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What is Cyberimpact?

Cyberimpact Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Cyberimpact is a Canadian company that bring the power of email marketing to small businesses and organizations with a simple and easy to use platform. Increase customer loyalty, grow your sales, automate your marketing and get to know your audience better with our powerful tools. Get great flexibility for your email design with our drag-and-drop editor, segment your mailing lists and measure the success of your campaigns with

Cyberimpact’s platform. Why choose Cyberimpact?

You will also have a top-notch, fully bilingual customer support.

Respect Canada’s Anti-Spam Law.

Your contacts’ personal data are hosted locally on Canadian servers.

Billing in CAD – No credit card required to create a free account

About Cyberimpact

Cyberimpact Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2022

Cyberimpact is a Canada-based email marketing solution that allows Canadian businesses and organizations to send out promotional emails and comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam Law. With Cyberimpact, you can manage your subscribers and their consent, create stunning email campaigns, view clear statistics and benefit from marketing automation. The tool is easy to use, even for non-marketers! You can use Cyberimpact in English or French and receive outstanding customer service in both languages.

What do you like best about Cyberimpact?

I really like how CyberImpact offers automated systems, along with making personalized efforts for their customers to make their experience the best it can be.

What do you dislike about Cyberimpact?

CyberImpact can definitely grow on a larger scale. Despite the amazing things, I think if they put an effort out to reach larger audiences they can then get more advice and such on how to improve on a larger scale.

What problems is Cyberimpact solving and how is that benefiting you?

Cyberimpact offers all the tools needed to succeed in marketing, in a very professional manner. Not many places use effective contacting systems and such, so this offers a solution to that.

Cyberimpact Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2022


  • “We’re so happy to have found Cyberimpact and everything is great so far.”
  • “The program does an excellent job of tracking statistics which allows us to monitor the effectiveness of our email campaigns.”
  • “They’re support has been the best I’ve dealt with, willing to help with every facet of their platform, including integrations.”
  • “I recommend you try them and see for yourself what customer service should be like.”


  • “When an email is rejected it goes into an invalid file and you cannot just move it back – you have to delete and then re-enter unless you get the customer support.”
  • “Can’t think of anything to dislike at this point.”
  • “Which is sometimes confusing as whether you’re actually using the most recent draft.”
  • “Nothing I can think about was negative about CYBERIMPACT.”

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Software Cyberimpact for Canadians

What is Cyberimpact and how does it work?

Cyberimpact is a fully-featured email marketing software offering comprehensive solutions for startups, agencies, small and midsize businesses. Embedded features within the same works best for marketing and advertising businesses alike. Cyberimpact with its wide range of intuitive features, helps businesses accomplish scheduled sales and marketing goals in real-time. An email editor loaded within the same lets users create professional and personalised emails within minutes. Users can also cultivate their contact list with the help of customisable subscription forms, which can be easily integrated with websites and social media platforms in a seamless manner. With a comprehensive tool library, Cyberimapct facilitates seamless image editing without an external photo-editing application. Further, users also get to categorise contacts into relevant fields and send personalised and targeted emails to build customer loyalty, using the automated marketing feature offered by the same. Cyberimpact also promises real-time integration with applications like Excel and Google Sheets besides being available in French and English.

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