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What is OutboundEngine?

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OutboundEngine helps businesses grow by making online marketing simple and easy for everyone. We create beautiful, high-impact marketing campaigns, deliver them automatically and track engagement to show who’s ready to have a conversation. Our platform strengthens relationships with customers, partners and prospects to uncover more opportunities with less work.

About OutboundEngine

OutboundEngine is a cloud-based email marketing solution targeting small and midsize companies. It caters to real estate, insurance, mortgage, financial advisors, automotive, wellness, legal and marketing industries. Primary features include marketing automation, social CRM, web self-service and knowledge management applications. OutboundEngine can generate automated email newsletters. These email campaigns include shareable content. They have links for clients to recommend businesses to friends. Users are notified when clients recommend them and they can reach out directly to them. Users have access to a dashboard that displays campaigns before they are sent, check on previous campaigns, view success rates and manage contact lists. OutboundEngine is priced on a monthly subscription. OutboundEngine offers customer support, such as setting up Facebook business pages, LinkedIn profiles and Twitter accounts for users.

What do you like best about OutboundEngine?

I love the idea and the promises that the sales team made to me. Increase email open by 2x, increase click-through by 50%. We actually saw a decline in both metrics.

OutboundEngine Software - 2022 Reviews, Pricing & Demo

What do you dislike about OutboundEngine?

False advertising. Terrible content that wasn’t applicable to my market, region, or hemisphere. All the lousy click bate. It actually became an embarrassment for me and my brand. They also don’t tell you that they will filter out large swaths of your email contacts. If you have anyone with a Yahoo! email account, they are out. They have this logic to reduce bounce and spam, which was interesting because all my work email does now since using them is go into everyone’s spam folder. So lame. So they failed on all accounts and all promises, you would think they would let you cancel, NOPE! you have to keep paying. So I asked them to at least stop sending emails out on my behalf, they agreed, and kept sending the terrible emails.

What problems is OutboundEngine solving and how is that benefiting you?

The promise is that they would take the wheel at touching my sphere of influence and cultivate interest and monitor activity so people would bubble up to the top and you could focus on them. Their software platform did do that so it was pretty cool the way it worked. The content they used was just terrible so it didn’t matter. Trying to get your own original content into the newsletter was less than easy or optimized.


  • “Interaction with OBE staff was relatively easy and I liked the product offerings. The newsletter quality allows me to customize pieces of it with my own editorial content.”
  • “This software helps me hit a specific target group while saving me a lot of time. OBE was the only source I knew of that did this at the time, but it has saved me time and has been great to use.”
  • “I thought the articles and content was the best out of my options and want to save time. I really like the content of the material and the fact that my content is unique to my clients.”
  • “It does all of my marketing tasks practically for me, which is terrific. My clients enjoy the content and many have even reached out to me about it.”


  • “Using them and another 3rd party; made no since. If one failed, so goes the other.”
  • “This was the most unprofessional experience both with the sales team and the manager. On a Wednesday of the same week, we had the sales call.”
  • “Thinking they would be able to do what they say they could, we signed a 1 year deal. After using them now for 4 months we are very unhappy with the product they offer.”
  • “The content they post is not relevant and we have not gotten one lead from the service. We are stuck using them even thought the service is terrible, because we signed a 1 year contract.”

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What is OutboundEngine and how does it work?

OutboundEngine is a marketing automation software, explicitly designed to help businesses in attaining their marketing outreach and elevating their growth with its simple and easy online marketing strategy. It helps keep up with the customers in an informative and simplified way without getting too spammy. Outbound Engine software is built in such a way that it involves enterprising and reaching out to customers to get them interested in a specific product. In contrast, it focuses on creating and dispensing content that draws customers’ attention to their website. This software can create high impactful marketing campaigns, generate them automatically and track engagement to determine who is ready to have a proper conversation. This software is highly concerned about strengthening the relationship with partners, prospective customers and discovers more opportunities with lesser work. It comprises automated social media updates, email newsletters, and a branded business profile that takes care of the entire marketing platform at an affordable cost compared to other tools. It is best for financial advisors, real estate, home services, and automotive industries and follows a subscription-based pricing strategy.

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