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Quickly publish, edit and distribute more engaging content for your multi-page, long format newsletter. Create beautiful looking interactive newsletters that feature high-quality photo and video, and work on any device. iNewsletter is the perfect platform if you have more content than will fit in an email newsletter for groups such as schools, churches, sporting clubs, real estate, finance and legal organizations.
iNewsletter can go beyond a simple email newsletter to an immeserive, multi-page newsletter hosted on the web. Every newsletter is automatically responsive for any device size including iPad, mobile & desktop. No extra design needed. Get real insight into your readership. Compare newsletter performance, see most popular pages including granular email opens, clicks and failures. Publishing your newsletter sends a rich email summary complete with photos and snippets of your content pages for the best chance of getting your newsletter opened. Not your regular photo experience. iNewsletter’s photo-first design means displaying any number of photos is done in a beautiful, immersive way. How things look and feel are central to iNewsletter’s newsletter builder. Copy and paste from various places and be assured formatting remains standard to the page you’re editing.

What is iNewsletter?

iNewsletter is a fully featured Email Marketing Software designed to serve Startups, SMEs. iNewsletter provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Email Marketing system offers Subscriber Management, Image Library, CAN SPAM Compliance, Reporting/Analytics, Progress Reports at one place.


  • “What I like most about this software I can create any content and campaign plans.”
  • “It’s a great tool to reach out to your audience and let them know about updates and any information that they should know.”
  • “This software is great for teachers and school admin to send information to parents and families. In just a few minutes I can get information out to hundreds of parents.”
  • “One of the best tool for publishing great looking newsletter.”


  • “Had some trouble logging in and accessing the program at one point.”
  • “Conversion to PDF is not a well developed feature. The PDF needs to be as professional and as usable as the web version.”
  • “No image library thus need to look through old publications to find photos.”
  • “The time taken to put each one together is now minimal to what it used to be and no more paper copies that get lost in school bags.”

Top Benefits From Using Newsletters

iNewsletter Reviews from Verified Users - Capterra Australia 2022

There are plenty of ways that you can benefit from using newsletters. Here are the top advantages of using newsletters:

1- Newsletters help brands find more customers

Chances are, every single customer of yours, including the potential ones, has an email address. People use their emails daily. They use them to communicate, but also to find information that is current and relevant. For you as a website owner, this presents an amazing opportunity to boost your presence and widen your reach.

Instead of writing lengthy emails trying to capture people’s attention, you can send optimized, concise, and engaging newsletters. They’ll find them in their inboxes and if they have the time, they’ll open them and get the content you’re offering. If they like what they see, you got yourself a new customer.

2- Newsletters boost your credibility and authority

People need to find you to visit your site. If you manage to reach them out via email, really reach them out, they will already know about you. Well-written newsletters make people show interest in your site and offerings. They show that you keep working on your site and services, and are ready to serve them when needed.

While producing newsletters is an ongoing job and requires a lot of upkeep, it can give your brand more authority and credibility.

3- Newsletters are great for promoting new services

Very often, these are used to promote new content, products, or services. People need to know that you have something fresh for them. Most won’t check your site every day or week to see if you have something new. This is where a simple email with a newsletter in it, such as the example of Trello below, can come in handy. When they see that you have something they might like, they’ll be more enticed to visit your site.

4- Newsletters inform consumers about sales and promotions

Do you have a special event, deal, or sale you’d like people to hear about? These are created to boost your sales, attract more people to your site, and widen your reach. But, how will people know you have them?

They’ll know the same way they learn about your new products – by checking your newsletter. You can utilize your email campaign to push the audience toward taking action in your promotions and special deals. Check out Mills’ newsletter as an example of this.

5- Newsletters keep your visitors updated

iNewsletter Cost & Reviews - Capterra Australia 2022

Former customers or visitors might not jump onto your site as often as you’d want them to. They don’t have the time, and they do not know that you have something new and great to offer. Or, they might just need a bit of an incentive. Take a look at Unsplash’s weekly newsletter, something they send and tweak constantly to keep their audience in the loop

6- Newsletters have a low cost and high return

If done properly, this strategy can bring you a return of investment that can reach over $40 for every $1 spent. With proper email marketing, a great email list, and quality content, you can invest very little and get a lot in return. If it works, people will go to your site as a result of your message, take some sort of action and increase your revenue. Isn’t that the goal of most site owners and businesses?

7- Newsletters never die

These are time-tested tools for attracting people to your site and boosting your content strategy, which makes them long-term. Newsletters will never cease to attract people as long as emails are trending in the world. They are simply familiar, welcomed in inboxes, and easy to digest. Even if a tiny portion of your email list opens them, they work – and you’ve spent a tiny amount to make it happen.

8- Newsletters are a great analytics tool

How many people react to your email? This is an amazing way to analyze how people respond to your content, how satisfied they are with your messages, and whether or not you’ve created the right product or service for them. Most email marketing platforms already offer built-in analytics that you can use to track your brand’s performance.

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