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About Customerly

Customerly Review 2022: The Best-in-Class Customer Lifecycle Ever


Customerly is an In-App Messaging platform for SaaS companies. Be more human, build a relationship with your users, drive conversions and gather feedback. Increase user retention and satisfaction with Customerly. Simple tools to engage SaaS users, support clients and gather feedback efficiently. Customerly helps you stay connected with your customers, so you can make more sales, build a stronger brand and maintain a closer relationship with your users.

What is Customerly and how does it work?

Customarily is a customer lifecycle software explicitly built to help client-facing businesses to manage their relationship with customers. This tool offers support, collects feedback, and automates processes, such as requesting routing and email marketing. Customarily is a very useful tool that assists businesses to increase sales, revenue, and customer relationships through live chat software that provides the support of video calls, knowledge base, typing reviews, and surveys. Customarily software manages the businesses and the entire customer lifecycle by creating and prospering relationships with customers. This all-in-one software offers models for customer intelligence marketing survey and CRM; all these models are completely incorporated to offer streamlined Customer Management workflows. Customerly will prove to be an effective tool for businesses as it helps them segment customers within customerly tools to send automated surveys or messages or deliver targeted marketing campaigns. Moreover, the customary offers tools to design newsletters and build email templates and campaigns that can be analyzed regarding click and open rates. Customarily offers top-class support for businesses offering basic, pro, and enterprise pricing strategies for solopreneurs and enterprises.


  • “I love the ability to meaningfully engage with our customers via multiple channels ensuring that our communications are always leading towards the next milestones.”
  • “Helpful for generating instant leads from our site. Ability to reply instantly from mobile app is brilliant.”
  • “Works flawlessly and has all the features that a business might need and more. Been using Customerly for a long time and am happy with it.”
  • “Then I was impressed how easy it was to use and extend. Further I was impressed that I got serious support when I asked something, although I wasn’t a ‘paying’ customer.”


  • “The UI is often buggy and confusing to use, and the customization features are severely lacking.”
  • “No answering templates in the app as this enables quick reply.”
  • “The email delivery rate has been extremely low for quite some time, and the technical customer support really lacking, even when we suggested a signing problem affecting delivery rates.”
  • “We changed monthly plans again, then. Opsssss… enterprise plan has another limit (not written anywhere) of 5000 contacts, so you have to pay more and now they locked a functionalities.”


Help Desk with Live Chat

People are stuck to find a way to communicate with your customer support if they are having an issue with your solution.

This is why we believe Live Chat can help you to communicate faster with them and let them love the way you care.

  • Offer a Live Chat easy to install
  • Forward Incoming email tickets
  • Automatically manage email replies
  • Automatic Lead Profiling
  • Add tags, triggered events
  • Video chat and screen sharing
  • Unlimited team members
  • Create as many teams as you need
  • Assign conversations to the right team member
  • Assign automatically your incoming conversations
  • Canned Responses
  • Gif and emoji support
  • Screenshots and attachments included
  • Edit user attributes easily
  • Mobile Apps to reply on the go
  • Mobile SDKs for iOS, Android and React

AcquireLive Chat, Email, CRM, Knowledge base – WordPress plugin |

Welcoming your visitors on your website is a key aspect to start a conversation.

People love to being treated well. By welcoming them and ask a simple question can lead to a new customer asking for more information.

Businesses that are using Customerly Live Chat on their websites are getting up to 45% more conversions.


When you collect leads what’s the next step?

Giving them more information about your product. This is why you can easily build an email funnel to convert them. Thanks to Customerly Email module you will have the power to deliver unlimited emails to your segments.

Let’s talk about segments first.

How can I create a segment and why is so important?

Are you checking with your churning customers why they left you? Sometimes is so easy to recover a churning customer or even discover why they left and fix it as soon as possible.

Customerly allows you to create segment with any condition you want. For example, you can create a segment of customers that didn’t login into your platform for 60 days.

To do so, go to the Customer section and on the right sidebar just add your conditions and save it as a new segment.

Customerly Review- Data Insights

You create segments based on the following conditions:

  • Custom attributes
  • Tags
  • Events
  • Company attributes
  • Campaign results

Email Marketing

Did you launch a new feature and you want to notify all your customers without exporting data from Customerly? You can even create a personalized email with our template builder and send it.

Customerly Review-Email Marketing

Features for Email Marketing

  • Template Builder highly customizable
  • Include user attributes inside email and subject
  • Insert video, social link, and HTML text
  • Preview for all devices
  • Send to any segment
  • 10/10 deliverability score
  • Custom domain and SMTP
  • SPF and DKIM customizable
  • Open Rate, Click Rate, Unsubscribe Rate
  • Soft and Hard Bounce management


The best way for a business to grow is to automate some part of it so you can focus on what matter.

We help you to deliver the best message at the right time to the best customer. How?

Customerly automation is the most powerful tool to achieve this.

Imagine building a visual funnel where all the churning people will enter this automation with an entry point, the system will trigger automatically the first email and then you can verify with a condition node if they are back to your platform.

Customerly Review- Tool In Action

This is just an example, but you can build endless useful automation.

  • Welcome onboard series
  • Churning survey
  • Abandoned onboarding
  • In-app Tutorials
  • Sales Funnel
  • e-Book funnels + nurturing

We offer integrations to let you collect and share your data with:

  • LeadsBridge
  • Zapier
  • WordPress
  • Public API


Now more than ever, as a business owner, you know that to grow you need feedback from your customers.

This is why in Customerly we help you to gather instant feedback from your users by running surveys inside the widget you installed on your website or app (in-app).

This brought more than 45% of response rate in just 72h to a business of ours.

Every answer is related to your customer so you can know who replied and what.

Customerly Review- Survey Editor

Example of surveys to run

  • Single product satisfaction
  • Product interest
  • Customer service satisfaction
  • Source of acquisition


Choose an audience and run an automatic satisfaction survey. We will deliver it by email and instantly you will get tons of great feedback to grow. More important you will have a satisfaction index to see if you are really growing thanks to word of mouth.

Customerly Review- More Insights

To run a Satisfaction survey is easy:

  1. Choose an audience to deliver (eg. All active users for more than 30 days)
  2. Start
  3. Enjoy filterable results

How to get started with Customerly?

Once you have installed the Customerly code on your platform like Google Analytics you can immediately start collecting user data and automatically update them.

You can integrate Customerly in different ways:

  • Javascript
  • AngularJS
  • Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android, React
  • Public API
  • Zapier
  • LeadsBridge

Supported Languages for Live Chat

  • English
  • Italian
  • Romanian
  • Catalan
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Greek
  • French
  • Polish

Plans and Pricing

Customerly’s pricing has been divided across 3 different packages: Support, Email, and Feedback.

Customerly starts from €9/mo each module up to 1000 contacts. We call this plan Starter.

In the Starter plan, everything is included up to 1000 contacts.

The whole solution for the Starter plan will cost you less than a coffee per day. In fact, Customerly will cost you just €27 per month.

Then, when you grow, we have a plan for you named Growth. This plan is up to 10000 contacts and you will enjoy its cheap plan price.

The Support module for the Growth plan is just €29/mo.

Customerly Review- Support Pricing

The Marketing Automation module is €49/mo.

Customerly Review- Marketing Automation Pricing Plans

The Survey module is €29/mo.

Customerly Review- Survey Pricing Plans

Conclusion: Customerly Review 2022

Customerlis focused on our mission to help and inspire at least one billion people on earth.

Customerly helps 3000+ worldwide companies to acquire, automate and retain customers. SaaS Owners, Web Agencies, Marketers & Local Business uses Customerly every day.

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