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About Campayn

Campayn - Accurate Reviews

Campayn allows you to create, share and track email newsletters and marketing emails. The ‘Free for Life’ plan allows you to send 20,000 emails to 2,000 contacts per month. Includes robust features like list segmentation, contact level reporting and ROI tracking. All your emails are responsive and look great on mobile devices.


  • “I like Campayn because it is a great software for email marketing. It allows you to send outbound emails within seconds and interact with customers via email with ease.”
  • “Easy to create nice e-mails, has a lot of templates, great for mass delivering.”
  • “The e-mail design is great, all the reports are easy to see. And they also have a contact list which can be helpful when importing your e-mail addresses from other apps.”
  • “The big highlight and what we like most about using Campayn are the reports. These are very complete and detailed and help in the marketing analysis of a product or service emailed to customers.”


  • “The process of viewing and editing the design or sending details of an email are quite clunky. Having used Mailchimp for work, the Campayn workflow to modify an email seems very poor.”
  • “Had to refer to knowledge base because I was stuck. Confirm email” button looks like a checkbox, I’ve only accidentally discovered it was a link.”
  • “The verification process to vetting the contact list help us to eliminate fake email and inactive email.”
  • “I need a basic in email marketing system before operating this software, because they are quite confusing and not much video guides provided by the developer.”

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What do you like best about Campayn?

I love the way how easy campayn is to use and how versatile activity reporting it gives back. I love the fact i can track website visitors and i can use email and data editor filters to run a campaign. Campayn has really increased our conversion and lead generation rates.

What do you dislike about Campayn?

I really don’t see any dislikes for campayn other than availability of integrations with other Channels and CRMs so that we can track all marketing activities under one umbrella. That’s something can be looked upon.

What problems is Campayn solving and how is that benefiting you?

We are using campayn for our email campaigns and newsletter. And Campayn has generated ton of leads for us. It has increased our productivity and increase lead generation rates. It has also been of the tools we use daily for our analytics of website visitors.

Campayn Description

Campayn makes email design a snap. There are dozens of email templates available for free. They are all responsive and compatible with any device. Upload your CSV spreadsheet to import your contacts. You can also connect Campayn with Gmail or Yahoo. Campayn provides detailed email analytics. Let’s take a look at the numbers together and discover ways to make your campaign more successful. Start fresh or use a free template to create your email newsletter. Campayn offers many theme options that will match your website and create professional-looking emails. Import your list, copy-and-paste emails, or import your email list from other online services such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Highrise. You can either create simple sign-up forms that can be embedded on your website, or you could create a full-page form that you can access from your tablet or smartphone if it’s convenient for you.

Campayn - Accurate Reviews

What are the Features of Campayn?

Here are some of the most common Campayn features:

  1. Customer details
  2. Calendar
  3. Google Mail
  4. Contact Manager
  5. Email Automation
  6. Reporting
  7. Email Templates

How does Campayn work?

Campayn is primarily used for Customer details,Calendar,Google Mail,Contact Manager,Email Automation,Reporting and Email Templates. It has an intuitive interface and is simple to use. For more information,

How to use Campayn?

Get started with Campayn in 6 simple steps:
Step 1: Buy Campayn online
Step 2: Install Campayn on your device (on-premise)/ Directly login through the Campayn website (web-based
Step 3: Sign up on the Campayn portal
Step 4: Create your account using Campayn login credentials
Step 5: Add users & assign permission
Step 6: Get started with Campayn

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What is the price of Campayn?

Campayn price in India starts at Rs.0.00. Campayn comes with multiple pricing plans and caters to a diverse customer base.

Price of Campayn may vary based on factors like customization, additional features required, number of users, and the deployment type. Please request a call back for Campayn subscription details and to avail offers on Campayn premium packages.

What is Campayn and how does it work?

Campayn is a simple and cost-effective email marketing tool that enables you to develop engaging and interactive email campaigns in a matter of seconds. It gives you access to hundreds of free email templates, all of which are responsive and compatible with any device. With Campayn, you can upload your CSV file, paste it into your contact list, or link Campayn to Yahoo, Gmail, or other services to import your lists from anywhere and get precise email analytics. You can create an email newsletter from scratch or use a free template. The platform offers theme design choices that make it easy to generate professional-looking emails. With a gorgeous design that represents your business, you can create the ideal background for your email message using Campayn. Using Campayn’s automated processes, you can send timely, tailored emails to your contacts. This time-saving function utilizes triggers to send emails like Birthday greetings and welcome messages automatically. Additionally, you can embed an easy-to-format link that allows consumers to download items to their smart device or computer to share contracts, digital brochures, and eBooks.

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