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Gosquared Web Analytics Overview

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Gosquared is a digital analytics platform. It offers real-time website analytics which help to grow business. It helps to improve digital and social presence and also enhance customer relationships.

Gosquared Analytics analyzes visitor behavior across sites and apps to evaluate and improve the performance of marketing and make smarter marketing decisions.

It provides intuitive dashboards that work across multiple devices to monitor all key web metrics. Data from website visitors is anonymised by default. It is GDPR compliant. It provides dail email reports with all key metrics.

About GoSquared

The fully integrated platform to manage the lifecycle of the customers of your subscription businesses. Customer Engagement Software. Improve user engagement and retention with effortless, personalised, multi-channel messaging. Real-Time Web Analytics. Award-winning and market-defining real-time web analytics to understand and improve your acquisition. Live-Chat Software. Intelligent live chat software to convert more website visitors to sign-ups.
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What isGoSquared?

Award-winning software for subscription businesses to manage the full lifecycle of their customers. The platform offers advanced analytics and multi-channel messaging to better understand, segment and engage with customers. It offers intuitive real-time web analytic dashboards to better understand web traffic for customer acquisition. GoSquared also provides intelligent live chat software to capture more of that traffic to sign-ups.

What do you like best about GoSquared?

GoSquareds layout is extremely user friendly and I love that about the product! I have been thru so many other Software products and by far have yet to come across one that has benefited me as much as go Squared has!

What do you dislike about GoSquared?

It’s not the best product when it comes time to dealing with there customer service center but the great thing about the software is that it is so very simple to use that you don’t really have to deal with there customer service side of things!

Recommendations to others considering GoSquared:

I would definitely recommend this software!

What problems is GoSquared solving and how is that benefiting you?

I can honestly say GoSquared is topnotch for me when it comes to Softwares for Business purposes. GoSquared has helped me out tremendously when it comes to how I communicate with or interact with my customers. Before using GoSquared I had a problem with communicating with customers, as to now since after using this software, engaging with customers is now simple.

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  • “This is a programme that is so easy to pick up with such clever capabilities.”
  • “The team are awesome, very friendly and helpful to us and our customers. As a software provider ourselves, we only recommend tech that we think to be great, like GoSquared.”
  • “Overall, it worked for our company in the early stages of our user numbers, but at some point we outgrew it and had to look to other solutions.”
  • “Great for real-time analytics on site visitor activity. The live-chat feature works like a charm too.”


  • “There are a few issues that we have found, but honestly have failed to report because they are so minor. And we can always get what we need on the desktop version.”
  • “This after you even pay, they will take away features from you until you contact their customer service, which AGAIN DOES NOT REPLY.”

What is GoSquared and how does it work?

GoSquared Software is a platform to acquire leads, build a product, close deals. Measure your marketing, generate reports on your website performance. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

GoSquared Core Features

  • Campaign Management
  • Goal Tracking
  • Multiple Site Management
  • Pageview Tracking
  • Referral Source Tracking
  • Time on Site Tracking
  • User Interaction Tracking

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Who are their main alternatives?

Two major alternatives of GoSquared are Exact Business Analytics and Microsoft SharePoint. Exact offers various features in common with GoSquared such as ad hoc analysis, ad hoc reporting, dashboard customization, performance measurements and social media integration. However, it lacks the features of e-commerce analytics and page-view analytics. Its additional features include automated scheduled reporting, predictive analysis, and graphic benchmark tools.

Microsoft SharePoint lacks the features of ad hoc reporting, ad hoc analysis, performance measurements, page-view analytics, and e-commerce analysis. It offers the features of graphic benchmark tools, dashboard customization, automated scheduled reporting, and mobile business intelligence. Unlike GoSquared, Microsoft SharePoint does not offer a free trial.

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