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What is ActiveTrail?

ActiveTrail Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2022 -

ActiveTrail is a turnkey automated communications platform for email and SMS campaigns, offering a broad array of tools that can be utilized for effective online marketing. The software suite allows you to generate professional sign-up forms, newsletters, and landing pages, while also allowing you to send automatic emails and text messages as part of your marketing campaigns. Additionally, ActiveTrail hosts many other useful features, ranging from extensive reporting tools to numerous native third-party application integrations.

ActiveTrail is a leader in email marketing and automation, enabling clients to create, manage, test and analyze marketing campaigns.


The process begins with ActiveTrail’s simplified email campaign creation tool – Active Builder – which allows users to quickly create engaging emails, even with no technical knowledge. The Active Personalization feature enables users to personalize each email, increasing opening rates. ActiveTrail’s dynamic registration forms and online poll tool help marketers to grow their mailing list whilst A/B testing enables them to test multiple versions of an email and proceed with sending the most effective variant.


Users can also create landing pages in just a few minutes with ActiveTrail’s landing page templates and editor, all optimized for display on mobile devices. ActiveTrail’s Trigger tool is an auto-action marketing trigger, which triggers defined actions depending on customer behaviour. Users can reach out to clients via email or text message since Active Trail is multi-platform.


  • “Doing both importing and creating contacts are easy to do, as everything is laid out in a step-by-step pattern (like do this first, then click next).”
  • “The best customer service ever. Really easy and user-friendly platform.”
  • “Simply copy and paste the content and the program takes care of the rest, has many options for managing subscribers and is super easy to learn to use.”
  • “The massive sending of emails is very simple, with prefabricated templates and the ability to save the templates that one creates.”


  • “Storing uploaded pictures for reuse with other campaigns. A SPAM score that tells you how likely it is that your mail will be marked as SPAM.”
  • “Activetrail has its problems but when you get used to them, it works.”
  • “If you needed to integrate other services and software, I would suggest you find out what is possible, because this software is not well known.”
  • “Sometimes it can be difficult to find what I’m looking for when I’m navigating their site.”

About ActiveTrail

ActiveTrail Review – A Simplistic and Customizable Email Marketing Software

ActiveTrail is a cloud-based email marketing and newsletter solution suitable for small and midsize marketing agencies. Key features include marketing automation, landing page builder, SMS marketing, online surveys and third-party integrations. ActiveTrail’s campaign automation tool allows marketers to create personalized and visual customer journeys. The solution visualizes the logic behind the SMS or email sequence and displays the progress of marketing efforts. The autoresponder feature studies users’ behavior and triggers a chain of automated emails at set events based on the contact’s previous activity. ActiveTrail dynamically segments recipient lists into multiple categories for running targeted campaigns. With ready-to-use and customizable email templates, users can create professional emails, surveys, forms and newsletters for their audience. It also offers Restful API and web connectors to integrate with various business applications like Zapier, Salesforce, Facebook and PayPal. The solution is available on a monthly subscription basis and is priced based on the number of contacts in the campaign.
ActiveTrail Reviews, Pricing & Features 2022 | FormGet

What is ActiveTrail and how does it work?

ActiveTrail is a marketing automation software that helps perform multiple tasks unified. It is a tech SaaS company that assures a 100% delivery rate. Besides, enterprises can ensure smooth, personalised and visually appealing customer services. The software helps in improving conversation rates along with generating revenue automatically. It further helps in strengthening relationships between enterprises and their customers. Moreover, the software is an ideal tool for creating landing pages which have a professional approach and are good at converting leads. Clients have to follow just a few steps to create a professional landing page. SMS software is another beneficial tool that the software offers. Enterprises can use this facility to send SMS to their client base online. Organisations can also engage in building attractive mobile email campaigns that are highly responsive. This increases the reach of an organisation to a large base audience. Moreover, the software is an intuitive web builder which has good mobile responsiveness and high deliverability.

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