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What is Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Affordable Email Marketing Platform – Bulk + Drip + Transactional – Free up to 1,000 Contacts BigMailer supports all major email campaign types – bulk, automation, drip, auto-responders, rss to email, and transactional – and allows high volume senders consolidate all their email activities on a single platform. Built-in brand management allows for optimized workflows for agencies, large teams, multi-product businesses, and makers with multiple projects. Invite unlimited users or clients with appropriate permission level and change access anytime. White label option available on agency and enterprise plans. Bounces, unsubscribes, and complaints are handled automatically. Self-service option to export or delete lists anytime without reaching out to support. Flexible options for email template management – build beautiful mobile optimized templates with our drag-n-drop editor, or use our classic editor to manage your existing branded templates and edit as rich text or code. Host unlimited images for use in your templates. Share selected templates between brands. All accounts start on free tier, no CC required.

About BigMailer

Email Marketing Platform for Agencies. Bulk+automation+transactional email for a simple flat fee and unified customer view. UNLIMITED brands, users, lists, forms, templates, and image hosting at no extra cost. Customizable unsubscribe page. Invite team members or clients with permission levels. Drag-n-Drop editor, HTML editor, and templates library. Powerful segmentation, geo targeting, & more. 7-day chat support.
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What do you like best about

Setting up BigMailer was easy. Their instructions for setting up Amazon SES are clear and easy to follow, unlike some other email services I tried. The pricing structure is extremely reasonable making this a fantastic transition for us from Mailchimp. eMails that would have cost us hundreds of dollars are FAR more economical using BigMailer. Any issues I experienced were quickly resolved by their support personnel via chat. I was able to get up and running relatively quickly and get my first campaign set-up fast. Using the mail builder is pretty easy, even for the graphically challenged. I got my template set up and ready go to with my branding in place and my messaging optimized. Since we hadn’t sent an email blast to our entire audience in quite some time, I had an issue with bounces which BigMailer immediately caught and paused my campaign! I was then able to clean up my list and finish the campaign without incurring any issues with Amazon SES due to high bounce rates. I didn’t even know that something was broken yet BigMailer helped me fix it! We couldn’t be more pleased and we’ll continue to use BigMailer for the foreseeable future.

What do you dislike about

The only problem I experienced was trying to get a test email sent of the “Text Only” version of my broadcast, but I was able to verify via chat that everything would be fine.

What problems is solving and how is that benefiting you?

BigMailer has allowed us to grow our list beyond what would have cost us quite a bit of money with other mail systems so we’ve been able to realize some savings while still being able to broadcast to our entire list.

BigMailer Review 2021: Perfect For Amazon SES Integration?


  • “I like that I can log in, choose my campaign, & view the reported results easily. My favorite report feature is the ability to click & re-engage clients with segmentation & suppression lists.”
  • “Particularly love the email reports section which gives a comprehensive look of the complete campaign. Managing unsubscribes, segments and complaints is pretty easy as well.”
  • “There are many great features available in the software. Here are a few of the features that we found useful for our needs till now.”
  • “There are many great features available in the software. Here are a few of the features that we found useful for our needs till now.”


  • “None to mention , but if I did have a complaint I would be the first to voice it.”
  • “Too many bounces would stop Big Mailer from sending emails. I am not sure why ‘bounces’ happen, because I got my email’s contact addresses from purchased email’s addresses and also some subscribers.”
  • “But since the ‘bounces’ have really interrupted my marketing processes, so I assume that my investment in purchasing email addresses are quite a big waste.”
  • “The only thing I dislike about BigMailer is that they do not make it easy to see how many times a contact opens an email and what they click.” Alternatives for Enterprise Businesses in 2022 | G2

What is BigMailer and how does it work?

BigMailer is a cloud-based tool that helps companies of all sizes automate processes for managing digital campaigns using an Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) account. By showing diverse campaigns, lists, and forms on a unified dashboard, BigMailer allows users to manage multiple brands from a single location. Auto-responding, drip campaigns, event-triggered emailing, mailing list management, customisable fields, and landing pages/web forms are some of BigMailer’s key features. Lists can be defined depending on custom data and collecting source, and list engagement can be measured by the number of opens and clicks. The drag-and-drop interface in BigMailer allows businesses to change current branded templates as well as create mobile-friendly templates. BigMailer allows users to create bespoke opt-out choices for message types such as newsletters, special offers, product updates, and more. To promote location-based marketing, the system imports consumer IP addresses and manages sign-up forms. BigMailer enables teams to create reports based on email campaign engagement, which aids in decision-making and sales performance.

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