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About MailMonitor

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From inbox placement and blocklist monitoring to email campaign performance analytics, MailMonitors has every essential tool you need to optimize your email marketing campaigns and ensure youre always following email marketing best practices.

Knowing exactly where your campaigns are going to land is important, but ensuring they reach your subscribers’ Inbox is a game-changer. Email Marketing is about building trust with internet server providers. Tracking your reputation and keeping it strong helps improve your email deliverability. Solving your email deliverability issues starts with tracking your reputation. Find out how the largest spam filter companies rate your campaign. Blocklists can significantly hurt your reputation. Monitoring your IP addresses and domains help you take immediate action and delist if you get blocklisted. Reinforcing email authentication provides the strongest email domain protection, ensuring proper deliverability to all your email campaigns. Customer experience is key to all first-class brands. Email previews help you detect bad formatting, broken links and code issues, before they reach the Inbox.

What is MailMonitor?

From inbox placement and blocklist monitoring to email campaign performance analytics, MailMonitor’s has every essential tool you need to optimize your email marketing campaigns and ensure you’re always following email marketing best practices. MailMonitor is your technology partner that you always needed to make the most of your email marketing campaigns and improve their deliverability. We determine if your campaign will make it to your customer’s inbox before you spend a penny on it. We empower you to fix issues and become a marketing hero.

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  • “My overall experience with MailMonitor has been great. I have been able to service my clients, and help them improve their deliverability with the assistance of these tools.”
  • “I like the reputation and quality of the seed list. It gives us an accurate picture around email domains that need to attention and improvement.”
  • “Overall the experience has been good. We love the platform and the ability to monitor email deliverability health across all our domains.”
  • “Great tool for monitoring and improving email deliverability.”


  • “Before using this product we struggled with losing leads due to lack of communication.”
  • “I would like to see more information around the spam trap data that is provided through their monitoring services.”

What do you like best about MailMonitor?

After struggling a lot with the effectiveness of our email marketing campaigns, we finally found MailMonitor. Most of the other similar products seemed very overpriced for the size of your agency. With MailMonitor we found the software that really improved our email campaigns deliverability and for a very reasonable cost.

What do you dislike about MailMonitor?

No cons so far! Awesome customer service, very understandable functionality of the monitoring reports and the deliverability assessment personalised service is just great for beginners in the matter.

Recommendations to others considering MailMonitor:

Most of the Email Marketers not necessarily focus on the technical side of the reasons why their campaigns are not delivering as they would like to. MailMonitor is solving these issues for a quite reasonable cost, making each email campaign more effective and supporting business growth.

Having a good domain and IP reputation is a key for achieving a good deliverability.

What problems is MailMonitor solving and how is that benefiting you?

Email deliverability and Campaigns optimization and effectiveness.

Spam scores for our email campaigns.

Blocklist monitoring avoiding being blocklisted.

MailMonitor Description

MailMonitor Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2022

It is important to know exactly where your campaigns will land. However, ensuring that they reach your subscribers’ Inboxes is crucial. Email Marketing is about trusting internet server providers. Your email deliverability will improve if you keep track of your reputation. Tracking your reputation is the first step to solving your email deliverability problems. Find out how the top spam filter companies rate your campaign. Blocklists can seriously damage your reputation. If you are blocked, you can monitor your IP addresses and domains to take immediate action and delist. Email authentication is the best way to ensure that all your emails are delivered. All first-class brands place importance on customer experience. Email previews can help you spot problems with formatting, broken links, and code before they reach your Inbox.

What is MailTrack and how does it work?

MailTrack, as the name suggests, is an Email tracking software for Gmail that is made in Barcelona. The software has been featured in renowned magazines and digital platforms such as BuzzFeed, Forbes, Computer World, The New York Times, Financial Time, and PC World. With this software, one can keep a track of when their emails have been opened and at what time. This software is secure and none of the data is shared with third parties and the software is absolutely privacy compliant. Further, it sends a real-time notification pop-up when an email is opened. As a result, it is easy to track whether one’s important emails are being delivered and read. The software is fast and lightweight offering seamless integration with Gmail which is simple. Users get unlimited free email tracking forever which is reliable as it provides accurate tracking. Also, MailTrack is used by professionals at Indeed, Harvard College, Groupon, Uber, Yahoo, and BBVA.

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