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What is WoowUp?

WoowUp Reviews, Prices & Ratings | GetApp UAE 2022

We are a CRM specialized in Retail. Omnichannel and predictive, WoowUp allows stores to make intelligence of their databases: create segments and set triggers. We work towards the same objective: to know current clients and offer them what they need to retain them and achieve an increase in sales.
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Focused on eCommerce and retail for all of LATAM, large firms trust WoowUp to manage from the company’s sales objectives to impact with product launches and marketing campaigns.

About WoowUp

WoowUp Reviews, Prices & Ratings | GetApp UAE 2022

Create a unique profile of each customer that contains all their purchase data, interactions, data calculated as frequency or preferred product and different data sources that connect to a single customer profile. Reports measure the correct capture and evolution of the quality of data from each connected source. We solve the problem of incomplete or poor quality data: Automated tools correct data, unify repeated profiles, correct emails and misspelled data, identify targets to complete, assign gender and enrich customer profiles with calculated business indicators. Segment your customer base in simple clicks, with pre-designed filters and filters created for your specific business. Create clusters of your customers, by products purchased, categories, size, average spend, number of visits, expiration dates, SKU, preferred store, RFM, date and many more.

WoowUp Description

WoowUp Software - 2022 Reviews, Pricing & Demo

Each customer should have a unique profile that includes all their purchase data, interactions, and data such as frequency or preferred products. Reports track the evolution and correct capture of data from all connected sources. Automated tools solve the problem of poor quality or incomplete data. They correct duplicate profiles, correct misspelled emails, identify targets, complete them, assign genders, and enrich customer profiles using calculated business indicators. With pre-designed filters or filters that are tailored to your business, segmenting your customer base is as easy as clicking a few buttons. You can create clusters of customers based on their products, purchase history, visit frequency, expiration dates, product categories, spend, size, number of visits, expiration dates and SKU.

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