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What is NeoRed?

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An E-Mailing automation solution with full deliverability. Verified email bases, advanced segmentation, responsive content and detailed analytics. Exclusive “NeoCheckup” method for Perfect Mailing. Companies prefer NeoRed for its agile and sophisticated integrations. You will be able to be multichannel with NeoSMS, NeoConecta (WhatsApp), NeoWiFi. Here you are not just one more, enjoy our acclaimed accompaniment from understanding your objectives to the execution of the strategy.

What do you like best about Neo Software?

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Very easy to use, very easy to learn, staff love it. Flexible, allows for user defined fields. Regular updates with additional functionality, not just corrections. The support staff is world class! Friendly, knowledgeable and always available.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about Neo Software?

Reporting was more limited, but now is expanding. At first we had to have 3rd party Boarding solution, but now that is built in. At first we paid for SMS messages, but now that is built in. I don’t really have anything I dislike about it.Review collected by and hosted on

Recommendations to others considering Neo Software:

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Get a demo, then get access to a trial, see how easy it is to set up. See how easy it is to learn how to do anything by accessing the “Help Me” tab in the bottom right corner. You’ll be sold like we were. Ask other vendors what features they have added to their software for no addition fee over the past two years. I doubt you’ll find many. Neo has added good reporting, good A/R tracking, GREAT boarding and are currently working on integrated SMS. They also listen to users about feature function.Review collected by and hosted on

What problems is Neo Software solving and how is that benefiting you?

Quick checkout for clients. Easy access to records and information, vitals and Rx’s for medical team staff. We are more efficient than before, we process patients through the hospital more quickly. The auto interface of x-rays and lab results saves time and helps us avoid missed charges. Text messaging allows us to be proactive in messaging clients as well as following up on missed services that are needed by their pets.

Benefits of using NeoRed

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Mix your Mailing plan with SMS, WhatsApp and Push Notifications.
Connect with your subscribers in new ways. Send a reminder or a timely discount and keep your company on your customer’s mind, with automations that arrive directly to your audience’s mobile.

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