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What Is Robo Contact?

Robo Contact

Completely automates the process of cold email outreach for your business with built in lead generation and email campaigns.

Robocorp’s Gen2 RPA platform utilizes powerful open-source development tools and cloud-native orchestration wrapped up in a consumption-based pricing model to equip teams with the resources they need to securely implement automations across their organization. With Gen2 RPA, automators now have the option to move away from a reliance on UI-based automation to a programmable approach, giving automation teams a solution to easily build bots that reliably automate even the most complex processes. Deploy, monitor, and manage your bots quickly from within Robocorp’s Control Room — a complete platform that serves as the central command for all of your automations. Our programmable approach leverages a powerful open-source ecosystem of libraries and keywords that provides you the flexibility to build automations that you can count on. Robocorp was recently recognized as the 2022 Open Source Data Provider of the Year by Data Breakthrough and is backed by leading venture capital companies including: Benchmark, Canvas, Slow, Firstminute, Harpoon, Uncorrelated, and Artisanal.

Who Uses Robo Contact?

Small and medium businesses, Individual entrepreneurs. Robo contact is excellent for businesses and agencies to get B2B leads and connect with them to provide their services.

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What is Robo Contact and how does it work?

Robo Contact is a sales tool that enables users to instantly connect with clients and find the contact information of the right decision-makers within seconds. By specifying attributes such as locations and keywords, they can also search for targeted leads. All leads can then be contacted through the CRM tools of users and easily exported into a CSV file to view in Excel or Google Sheets. Users can alternatively also use the in-built CRM tool for RoboContact. The tool then automatically fills out contact-us forms on the websites of leads with the help of pre-defined email templates. After all the relevant information of leads is aggregated, Robo Contact can send out mass cold email campaigns while also leveraging automated follow-up sequences. To use automated lead generation, users simply need to specify the target’s location, mention its industry or niche keywords, select a relevant message that they want to send, and click on submit.

What do you like best about Robocorp?

For the last 2years years I have been using Robocorp,it has really helped me by improving the automation of processes .It’s an admirable tool that is very easy to use and operate repetitive tasks with the help of robotic intelligence. Trained bots replace human interference on flow of work thus enhance great operational efficiency. The team of Robocorp are highly trained and always ready to assist with any request on time,for me I have never done any follow when I have an issue, response is done immediately. The features such as drag and drop saves time and reduces human errors.Have powerful dashboard that manage bots and processes effectively.

Robo Contact Pricing, Reviews, & Features in 2022

What do you dislike about Robocorp?

Of course more features can be added but right now I don’t have any negative thing which I can mention .

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