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What is MailClickConvert?


MailClickConvert is a high-volume bulk email marketing software that enables you to send 100% CAN-SPAM compliant campaigns.

MailClickConvert is a bulk email marketing solution that enables you to send emails to your cold, purchased contact lists. Our mission is to help businesses consistently fill the sales funnel with fresh leads by effectively using bulk email marketing. Our software is 100% CAN-SPAM compliant and is currently being used by thousands of businesses around the world. Founded by entrepreneurs who see the need to make bulk email marketing faster, easier, and even more successful.

MailClickConvert Overview

MailClickConvert is a Lead Generation with Bulk Email Marketing software with high deliverability rates allowing to send emails to cold contacts. It enables email purchased lists and CAN-SPAM compliant.

MailClickConvert email marketing continues to deliver a high ROI compared to traditional marketing, reach millions of customers, personalize offer for each prospect, In-depth reporting on campaign performance, sales funnel with quality leads, schedule email campaigns by date and time, monitors domain and IP Reputation, choose the speed of email campaigns, even import existing email templates and host images, and automatically clean list on upload.

MailClickConvert features include advanced campaign reports, reputation monitoring, unlimited contacts, dedicated IP address, free image hosting, list cleaning, personalized emails and more.

MailClickConvert Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2022


  • “Overall campaign performance is excellent considering the limitations on what cold email marketing can do. Best bang for buck purchase we have made this year.”
  • “This is an example of the service that I don’t get even from a CRM service that’s more expensive. As a fairly new client, this is the type of service that keeps small business clients, like me, happy.”
  • “Support has been very responsive during our implementation, seemingly available at all hours of the day. The product has also been very affordable and implementation was simple.”
  • “A good tool to safely reach thousands more prospects.”


  • “Reporting is also a bit manual, as the in-platform metrics are limited and full reports need to be exported in order to provide full visibility.”
  • “No automation just basic sequence which is a bummer.”
  • “However, when you start trying to use it that you start noticing that it is essentially a fairly crappy tool probably put together like a combined patch of scripts.”
  • “We spent about $600 testing this and it was a complete disaster. Stay away if you can or prepare to suffer.”

What do you like best about MailClickConvert?

1. It is a secure email marketing Platform for businesses to generate Lead.

2. We can send bulk emails using dedicated IP Address for campaigns.

3. Easily import and export contact data for multiple emails campaigns.

4. Track Email Campaigns real time and generate Daily reports to show results.

5. Personalize all emails to improve Business lead conversion.

6. Affordable email marketing software with live customer support.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about MailClickConvert?

No issue found in Mail Click Convert Software. It is easy to manage our email campaigns and target users with proper customer support.

Recommendations to others considering MailClickConvert:

If you have a startup or small business then you should try Mail Click Convert Software for business sales. It’s monthly plan price is not too high. We can easily afford and work smoothly with marketing campaigns.

What problems is MailClickConvert solving and how is that benefiting you?

Every business needs customers, due to this pandemic to reach the customer, online marketing is a single way. By using Mail ClickConvert, we can target our new and old customers by sending business promotion emails. This software provides multiple choices to use business templates and grow business networks. Mail Click Convert keeps our customer data secure and provides email delivery rate high due to the fast server. We can store additional images on it’s server and use for our email campaigns. Overall, Mail Click Convert Software is a good one in comparison to other email marketing software. We can track all emails and improve business campaigns results.

MailClickConvert Pricing, Reviews, & Features in 2022

MailClickConvert Description

MailClickConvert allows you to send emails without affecting the reputation of your website to cold or purchased contacts. Email any third-party list. No opt-in required Send secure emails from our servers 100% CAN-SPAM compliant High deliverability rates Bulk email marketing converts cold contacts into leads. MailClickConvert, unlike traditional email marketing softwares allows you to send mass emails to any cold or purchased contact list. We are also 100% CAN-SPAM compatible. Email marketing continues to deliver high ROI compared with traditional marketing. Email marketing is cheaper than direct mailers, PPC, or SMM and has a lower cost per email. MailClickConvert’s software is designed to deliver emails faster, so you can send emails to cold contacts or purchased contacts.

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