing your eCommerce business. We help you get more customers and convert website visitors into lifetime buyers — automatically. Today, the Sumo tools are used by 800,000 of the world’s most successful websites and businesses including Bulletproof Coffee, Rhone, and Tony Robbins. Try out the tools for free, and see how they can help your site grow.

About Help Sumo

Help Sumo is a cloud-based help desk system suitable for all industries and businesses of all sizes. It offers key help desk functionality such as email ticketing, live chat, a self-service portal and service-level agreement (SLA) policy management. Help Sumo’s email ticketing module allows users to reply, change, print and resolve multiple emails at once with triaging and mass action features. Email merging, cloning, splitting and smoothing are also offered. Emails are automatically monitored to determine ticket frequency and question type, which can help users to develop a knowledge base. Users can build customized FAQs and knowledge bases. Help Sumo tracks the articles clients use, as well as questions that are not answered by available articles. It also offers tools to create a self-service help desk for clients. Users can also document SLAs and distribute them to clients. Help Sumo is available on a per agent per month basis.
Sumo Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2


  • “Sumo enhances the look and functionality of the site on which it is installed while providing helpful functions that improve each visitors experience.”
  • “I was using Sumo at my wordpress site as a popup webform and I was very satisfied.”
  • “Great tool and mostly free depending on what you need. We can make actionable decisions on web pages and help to know what is working and what we should change above and below the folds.”
  • “After using Sumo, my email list grew much faster and my sales increased.”


  • “Their help service is the worst and they often treat you as an idiot. Even with photos and indepth information about issues, they still are unable to understand the problem.”
  • “Only the bugs that disturbed me. I can’t remember something I wanted to do and couldn’t. The autoresponder email is sent with your own email marketing automation platform.”
  • “The UI is slow and looks lame if you compare it for today’s UI such as slack, zarpiet, IFTTT, it’s like they stuck somewhere in 2010.”
  • “After asking for a refund as I asked to cancel my subscription at the end of the first trial, they simply replied with a NO, no refunds. Sumo does not add any value to a website.”

Sumo Pro

The two core features that Sumo Pro introduces add customization options to the application. The first enables you to select custom folders that you want the program to scan. As you may know, older versions of Sumo scanned default program folders only on the system and not the whole directory structure on the system with all folders.

sumo 4

The new option enables you to select custom folders, for instance a portable software folder or a location on another hard drive that you install software to regularly.

The second feature builds up on this as it allows you to set custom include / exclude filters. This can be useful if you want a folder scanned but a certain subfolder of it.

Sumo Download

Sumo  is available for download at the developer website. There you find various versions on the download page including a clean, portable version that does not need to be installed.

Sumo Pro can be purchased on the developer website as well. It is available for 14.99 per Euro year or 29.99 Euro as a lifetime license that does not expire. You can check out the full changelog on the Sumo website.

Closing Words

Sumo is a well designed program that helps administrators maintain third-party software. It is a good idea to use a program like Sumo regularly to scan the system for outdated software and do something about it.

The program could use a feature to update software from within the application without redirects to the Sumo website.

Sumo is very responsive and fast both in the scanning of installed software and the checking of program updates on the Internet. It is surprising that the interface and functionality has not changed that much in the past decade. It is likely that a lot of work went into the program database and and data collection routines, as they are without doubt the most important parts of the software updater.

Sumo features

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Main features of Sumo are:

  • Welcome Mat
  • List Builder
  • Highlighter Pro
  • Dashboards
  • Content Analytics
  • Contact Form Pro
  • Image Sharer
  • Share Pro
  • Heat Maps
  • Smart Bar
  • Scroll Box

Sumo Benefits


The main benefits of Sumo are its share buttons, its effective pop-ups, and its heat map functionality.

Visitors of a website will definitely be encouraged to stay and explore and eventually become subscribers and consumers, thanks to Sumo’s tips on how to make these sites attractive. Customers can also be made into brand ambassadors that are fierce and loyal, equipped with share buttons that draw in even more visitors to a business’s website.

Pop-ups created with Sumo are attractive and beautiful and not the annoyances that visitors often consider them to be. These pop-ups can be made to appear strategically throughout the visitor’s website journey so that information such as email addresses and full names are captured effectively.

Sumo also makes it easy to share content, with features that streamline the social media sharing process. Pages and websites might see an up to 20 percent increase in visits.

The heat map functionality is a feature that provides visibility on what pages visitors frequent, what content they are eager to share, and how long they stay on a site. Visitor data, statistics, and trends can all be collected and analyzed in real-time thank to the Google Analytics integration of Sumo.


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