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VoilaNorbert Overview

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VoilaNorbert is an email address locator software that can be used by Sales teams to reach out to leads, recruiting teams to connect with the right talent, and to build links and contacts in areas such as Content Marketing, PR and Business Development.

VoilaNorbert has the reputation of being an email finder, and email verifier software with a high level of accuracy. The list of emails for verification can be submitted in CSV format to Norbert which will be verified and ready for download within a few minutes. It also provides an API for real time verification.

Norbert’s data Enrich feature provides additional details about the email address owner, such as company details, job roles, locations and social media profiles that helps provide the context for building relationships.

About VoilaNorbert

Find corporate emails of decision-makers at scale to build more and better relations. Finding an email address with Voila Norbert couldn’t be any easier. All you need is the full name of your prospect and their company domain name (website URL) Voila Norbert was voted as the most accurate bulk email finder tool by Ahrefs in their annual email finder tools test. Voila Norbert has up to a 98% success rate. Norbert also has an Intelligent email verification tool that can verify emails for you.

What is VoilaNorbert?

Norbert is an intelligent lead generation tool that can find anyone’s corporate email address and enrich it with data that drives conversion.

Best For

Professionals looking to build new, long-lasting relationships for purposes of sales, recruiting, business development, PR and marketing.

Voilanorbert Pricing

After you spend the initial 50 free credits, you can either:

  1. Buy more credits with the prepaid option

  2. Upgrade to a subscription-based plan

Credits start from $50 for 500, while the paid plans start from $49/month for up to 1,000 leads.

Voilanorbert Prospecting Pricing

If you opt to pay annually, you can save between $240 and $1,200, depending on the plan you choose.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll be paying for verification and enrichment features separately. Verification works using the pay-as-you-go model, with each verified email amounting to $0.03.

If you want to acquire additional information about contacts who are already on your mailing lists, you’ll be paying $40 per 1,000 leads for the Enrichment feature.

That’s close to $100/month to take full advantage of everything Voilanorbert has to offer. At this point, most people would either start considering more affordable options or opt for an all-in-one email marketing software that provides way more functionality for the same price.

Before we move on to the features and see if they justify the high monthly cost of using Voilanorbert, let us give you a quick overview of the tool.

What is VoilaNorbert and how does it work?

VoilaNorbert is an email address verification solution that aims to ensure that all the email addresses in your email marketing lists are real and that your emails won’t bounce, as you run the risk of your emails being blocked by email clients. Norbert also gets rid of any duplicate email addresses, as well as spots typos in addresses (made intentionally or by user error), verifies syntax, filters out invalid email address formats, and removes any inactive, invalid or parked domains. To use Norbert’s email verification solution, all you have to do is copy and paste the list of your email addresses into the system and then let it automatically verify and clean your list. Once the process is complete, you can then download the new, clean email address list and use it for email marketing purposes. Norbert also provides a Verify API for PHP, Python, Ruby and .Net., which can validate any email addresses in real-time.

VoilaNorbert Pricing, Reviews and Features (November 2022) -

Voilanorbert Features

For the relatively high monthly cost, it would be reasonable to expect Voilanorbert to offer quite a few advanced features. Sadly, that’s not the case.

Voilanorbert’s features come down to: 

  • Prospecting

  • Contacts

  • Email verification

  • Data enrichment

  • Integrations

There is no data analytics or reporting to speak of within the app. Funnily enough, the Chrome extension Voilanorbert provides seems to offer more functionality than the browser-based application.


Voilanorbert’s prospecting tool allows you to find email addresses from domains. The catch is, you’ll need to provide the prospect’s first and last name, and the company’s full domain, for the tool to do its job.

You can either do this manually or by asking Norbert to search in bulk by uploading a CSV file. At the bare minimum, the CSV file should contain company and contact names.

In our experience, Voilanorbert isn’t the fastest tool out there. It takes Norbert a couple of minutes to find a single email address. If you’re searching in bulk, it’s safe to say you should leave the tool running and come back in a couple of hours to see if it finished.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the tool doesn’t show the email addresses of the contacts it found under ProspectingYou’ll know Norbert finished the search by being able to start a new one, but to actually view the email addresses it gathered, you’d have to navigate to Contacts.


Under the Contacts tab, you’ll see an overview of all the prospects Voilanorbert managed to find from your searches. You can click on the “also show not founds” button to see the ones the tool couldn’t find email addresses for.

What’s interesting is that there’s no option to see only the contacts whose email addresses the tool was unable to find. The only way to filter the list is by the prospect’s name or the company’s domain.

That aside, we have to give credit where credit is due. Voilanorbert allows you to send emails to your prospects directly from the Contacts tab. When you click on the email icon to the right of the contact’s name, a new window appears, allowing you to compose and send an email.

Voilanorbert’s Email Creation

Although useful, the feature is pretty basic. Sure, you add custom fields like first name, company name, and company URL, but that’s not exactly what email personalization is all about.

Addressing the prospect by their name doesn’t make an email personal. This has been the golden standard in email marketing for over a decade now, so we’re not exactly blown away by Voilanorbert in this regard.

There are plenty of tools that offer fully customizable email templates and allow you to insert images, videos, graphs, and stunning visuals to your messages. Voilanorbert merely acts as a simple email service, allowing you to create a plain text email and saving you about five seconds at best, which you’d otherwise spend to open Gmail and type in someone’s name and email address.

A far better option, in our opinion, would be to export the contact list from Voilanorbert and import them into an actual autoresponder. That way, you’ll be able to create powerful follow-up campaigns that get results, rather than sending a single generic email to your prospect through the Voilanorbert app and hoping to get a response.

Email Verification

Voilanorbert’s email verification is a neat feature that helps ensure you’re not sending promotional emails to nonexistent addresses. This helps reduce your bounce rate and increases your sender score, ensuring more of your emails end up in your prospects’ inboxes rather than in the spam folder.

With a 97% accuracy, we have to say that Voilanorbert is doing an excellent job when it comes to email verification.

Voilanorbert’s Email Verification

You can verify email addresses from your existing mailing lists by uploading a CSV file or simply copy/pasting the emails from a Google Spreadsheet.

The third option pulls information from third-party applications you might be using, such as:

  • Mailchimp

  • SendGrid

  • JotForm

  • FormStack

What Voilanorbert fails to explain is that the emails it finds through the Prospecting feature are automatically verified. In other words, you can use its verification tool to verify email addresses you already have, in bulk. If you’re building your mailing list from scratch, you don’t have to worry about any additional expenses since you wouldn’t have to utilize the Verify feature — it’s auto-included into the prospecting algorithm.

Data Enrichment

Voilanorbert also offers its users an opportunity to enrich the data they have on their existing leads. Again, all you need to do is upload a CSV file or copy & paste email addresses from a spreadsheet.

The tool will fetch additional information that will allow you to personalize your outreach emails further, including:

  • Job title

  • Location

  • Company they work in

  • Social media profiles

The feature itself is incredibly useful — the only potential obstacle is the price. You’ll be paying $20 for the enrichment of 500 email addresses. Businesses that primarily rely on cold emailing to acquire new leads and turn them into customers will be looking at thousands of emails each month.

While $0.04 per email doesn’t seem like much, it quickly adds up. For $100, you’ll be able to get data on 2,500 leads. Compare that to our white-label data enrichment software, which is $99/month, and allows you to find data on over 15 million B2B companies and extract an unlimited number of leads. 

The best part of the Sell SaaS data enrichment software is that you can also resell it to your existing customers. Just slap your company name, logo, and colors, and you can start reselling right away.


When it comes to integrations, you can connect Voilanorbert to a number of popular CRMs, autoresponders, project management tools, and other third-party apps. The integrations are divided into two categories, based on whether they’re used in prospecting or email verification.

Prospecting integrations:

  1. Zapier

  2. Salesforce

  3. Pipedrive

  4. Mailshake

  5. GetDrip


  7. HubSpot

  8. Close

Email verification integrations:

  1. Mailchimp

  2. SendGrid

  3. JotForm

  4. FormStack

Voilanorbert Chrome Extension

The tool’s Chrome Extension is where Voilanorbert truly shines. With a single click, you can add Voilanorbert to your Google Chrome and utilize its email finding functionality to find prospects’ addresses while browsing the web. 

After you install the extension, you’ll see an icon — Norbert’s face —  in the top right corner of your browser. Clicking on it will open up the search window, similar to the one within the web-based app, where you can type in the prospect’s name and company domain to find their email address.

Voilanorbert’s Chrome Extension

Say you were browsing a popular website, such as Crunchbase,, Buzzsumo, LinkedIn, or any other site that provides a wealth of information on your potential customers. All you’d need to do is type in someone’s name and company domain, and the extension would automatically add their email address to your Voilanorbert account.

The extension makes lead hunting quick, easy, and effortless. Keep in mind that each search costs you one credit, provided it’s successful.

Apart from the email finder extension, Voilanorbert also offers Norbert Inbox. This plug-in allows you to upgrade your Gmail experience and lets you create reminders, add notes, set up automatic follow-ups, and get valuable insights into the performance of your outreach campaigns.

We can’t help but come to the conclusion that, although Voilanorbert does provide a variety of useful features, the company behind it overcomplicated the software beyond reason. The extensions are great, but they could have made email automation and reporting a part of the web-based application itself.

The only reasonable explanation is that the company is using the Norbert Inbox extension as a lead magnet of sorts, in hopes of attracting new leads and getting them to subscribe to Voilanorbert.

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