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About Email Hippo

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Email Hippo makes it easy for marketers, developers and fraud fighters to keep their data clean and protected against the threats of fake, disposable or compromised emails. Looking to improve email deliverability and prevent damage to your sender reputation? Our CORE product lets you check up to 500,000 emails at once using our simple web app, and see any issues via a comprehensive dashboard. With our API, MORE, you can use our email verification technology within your business systems. MORE checks emails against over 70 data points to provide a simple Trust Score, helping you take action against common signs of spam or service abuse. We also offer a dedicated anti-fraud module, ASSESS, which checks emails specifically for evidence of compromise or malicious intent. By using our API on your sign-up page, we can be your first line of defence against account fraud. A pioneer in email verification since 2000, Email Hippo counts some of the world’s biggest data companies among our customers, as well as household consumer brands. In 2017, we became the first email verification company to be ISO27001 certified, and we deliver our services from a global network of data centres to help you meet your compliance and availability requirements.

What is Email Hippo?

Professional email verification service that checks email addresses as users upload lists, or in realtime via the MORE API. The service enables businesses to filter email addresses at sign-up. This prevents data errors and improves communications. Thanks to the award-winning Trust Score, the Email Hippo verification service also helps businesses reduce online fraud. That’s it. Easy to use, effective and trusted by thousands of businesses.


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What do you like best about Email Hippo?

It gives each email a score depending on certain parameters, it is quite useful when we did an integration with our CRM. Plus I like that they have one-time-purchase bundles as well as subscription plans, so you may choose the more convenient way for yourself.

What is Email Hippo and how does it work?

Email Hippo is an ideal email verification software that offers secure, accurate, and fast services through API or web apps. This software is best suited for the anti-fraud teams, developers, and marketers to maintain their data clean. Email Hippo is extremely useful to check email addresses as users upload lists or through MORE API in real-time. Using API to screen emails promptly prevents service and spam abuse. Email Hippo’s anti-fraud and assess tools that can expose fraud risks during signing up and other common mischievous intent signs. Email Hippo is intuitive software with a friendly interface for maintaining and sending emails. Users can upload multiple files at a time and attain all results promptly. Email verification through Email hippo offers users a definitive way to accept or discard emails. Email Hippo is an all-in-one tool to enhance email deliverability or to expose fraud risks during sign-up. Further, it enables a prompt synchronization and a rapid response of support.

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Email Hippo Description

Email verification for businesses to use as a list-checker or as an API connection into any system. Sign-up forms, CRMs, and other locations are common for API integration. This delivers 74 points of information about each address as well as the unique Email Hippo Trust score. The Trust Score indicates whether it is possible to send an e-mail to any email address and whether it is safe to do so. An email address could be valid but may be associated with spamming or ransomware. CORE (self-serve list of up to 500,000 email addresses) and MORE are the two products for email verification. (API returned real-time results.


  • “This helps us make sure we don’t get banned by email campaign software providers and saves us a lot of time trying to undo having the account flagged. Highly recommend this software.”
  • “There aren’t many restrictions, so that’s good if you have large lists. Documentation is present if you wish to learn more about the processes used for email verification.”
  • “This tool has the standard features that email verification tools have plus a few nice extras. I like the high limits for uploading.”
  • “It was integrated into our site with the API v3 and it does its job. If you want to have detailed statistics or settings, you have to develop it for yourself.”


  • “Domain validation sometimes does not work in certain domains other than Gmail, Outlook, etc.”
  • “Practically none existent. No easy settings for different rules over dashboard.”

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