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About Automizy

Automizy Review 2022: Is It An Exceptional Email Marketing Software?

Automizy is a cloud-based software that helps businesses of all sizes design, launch and manage email marketing campaigns to promote products/services, send offers and engage with the targeted audience. The platform enables organizations to design personalized emails and form using customizable templates and a drag-and-drop editor. Automizy includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which allows marketing professionals to forecast email open-rate and analyze the impact of email subject lines. It offers various features such as scheduling, website behaviour tracking, subscriber and contact management, data import/export, multiple user accounts, interest tagging and more. Additionally, managers can gain insights into metrics related to conversion rate, campaign performance, click maps and more via analytics. Automizy supports integrations with various third-party applications including Elementor, Shopify, Verifybee, Zapier, Unbounce and more. Pricing includes monthly subscriptions and support is extended via email, FAQs and other online measures.


  • “Great existing feature set plus a very inspiring route map makes me feel very comfortable about using this platform at the centre of our marketing and outreach programmes.”
  • “Replies were both comprehensive and lightning fast. Great software and great support highly recommended.”
  • “Automizy is another great tool out there you can use for you email marketing automation. Although the CRM is pretty basic, it gets the work done.”
  • “Good experience overall, great product, specially good for cold email campaigns.”


  • “When someone responds they ignore the main question. And it is a painful week or so before I get another response that still ignores the direct question.”
  • “Very bad customer success, terrible, they just don’t care.”
  • “Some problems with the sending of scheduled campaigns.”
  • “But lack of automation it a really big problem (app is called Automizy so automation should be their first feature).”

Automizy features

So what can Automizy do for small and medium-sized businesses? How can it help with email marketing campaigns?

Let’s take a closer look at this email marketing automation platform and everything it has to offer.

Form and landing page builder

With Automizy, you can create landing pages and forms that you could use to capture new leads for your business.

Automizy comes with pre-built templates that you could choose from. This avoids the need for users to start from scratch. Plus, these templates look professional. Using them will make your operations appear even more legitimate.

Automizy form and landing page builder

Once you select a template, you can connect it to a contact list where Automizy will compile all the contact information you gather.

Of course, you’ll have the option to make changes to different elements of your landing pages and forms. And since it uses a drag-and-drop interface, you don’t even have to know how to code to customize your assets.

You simply have to drop elements to the visual editor. You’re free to add headers, images, and text. It’s also possible to introduce design elements so you end up with a sleek and modern landing page or form design.

If you want to add a thank you page, you can. And it’s just as easy to customize.

The best part is that Automizy works on mobile devices. That means all the pages and forms you create are already mobile-responsive. You can check how your pages and forms look on phones and tablets before you publish the pages.

Automizy works on mobile

There are two ways that you could add your form or landing page to your website. You could add the script — the best method to add a page to your CMS without impacting the design. If you are comfortable working with HTML, you can add the code to your website.

But you could also let your form or landing page go live as a standalone page.

Embed options - script html or url

You can keep tabs on live landing pages and forms by checking the Statistics page. Here you’ll find information like the number of people who signed up, how many people saw your form/landing page, and the conversion rate.

By the way, you can also embed forms using third-party integrations like Thrive Leads and Ninja Forms in WordPress.

Email automations

Email automations is what makes it possible to automatically send emails to users based on the rules that you set. Other platforms might refer to this feature as email drips and workflows.

Not only does Email automations send emails, but you can also use it for contact management and segmentation.

This feature is fairly simple to use. And once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to set up a campaign quickly — especially once you know all the triggers, actions, and conditions that you could set.

Automizy email automation builder

The Automation Builder itself shows a series of boxes. Each box contains triggers, actions, and conditions that you set. By building up these boxes and connecting them, you’ll be able to create a sequence that can help you achieve your goals.

There are eight triggers available. You could choose between a contact joining a list, filling a sign-up form, getting a tag, celebrating an anniversary, opening an email, visiting a landing page on your site, or landing from a third-party app via integration.

Setup triggers - 8 available

From there, you can set up actions like adding or removing a tag, making the contact wait for a couple of days, updating custom fields, sending welcome messages, or adding them to a specific list.

Set up actions for the contact

If you want to introduce more than one path forward, you can add Conditions to split the segments.

Add conditions for your email list

For example, if a contact already has a tag, you could add them to a list. But if not, you could send them an email.

You can use triggers, actions, and conditions to create all sorts of automation builds for different use cases. They can help you segment users based on their interests, send the right promotional materials to users based on their preferences, or promote webinars to people assigned with a specific tag.

Email editor

If you’re still sending bland, text-heavy emails then you need to sign up for Automizy. Why? Because its Email Editor makes any email look modern by comparison.

You’ll fall in love with Automizy and its drag-and-drop functionality. It requires very little effort to use and the end results are always amazing.

Automizy email editor

You can add columns, buttons, dividers, images, and other elements by dragging them onto your workspace. Just edit them to your liking and you’ll end up with a professional design that you made from scratch.

It’s a great value for money since you no longer have to hire a graphic designer to create custom emails on your behalf.

Automizy content email elements

If you want to send personalized emails, then you can use the Automizy Advanced Editor. This will allow you to insert the recipient’s name and other personal details that you have access to.

Automizy advanced editor

To make your emails really stand out, you can embed videos on your emails. Automizy gives you a lot of control over what you can include in your email and how you want it to look. So you should experiment with all the available options.

Subject Line Tester

The Subject Line Tester lets Automizy’s AI technology predict the performance of your subject lines before you send your emails to people. It uses deep learning technology to analyze email campaigns so that it can make the best predictions regarding your subject line’s chances at success.

According to Automizy, its AI continues to learn from real email campaigns. This is what makes it stand out from other email subject line testers that use industry best practices that are rarely updated.

Every time you set up an email campaign, you can enter your subject line and ask Automizy to improve it.

Automizy improve subject line

You’ll then be awarded a score that you could use as a basis for replacing the subject line with a better one or using it outright. You can continue testing subject lines until you’re satisfied with your overall score.

Alternatively, you can set up AB testing (split testing) to see which subject lines work best based on how your recipients respond to your emails. You can AB test up to four subject lines per campaign.


You can integrate third-party apps to add even more functionality to your email campaigns. Here’s a rundown of all the apps that can work with Automizy.

  • Contact generation: Elementor, WishList Member, Beacon, Fluent Forms, Groupboss, Optimonk, Unbounce, and Green Forms
  • Sales: Hyperise, Silfer Bots, Salestools, Agile, InboxAds, and RetargetKit
  • Automation: Zapier, Integromat, Integrately,, and Pabby Connect
  • Email verification: Clearout and VerifyBee
  • E-commerce: Cart2WP
  • Public API: Rest API and Webhook

Importing contacts

You can import contacts in three ways. You can add contacts manually, import a list as a CSV file, or you can integrate through third-party tools.

Once you’re able to import all of your contacts, you can start sending them your email campaigns. If you don’t have contacts, you can use Automizy’s forms and integrations to start one and keep it growing.

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