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What is Selligent Marketing Cloud?

Selligent Announces the Launch of Selligent Data Studio PRO

Selligent Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation platform that enables B2C brands to engage consumers across all critical channels. Built for the relationship marketer, Selligent Marketing Cloud is the only marketing cloud built on single code base, featuring artificial intelligence and a Customer Data Platform with a universal consumer profile at the core of every action. Today, more than 700 brands across retail, travel, automotive, publishing, and financial services rely on the Selligent Marketing Cloud platform to execute their marketing, including Asda, InterContinental Hotels Group, and ING. With 10 offices across the United States and Europe and more than 50 agency partners, Selligent Marketing Cloud serves clients in over 30 countries and provides the kind of personal and local service that brands expect and deserve.

About Selligent

Selligent is a cloud-based marketing automation solution designed to help businesses create and manage marketing campaigns via email, text message, social networks, websites and through customer care channels. The solution serves businesses of all sizes across the retail, entertainment, media, hospitality and financial sectors. Key capabilities include contextual personalization, behavioral targeting, campaign management tools and response analysis. The multichannel consumer profile feature allows marketers to capture customer details from different platforms and build centralized client profiles for targeted marketing campaigns. Selligent’s email marketing tool is equipped with content authoring, batch processing, a survey builder and deliverability monitoring tools. Marketers can also send promotional messages via SMS and in-app push notifications. The social campaigning feature allows marketers to promote campaigns and engage with customers through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
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What do you like best about Selligent Marketing Cloud?

Now we can manage our marketing campaigns from the cloud access, in addition to the fact that it is possible to share with third parties and clients the results and progress of each of the campaigns as well as share information in real time that facilitate the creative process and flow of the information, the costs associated with the deployment have been reduced because under this new situation of remote work we were able to achieve a decrease in administrative costs and a considerable improvement in productivity per employee

What do you dislike about Selligent Marketing Cloud?

I consider that access is a bit vulnerable and that security is an aspect in which it can be improved a lot, access is only protected with a username and password, something that may be susceptible in the future and cause loss of information, in addition to improving the stability of the platform because sometimes it suffers infrequent crashes but that delay our processes of creation and assignment of campaigns

What problems is Selligent Marketing Cloud solving and how is that benefiting you?

We have managed to improve remote work, we have managed to deploy a system that has allowed our collaborators to work from the comfort of their home, this has allowed us to maintain the constant flow of information and has increased the productivity of each of our collaborators as well as well as the number of satisfied customers with our campaigns which are executed in less time.


  • “What I like most about the platform is the ability to set up Life Cycle Marketing programs with as much personalization as my data model can support.”
  • “I like the token syntax and ability for dynamic content and personalization. Reusable templates are easy to create.”
  • “It has enabled us to do truely unique and advanced things.”
  • “We selected selligent because we wanted to use our own data. Selligent has the best data management and construction in the market.”


  • “Under the weight of our daily work and large file size, the user interface and some processes are prone to occasional lag.”
  • “Crashes suddenly when there is no internet connection. Screen fitting on small resokution displays is terrible.”
  • “Some functionality limitations in the drag and drop features, however these can usually be remedied with SQL coding.”
  • “Reporting could be more user-friendly. For a new user, reporting is difficult to navigate.”

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Selligent Marketing Cloud alternatives

Are you looking for an Selligent Marketing Cloud alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Selligent Marketing Cloud alternatives.

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Selligent Description

Selligent Marketing Cloud provides conversion marketing and interactive CRM solutions. The from origin Belgian Selligent offers Cross-Channel Campaign management functions. These enables organizations to plan, define, and execute marketing activities. The company provides an E-mail and interactive marketing solution that enables marketers to go beyond traditional broadcast and maximize conversion rates. Another product is Closed Loop CRM, a cross-channel/campaign management solution.

Selligent serves customers in many industry sectors, including financial services, insurance, telecommunication, travel, media & publishing, retail, automotive, healthcare and manufacturing.

The products are also offered via their partners: System integrators,  marketing service providers and agencies.

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