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About Pricing, Alternatives & More 2022 - Capterra is a Cod Email Automation Tool that bundles Email servers with Dedicated IPs to control your sender’s reputation. Send Email Follow ups to increase engagement. Start an email warming strategy and track your inbox placement. Validate your email list with accuracy. Use our Chrome extension for finding emails from your LinkedIn Sales Navigator searches. We automate best practices so that you can stream cold outreach into your growth path.


  • “My over all experience has been very enjoyable with MailRush and their team.”
  • “Great Product and even better customer support.”
  • “MailRush has been very useful in allowing me to confidently and safely scale up my email marketing efforts.”
  • “We bought a new domain just for cold email approach and mailrush helped us warm up the domain, setup automation emails. This is the best tool to start any cold email marketing.”


  • “Using other programs that went through our Gsuite are not working as well as they once did. We kept losing Gmail accounts to spam filters.”
  • “So, I had my webhost change the DNS records for me in case it was my error.”
  • “Complete waste of my time and I lost more hope in humanity.”
  • “The customer service is not only horrendous but rude.” Reviews 2022 - Capterra


Send Cold Email campaigns like a pro with Our Cold Email software automates your cold outreach efforts. Our email automation software includes its own email service provider and protects your sender’s reputation to maintain proper email deliverability. Other features include, Dedicated IP option, Email warming service, Email validation service, Unlimited Contacts, and sender reputation protection.

Cold Email Software with SMTP Service included. Shared IP and Dedicated IP options. Drag and Drop sequences for Email Follow-ups and Drip Campaigns. Email Deliverability KPIs (Senders Score tracking, Email Volume tracking, Feedback Loop tracking), Event Tracking (open rate, click rate, replies, etc) Awesome Support.

What is and how does it work? is a B2B cold email solution that helps businesses integrate email marketing mediums to grow their customers. The solution automates the best processes for sending email marketing programmes besides providing effective tools and metrics for long term campaigns to reach maximum customers. The email marketing technology of provides the best ROI by bringing new clients. It provides visual data insights to understand their email campaigns’ dynamics with performance indicators, such as delivery rate, open rate, reply rate, click rate and bounce rate. improves email deliverability rates by automating positive engagement protocols and prevents them from going into the spam box. The software allows users to extract leads and help them to find emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator searches. Users can create drip sequences for email marketing campaigns and cold email follow-ups with the inbuilt drag and drop tool to build an event-based email automation system. Features Show All Features

  • Abandoned Cart Email
  • Delivery by Time Zone
  • Predesigned Email Templates
  • Contact List Import
  • Click Map
  • Real-time Email Editor
  • Document Library
  • List Segmentation
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • A/B Testing
  • Template Management
  • Spam Check
  • Mailing List Management
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Click-through Tracking Reviews 2022 - Capterra Description

We assist businesses in integrating Email Marketing channels for customer growth. We automate best practices in Email Marketing and provide effective tools and metrics to support long-term outreach campaigns.

A steady flow of prospects is key to your business’ growth. MailRush’s Email Automation allows you to stream cold email campaigns into your growth path.

A dedicated IP can help you manage your sending reputation. Bundling multiple dedicated IP accounts will maximize your effectiveness. This will allow you to send cold emails without the need for external email accounts.

We automate your campaigns so that they don’t impact negatively on recipient servers. We use email marketing best practices to protect your domain and IP address.

Get 1000 Email credits and unlimited subscribers to start testing our Email Marketing Campaign Software. Send your first email campaign in minutes using one of the most powerful email tools. Reviews 2022 - Capterra

MailRush Important Features

MailRush email is one of the best email software solutions to take your email marketing efforts to the next level.

  • Email validation

All emails are thoroughly checked and validated for syntax errors and duplicated before they are imported to an email campaign.

  • Spam score checker

Spam score checker provides the all-important spam score for different email templates you have created before you deliver them to your users.

  • Unlimited audience

This is one of the main reasons why Mailrush is doing so well. There is no cap to the number of contacts you can import to the tool. This makes it one of the most desirable email marketing tools particularly for large businesses with a huge customer base.

  • WordPress plugin

Users can automate their mailing list subscription with Forms WordPress Plugin. In addition, you can also deliver transactional emails via WordPress.

  • Dedicated IP

Stand out from the crowd and other mailers with your own dedicated IP. This allows users to build their brand’s reputation and presence.

  • Delivery tracking

The delivery tracking feature allows you to track open rate, bounce rate, delivery rate, number of subscribers, and other key metrics.

  • Sending hours

Sending hours highlights the best time to deliver emails based on your time zone schedule. You can deliver emails based on past insights that point out the best time to deliver emails, at what time the open rate is high, and more.

  • Template editor

Users can build HTML-based email templates using the very simple drag-and-drop template builder.

  • Email automation

Email automation allows you to schedule follow-up emails and also deliver automated emails based on the response received from the recipient.

MailRush Pricing

The vendor offers three main pricing plans.


Price: $19 per month

What’s included:

  • Link 1 domain per plan
  • Monthly sending limit of 10,000 emails
  • Daily sending limit of 1,000 emails
  • 1 active email automation


Price: $49 per month

What’s included:

  • Link 1 domain per plan
  • Monthly sending limit of 50,000 emails
  • Daily sending limit of 1,500 emails
  • 3 active email automation


Price: $99 per month

What’s included:

  • Link 1 domain per plan
  • Monthly sending limit of 100,000 emails
  • Daily sending limit of 3,000 emails
  • 5 active email automation

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