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Rejoiner Overview

Rejoiner eMail Marketing Reviews & Pricing

Rejoiner is an Email Marketing Platform that maximizes customer lifetime value and reduces the cart abandonment rate, increasing conversion rates and crush the revenue goals.

It centralizes customer data like the purchase history, browsing behavior, marketing interactions, in-store, and catalog data to maintain a complete profile and score for every customer with flexible automated triggers that convey advertising to customers at the opportune moments throughout the customer lifecycle.

Some of its features include multi-dimensional segmentation to size up potential audiences and send targeted emails in minutes, automatically score customers based on their purchasing and email engagement behavior, visual workflows of the customer journey, map customer journeys and many more.

About Rejoiner

Your email marketing will make more money and require no staff when its powered by Rejoiner. To date we’ve helped customers generate $200M+ in revenue. Rejoiner helps customers maximize lifetime revenue per customer with highly personalized cart abandonment & browse abandonment, post-purchase, welcome series, win-back and replenishment email campaigns, whilst proactively A/B testing campaigns to increase revenue generated.

Rejoiner Description

Maximize customer lifetime value, and decrease cart abandonment rates. Rejoiner offers all the email marketing tools, tools, and consulting you need to increase conversions and surpass your revenue goals. To create a complete profile for each customer, combine browsing history, purchase history, marketing interactions, in store, and catalog data. Built-in triggers allow customers to be contacted at the most appropriate times throughout their customer lifecycle. These include: Price Drop, Browse Abandonment and Birthday Sends. You can create dynamic customer segments that allow you to quickly size up potential customers and send targeted emails. Automately score each customer based upon their email engagement and purchasing behavior. Optimize every stage of the customer lifecycle to increase conversions.

Rejoiner Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2022


  • “The results from our campaign have been stellar. I couldn’t recommend Rejoiner more, their team is outstanding.”
  • “The flexibility of the platform and the ability to trigger for different events surpasses a lot of the tools out there. The ability of the tool to customize the program for the user is amazing.”
  • “I can truly say their service is like no other. I highly recommend to anyone who needs help with their email marketing as well as designers who can design the emails themselves.”
  • “Fast forward 8 months later and I can tell you that we are so glad we choose them. They have demonstrated on many occasions that they are willing to do what it takes to help us succeed.”


  • “However, we felt overwhelmed at how their email marketing solutions (cart abadon, browse abandon, product recomm.) were bundled into a year long contract.”
  • “The ROI is ridiculous and I don’t have to do anything other than give them general guidance and direction.”
  • “Often we have felt that they treat us like its their own company, something that is all but lost with any type of consultant these days.”
  • “We’ve been using Rejoiner to capture customers for our consumer subscription service that would have otherwise fallen through the cracks.”


Rejoiner isn’t just content to do what it currently does, no matter how effectively it may do it. As of March 2020, Rejoiner is investigating several experimental features. Perhaps most interesting among them is the development of a feature to effectively have Rejoiner operate in reverse – the plan is to “expose any GraphQL schema as a gRPC service,” which is a reverse of its current operational approach. This would add a great amount of extensibility to the solution, and would help in rapid development, iteration, and testing.

Additionally, support for Relay is planned, and support for both lossless end to end proto scalar types and a GraphQL Stream solution is planned.

Rejoiner Benefits

Rejoiner Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2022

It should be noted here that Rejoiner and GraphQL are two distinct solutions – many of the benefits we’ve discussed here are chiefly benefits of GraphQL with an additional benefit enabled through the Rejoiner interface at the top level. GraphQL is absolutely usable on its own, which bears the question – why not just use GraphQL and avoid Rejoiner altogether?

There are many benefits to GraphQL, but it’s really meant to be used in a relatively narrow scope in terms of number of supported services. Using GraphQL makes anything and everything possible for a single microservice, but when everything is enabled that way across a multitude of APIs, that can be a problem in terms of sheer exposed data. Thus, GraphQL is typically used on the front-facing API, while the underlying microservices are more clearly defined and interact in a more strict fashion.

Using Rejoiner brings up a wealth of opportunity in terms of treating internal microservices as if they were externally facing. In other words, the need to more strictly control the internal data between individual microservices that are meant to be used interoperably reduces considerably when one uses an annotated system such as Rejoiner. The practical impact of not having to control each and every aspect of the internal ecosystem only exposes greater flexibility, assuming that flexibility is both needed and appropriate.


As with most things in the API space, Rejoiner is a great option for what it does – given that what it does is highly specific, however, it’s not something that can be broadly recommended for all situations. At its best, Rejoiner elevates a network of microservices to higher extensibility, usability, and iterative potential. If used incorrectly, it could result in needless complexity in both management and operation. That being said, if your use case calls for internal synchronicity between microservices that face to the public in a single stance, then Rejoiner is an excellent option.

What do you think about Rejoiner? Are there any alternatives that are perhaps better serving to the general use case? Let us know in the comments below.

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