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About MonkeyPod

MonkeyPod Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2022

MonkeyPod helps nonprofits get down to business. Accounting, donor management, grants management, CRM, email marketing, online fundraising, and more — all in one simple, integrated platform. Consider it your nonprofit-in-a-box. OPERATIONS People can do amazing things when they apply their creativity, empathy, and passion. But not if they’re stuck doing repetitive tasks and frustrating busywork. Reclaim your time with MonkeyPod. Empower your team with the information that they need to do their jobs. Everyone who needs access, gets it — add unlimited users with no information gatekeepers required. Control access and visibility to sensitive information with fine-grained user permissions. Make informed decisions with accurate, real-time reports and data.
Let technology do what it does best. Record online donations, ticket sales, and other transactions automatically with no human intervention or data entry required. Auto-import transactions from your online banking. Auto-release restricted grant funds when making approved expenditures. Automatically track actual revenue and expenses alongside budgeted projections Get a clear picture of your finances without having to be an expert. True nonprofit accounting with built-in safeguards means you’re always in compliance and always know where things stand. Manage project-restricted grants with confidence, always knowing exactly how much is left to spend. Let your team members manage their own budgets while you keep a big picture perspective using powerful budgeting tools.
OUTREACH & COMMUNICATIONS Communication is the lifeblood of a thriving community. Build an organization that communicates effectively and consistently to create lasting relationships. Develop an even deeper understanding of your community’s unique interests, needs, and priorities. Customize MonkeyPod Relationships CRM to track the data that matters most. Group custom data fields together by themes for easy organization and visibility Get the right information to the right people at the right time. Create finely tuned audience segments with user-friendly search and reporting. Plan and send targeted communications with fully integrated email marketing. Effortlessly add audience segments to email lists with one click. Grow all you want — adding data will never increase your price. Add unlimited contacts, unlimited email subscribers, and unlimited email campaigns at no additional cost.
FUNDRAISING Take your fundraising to the next level with MonkeyPod’s fundraising toolbox that automates the busywork and lets you get back to building relationships. Raise more money in less time with unlimited online fundraising pages and streamlined processing. Donors are automatically added to MonkeyPod Relationships CRM. Receipts are automatically sent. And your books are automatically updated. Identify new donor prospects and lapsed donors with simple but robust search. See a full record of all financial activity — earned and contributed revenue, expenses, and payments — for every donor and customer. Search donors by financial activity, geography, or any of the custom data that is unique to your organization. And align donors with new campaigns based on their interests. Empower your board or other VIP stakeholders to become fundraising champions. Create customized peer-to-peer fundraising pages with unique links and one-click sharing to social media. Manage planning with built-in project management pipelines. Track fundraising referrals with soft credits so you’ll always know who your true fundraising heroes are.
Gusto and MonkeyPod

What is MonkeyPod?

MonkeyPod helps nonprofits get down to business. Nonprofit fund accounting, donor management, CRM, email marketing, online fundraising, grant management, and more – all in one simple, integrated platform. Consider it your nonprofit-in-a-box. MonkeyPod supports organizations as they grow by offering: unlimited users, unlimited CRM entities, unlimited email subscribers and campaigns, unlimited fundraising pages and embedded donation forms, and unlimited budgets — all at no additional cost.


  • “I feel that they not only listen to our organization’s needs, but they really care about helping us to make data-based decisions to more successfully serve our community.”
  • “The CRM management is useful and comprehensive. Thank you letters are easy to create using the Fundraising Reports from MonkeyPod and Word.”
  • “For data-minded individuals, the amount of reporting and grouping and classifiying that can be done with such ease is astounding.”
  • “I love MonkeyPod and I love the people behind it. It’s a smart tool for small organizations and for arts administrators who are artists first and administrators second.”

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  • “MonkeyPod doesn’t currently support contra accounts, although that might change.”
  • “The main problem with MonkeyPod is one that we would have with any tool–namely, the reluctance of some of our staff and Board members to take the time to learn a new tool.”
  • “I would say it is slightly more difficult to integrate MonkeyPod if you are switching to it before your fiscal year is over.”
  • “One thing we were worried about was the data migration and the complications of learning a new software.”

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