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What is Elastic Email?

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Elastic Email is a Canadian-Polish company, founded in 2010. After many years of providing customers with email services, today Elastic Email is an amazing email marketing platform, built on the most cost-effective email API. With an SMTP Relay, robust HTTP API, intuitive user interface, 24/7 global support, and pricing designed with small businesses in mind, Elastic Email encourages and supports you in creating and sending your email campaigns. Use the power of the comprehensive set of modern tools and smart solutions to scale your business and build deeper relationships with your customers. Hungry for more? Visit the Elastic Email integration page to see how you can integrate your business with Elastic Email services.

What do you like best about Elastic Email?

Elastic email is effortless in use and is one of the easiest tools for Email marketing domain and expertise. Easy to use UI/UX and great deliverability is its USP. I love the fact how easily Elastic email has helped us gain more leads and nurture existing leads with email and nurture campaigns. Love the fact how easy it is to use and operate.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about Elastic Email?

The integrations and analytics of email deliverability can be increased to enhance tracking of the campaigns. It would have been great if there was more integrability with other CRMs and analytics tools to better record details and analytics of these very usefull campaigns. Nothing more than that. Everything else is best.Review collected by and hosted on

What problems is Elastic Email solving and how is that benefiting you?

We are using Elastic email to generate leads through email marketing and also nuture our exisiting leads through nurture campaigns. It has increased rate of lead generations and also helped us track more leads and nurture more and given a insane ROI. It’s one of the easiest tool to use around. Using it since tqo quarters.

Elastic Email Review : Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice


  • “It works, and I have not had any issue with it after a lot of usage. Good option if you’re looking for a mailer for your sites.”
  • “Besides, it is also possible to create stunning web forms and landing pages for the lead generation process.”
  • “Its overall good to use and support is awesome.”
  • “I like the features of Elastic Email even though they are very limited in field inputs, and functions. I enjoy more of its benefits than actually what I paid for it.”


  • “I don’t know how reputation is calculated, but you can drop really easily which will cause further problem when sending emails.”
  • “So from time to time our emails have been blocked by spamfilters. In these cases, we had to resend some single messages again.”
  • “Did not use the service very much as the emails were mostly going to spam. Only used to send some marketing emails.”
  • “Account closed, accused of sending phishing emails,which was untrue.”

Elastic Email Features

Here we have analyzed the pros and cons of elastic emails and explored some of its major features –

Elastic Email Pros

  1. Templates –  Elastic Email provides a free design gallery. They have very diverse templates, and I’m sure you’ll find what you want or need. They have over 100 pretty templates to pick from. Elastic Email Review - Alternatives, Features, Pros & Cons Discussed 3
    Elastic Email Review - Alternatives, Features, Pros & Cons Discussed 4
  2. Forms – Elastic Email provides ready to download forms for websites. You can select from a wide variety of template forms. You’ll undoubtedly find something that goes with your brand image.
elastic email forms
  1. Editor – With an elastic email editor the biggest advantage is you can include gifs and images in your emails. They provide a very easy-to-use flexible editor.
  2. Analytics – Without great analytics, a business cannot survive. Elastic Email keeps the need of businesses in mind and offers many useful functionalities like open rate, clicks, bounces, etc.
  3. Email API – Users can integrate email delivery into a website or application or use SMTP relay from their own self-hosted marketing tools. Users can use WebHooks to integrate
  4. Pocket Friendly – With a number of platforms providing the same services, price becomes a differentiating factor between various providers. Elastic Email offers prices that are one of the best in the market and are pocket friendly as well. The detailed pricing is discussed in the next section.
  5. Security – With an increase in hacking and phishing emails, businesses thrive for a provider which ensures them that their data is fully secured and protected. With Elastic Email, you need not worry about your content as the business takes care of it. Elastic Email provides two-factor authentication which acts as a secured way of doing your transaction.

Elastic Email Cons 

  1. Support Team – Due to small team size, responses can be delayed and not appropriate, but the company has realized it and working on it.
  2. Spam Issues – Some users have faced issues of mail coming in the spam folder.

Check our our article on Free SMTP Servers & How to use them. And for those who do not know what is SMTP here is one for you.

Elastic Email Pricing

Elastic Email Review - Alternatives, Features, Pros & Cons Discussed 5

Elastic Email provides very competitive pricing probably the best in the section. Pay as you use- no minimums, no commitments. Pricing is done on the number of contacts added and you can send unlimited emails. The best plan which we liked was you can send unlimited emails to 5000 contacts.

If you are a company that sends tons of emails and is tight on budget, then you don’t need to look further.

Pricing for Email Marketing services

Email marketing plans are as follows-

Send Unlimited Emails to 5,000 contacts per month at $15.
Send Unlimited Emails to 10,000 contacts per month at $35
Send Unlimited Emails to 20,000 contacts per month at $60
Send Unlimited Emails to 30,000 contacts per month at $90
Send Unlimited Emails to 50,000 contacts per month at $145
Send Unlimited Emails to 75,000 contacts per month at $220
Send Unlimited Emails to 1,00,000 contacts per month at $265

Elastic Email Review - Alternatives, Features, Pros & Cons Discussed 6

Pro Services charges are slightly more.

Pricing for Email API services:

Pricing for Email API services

Elastic Email Alternatives

Check out the below table to see Elastic Email alternatives and their price comparison.

Server Price Free Emails
SendinBlue Plans vary from FREE to $65 per month 9,000 emails in 1st month limited to 300 daily
Pepipost The plan starts from Free to $349/mo 30,000 emails for 1st month then 100 emails daily
GetResponse The plan varies from Free to $13.3/mo Unlimited Mails up to 500 contacts for the 1st month
Moosend FREE emails to $9 per month Send unlimited free emails to 1,000 subscribers
Google Gmail SMTP 500 FREE emails daily to $6 per month FREE 500 emails daily
Mailgun FREE mail to $35 Free 5,000 emails per month for 3 months
Constant Contact The plan varies from Free to $9.99/mo Limited emails can be sent to 100 unique contacts per campaign.

Elastic Email Review With Discount Coupon 2022: Exclusive Offer $1


Elastic Email has been in business for almost a decade with a client base in different geographies.

The company provides white lists, marketing campaigns, blacklists, customer statistics analysis,  template design, and many benefits at low costs. Pricing is one of the things which makes it attractive and pays as much as you use it.

The company has acknowledged its mistake and working on it. Need to work on the upcoming functionalities like automation, SMS services, etc.

If you require core email marketing functionalities at effective prices, then blindly go for Elastic Email.

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